Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Around the Fourth Anniversary of September 11

They are the things that could happen once in decades. But why should they occur in these days?

The hurricanes that recently hit the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico looked focusing on energy industry there rather than poor people in New Orleans. The U.S. President is known to have a strong tie with the industry.

The great earthquake that recently hit the northern territory of Pakistan looked as if focusing on hideouts of international terrorists rather than poor people in Kashmir. Usama BinLaden escaped US attacks and is believed to hide somewhere in the boarder area between Afghanistan and Pakistan or near Kashmir.

It must be truly a rare phenomenon that two big hurricanes, each with a significant magnitude, attacked the adjacent areas in a series within a short time span. It could happen once in decades; but why must it come about around the fourth anniversary of September 11 since 2001?

The recent earthquakes that hit Turkey, Iran, and West India might be ominous for the Great North Pakistan Earthquake as well as the Great Sumatra Tsunami, all of which were caused by the Indian Ocean Plate moving northward against the Eurasian Continent in a time span of millions of years. But why should they happen in the era of conflicts between terrorists from Islamic states and nations of the Christian world?

We have to do our best to save, help, and support victims. But, after all, we have to learn lessons.

Turkey has been trying hard to join EU, a sort of materially blessed countries club, while its neighbors, including Kurds, are suffering violence. Iran is trying hard to be equipped with nuclear weapons, while its neighbors, including Kurds and Afghans, are suffering violence. India is armed with nuclear arsenals, while fighting against Pakistan for so long. Indonesia is full of insurgencies, including Bali bombings. And, Pakistan, armed with nuclear arsenals and being responsible for situations in Afghanistan, seems apparently full of serious problems in terms of international terrorists who are highly suspected of having supervised after-9/11 bombings in Madrid, London, the Sinai Peninsula, and Bali Island.

On the other hand, the U.S. is too rich and too much armed with nuclear capability.

It is a big disappointment if the God is not concerned with the situation of the present world as above described.

But, if those natural calamities are the only answer we could get, it is horrible and I have to think of my sins so far committed here and there in these years, though I have nothing to do with nuclear weapons.

Anyhow, the God is Almighty who gives and takes away human lives as He wishes. (Everybody’s life belongs to the God, though his/her will and emotion might belong to the person.)

So, at least, I urge those nations and possible terrorists to abandon or abolish atomic bombs, if they have been trying hard to obtain and keep them.