Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where Are You Going, Ms. Americas? Go and Vote!

A Park on a River
A Park and a Dog(s)
A Park like a 3D Cross
(at various locations around Tokyo or Tokio)
Where Are You Going, Ms. Americas? Go and Vote!

Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards made a TV appearance in "Larry King Live." I was very much drawn into the CNN open interview by Mr. Larry King.

President Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice-President Mr. John Edwards? Or, President Mr. John Edwards and Vice-President Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton (with Mr. Barack Obama as the Secretary of State)?

In my view, some international political and financial group has been pushing Mr. John Edwards to join the Presidential Election Race. As a successful citizen on the first track of the finance-oriented society, Mr. John Edwards had to inevitably respond to such a request and expectation, in my personal view.

(A Japanese newspaper today reported on specific relationships between financial businesses and Mr. Lawrence Summers, the daughter of the Clintons, and so on politically unignorable, in addition to the state of financial contribution from such businesses to major candidates for the 2008 Election.)

However, what impressed me in today's "Larry King Live" was the determination observed in Mrs. Edwards trying to contribute without reservation to coming success of her husband in the current campaign.
* * *

I do not think American husband and wife are blessed more than those in other countries. They may be rather closer to the hell in America due to so much material freedom and unrestricted individualism. (Unless love becomes stronger with time, how can they stay together while their love becomes weaker with time, when there are so many other things outside their home that raise much stronger love?)

But, when man and wife are advancing to a certain common goal, an American couple looks traditionally more powerful than those in other countries.

Indeed, it is not the state of the Garden of Eden that any Ms. America should be dreaming of in her life, but a mission like the one St. Paul pursued with Early Church in the first century, since it only strengthens love along with time.
* * *

Mrs. Edwards looks like going for a mission, too, though very secular.

Then and now, where are you going, other Ms. Americas? I recommend the mission St. Paul began 2000 years ago, for it only strengthens love with time.

Truly, St. Paul is great as Jesus Christ so chose him with dazzling light from the sky or in his spiritual space, so that his love in God got stronger and stronger over time.

(Jesus Christ never blessed specifically man and wife together at one time. Hence, only when man and wife together have pursued a holy mission, I suppose, they together are admitted to Heaven.

Anyway, most of them in Heaven seem to forget who they married on the earth.

Or who do you want to be with, if you get eternal life removing your need for any money?

Indeed, you, good girls, need a holy mission to enter Heaven with your loving one or your petit ami.)

"...God's Wisdom is however Shown to be True for All who Accept it..."

Friday, July 20, 2007

King James Version Time, My Venerable Readers!

"Le ciel, le soleil et la mer"
"The Sky, The Sea, and The Sun"
"Sora-to Umi-to Taiyou-to"

King James Version Time, My Venerable Readers!

Luk 20:01 And it came to pass, that on one of those days, as he taught the people in the temple, and preached the gospel, the chief priests and the scribes came upon him with the elders,

Luk 20:02 And spake unto him, saying, Tell us, by what authority doest thou these things? or who is he that gave thee this authority?

Luk 20:03 And he answered and said unto them, I will also ask you one thing; and answer me:

Luk 20:04 The baptism of John, was it from heaven, or of men?

Luk 20:05 And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we shall say, From heaven; he will say, Why then believed ye him not?

Luk 20:06 But and if we say, Of men; all the people will stone us: for they be persuaded that John was a prophet.

Luk 20:07 And they answered, that they could not tell whence it was.

Luk 20:08 And Jesus said unto them, Neither tell I you by what authority I do these things.
* * *

Indeed Jesus Christ will exercise his authority on both the U.S. and AlQaeda in 2008, respectively, for example, by allowing for a surprising new leader each to emerge, which is even more likely in the theory of wars, while I am humbly so wishing on Vatican in a peaceful manner.

Though I hope that the U.S. and its citizens will never be under terror attacks forever, the year 2008 must be very critical, while, for example, the Chinese Communist Party will be busy hosting Olympic Games and working on North Korea.

Hence, with a wish for peace on you, I may be listening to Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 that was written in 1804 – 08, namely just 200 years ago when Japan's GDP was greater than that of the US, to your surprise, though I really doubt that any conductor nowadays can truly interpret the movements so that Beethoven himself, on his new discovery on his own gift, would respect the conductor with great gratitude.

Before Fate knocks on your door, you had better knock on a certain door that leads to the Kingdom of God, so intangible and very, very great.

(If you are a member of the Anglican Church or the Roman Church, I do not mind. A human body someday goes back to the earth or a graveyard any symbol upon which I am not interested in.

Hence, my dream is bodily whirling up or floating up to Heaven like Elijah and Jesus Christ. Of course, I may be back bodily upon you as the God so wishes.

Truly God is great; God or Allah is the only god for us, especially for 2008!)

"...Pull up the first fish you hook, and in its mouth you will find a coin worth enough for my Temple tax and yours..."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Warnings Here and There

Ok, A Peace Kite!
The Happy Party Boat!
(The Tokyo Bay in winter [topside] and summer [downside])

Warnings Here and There

Monday's earthquake in Japan hit the car component maker Riken Corporation ( and stopped its operation. Now, Toyota Motor Corp. and other five car manufacturers have to stop its operation, due to the lack of necessary parts to be provided by Riken. The all-out suspension of production in Toyota is expected to continue to tomorrow, while Riken's production lines need the next week for full recovery.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. ( was also hit and has been also forced to stop their operation at the nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture which was the major disaster area of the earthquake that took lives of 10 people and has forced more than 4,000 people to stay in shelters even today. Tokyo Electric Power has reported more than 50 malfunctions or accidents, though small, in their nuclear power generation site situated on the Sea of Japan (

Toyota and Tokyo Electric Power are two of top-tier corporations in Japan. However, their precaution for crisis or awe in God is now doubted. Especially, in October 2004, they experienced an earthquake almost in the same area.

Now, the Japanese Government should consider whether the capital Tokyo is sufficiently prepared for a large natural disaster, such as the Second Kanto Earthquake horribly expected to happen around or off Tokyo at any time.

It is of course desirable to relocate government agencies and corporate main offices from Tokyo to nearby prefectures as long as official functions and civil services as well as business are not fatally influenced.
* * *

Even in New York, large steam pipes have exploded with huge vapor columns in the middle of the city (; in Brazil, a notorious airport has at last taken 200 or so lives while having so many warnings beforehand (

You really need somebody who can serve God spiritually. And, we have to help such persons. It is all for the nation and the people, say, of the U.S., Brazil, Japan, or any other country.

(The God sometimes gives a symbolic person to each tribe or nation. He or she should be spotlighted by Angels to see if others are pious enough or not through their relationship with such a person.

Conversely, if one person in a city is found to be pious, the whole city might be spared. For example, the peace in New York now may be proving it.

Indeed, if the Second Kanto Earthquake takes only hundred lives instead of 10,000, it is said that Tokyo will be very lucky. Truly, we need more pious people here and there.

["Kan-to(u)" means a region Tokyo belongs to, literally meaning "the East (tou, originally higashi) of the Checking Station (kan, originally seki)."])

"...I Will Tell Them Things Unknown Since the Creation of the World..."

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Divine Comedy 2007 (VI)

A Summer Place? Pearly Face?.....lying in wait?
Divine Comedy 2007 (VI)

1. Compromise and Consecration
In this ugly world, some bad guys are really dreaming of making a killing or making a million dollars.

However, Jesus Christ said to love God and our neighbors with full might.

If you are a responsible leader of a nation, you should take this into consideration.

Young ambitious politicians in Japan are usually taught by seniors to be broad-minded enough to show tolerance toward all sorts of men.

All I want to say is to prepare yourself to meet a decisive moment, though maybe once in your life time, when your choice on devilish compromise or patriotic consecration will affect many people including your family and relatives for so long afterward.

2. One Trillion Dollar Operation
Mr. Takurou Morinaga, a very popular economist in Japan, wrote that Japan should start the operation of its national pension assets, totaling about one trillion dollars, in the world money market.

He said that as Japan has been in a very difficult position in terms of national finance, while wild foreign funds are rampant with a dubious business manner in Japan's money market, the Government should take a risk and venture into the global money market.

However, he did not forget to point at that a Japan's government branch failed in such operation, resulting in 10 billion dollar deficits a few years ago, though it got a 14% (high) return in the last fiscal year.

He wrote that when the public office lost the big money, everybody blamed it, but when it got a high return, nobody including the media praised it.

It is true that Japan should now responsibly consider its attitude toward the global money market as well as its domestic operation as a challenge of the people, since we cannot trust in the ability and sincerity of the administration officials in terms of pension nowadays.

If anybody, including foreign economists and relatives of the Rothchilds or the Rockefellers, can present an effective scheme, the Government can buy it even at one billion dollars. The Japanese Government should invite public participation to get a promising strategy for its one trillion dollar pension funds.

Mr. Takurou Morinaga ( should specify his idea in a detailed manner.

(Being an economist or a politician means having a big chance to become an insider of the money market. They can know what will happen beforehand. This must be one of the most critical issues for their professional ethics.

Then, what about your code of professional ethics? I always try not to tell what my left hand is doing to the right hand; otherwise everything will be forgotten while traversing from the right to the left.)

3. Earthquake, Thunder, Fire, and Tough Old Man
In Japan, traditionally, it is said that there are four horrible things: an earthquake, a thunder, a fire, and a bad-tempered old man (Jishin, Kaminari, Kaji, Oyaji).

Earthquakes happening in Japan account for 10% of all that happen in the world every year. It may be no wonder, since even the North American Continental Plate reaches the Mainland Japan and sinks under Mt. Fuji to the Sea of Japan.

Indeed, once a Japanese father was heavily respected and thoroughly being afraid of by children, usually several in a family.

If children have nothing to be fully afraid of, they may lose a chance to learn something important that requires humbleness to comprehend.

But, it may be more worrisome that we have a fewer politicians who deserve people's respect and awe.

(There is something the timing of occurrence of which you cannot predict. Not being shortsighted is really a blessing. Indeed, the recent earthquake that happened in the sea is really terrible.
Build your house on a rock, like in the Manhattan Island, as Jesus Christ and Buddha said. )

"...You will even be able to say to this hill, 'Get up and throw yourself into the sea'..."

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everybody Failed (Except Japan), Looking to the 22nd Century

Lo, again!
Hold your horses!
Everybody Failed (Except Japan), Looking to the 22nd Century

Per-Capita GDP of Major Players:


(unit: dollar)

Note 1: FRG: the Federal Republic of Germany
2: Value adjusted for the US dollar in 1990.
3: In 1820, GDP of China was No.1, India's No.2, and France's No. 3.

[Source: Data created by Angus Maddison and introduced in "Nihon-no-Keizai (Japan's Economy)" by Osamu Ito;]

It is said that the Soviet Union/Russia was not so bad until the West became materially so rich and their citizens came to pursue their material desire almost freely and with less and less restrictions, and until citizens of the Soviet Union were influenced by the West so badly.

Maybe Islamic countries will be said in future that they have not been so bad until the West have become materially further so rich and their citizens have come to pursue their material desire actually freely and with the least restrictions, and until Muslims have been influenced by the West so badly.

Indeed, China, Russia, and India, all once having solely relied on law and order based on Marxism or its derivative socialism, are now trying hard to be materially so rich and citizens are coming to pursue their material desire almost freely, in a sense, and with less and less restrictions.

Maybe Islamic countries, all relying on law and order based on the religion to a varying degree, may be now trying hard to be materially so rich and citizens are being tempted to pursue their material desire almost freely, in a sense, and with less and less restrictions.

Indeed, if you become materially super-rich, what do you need except entertainments which accordingly would become more and more sinful almost freely without any restrictions?
* * *

Ancient Greeks thought: "Let slaves do hard work, and we will think and argue about valuable concepts."

Ancient Romans thought: "Let slaves do hard work, and we will think and argue about the Greek Culture."

Modern super-rich men think: "Let poor people do hard work, and we will enjoy entertainment."

I have meant that there are serious defects in the Greek Civilization and their descendants including the Roman Empire and the European Civilization.

The significance of Judaism and the work of Jesus Christ is concerned with it.

However, historically, Judaism failed, Christianity failed, Islam failed, Hinduism and Buddhism failed, Taoism and Confucianism failed, and Israelites of the modern age and Marxism also failed in these 2000 years.

From this point of view, you may think that the material-desire oriented civilization, having expanded from the Greek Civilization to the contemporary Western Civilization, is still rampage all over the world, even using a disguise of freedom and democracy. Then, liberalism and democracy failed, too, in the beginning of the 21st century.

Becoming rich and immoral is a natural course for mankind, which is however the core of warnings Jesus Christ gave to His followers 2000 years ago.

The God will turn His back to mankind when they become so rich and so immoral.
* * *

In the above context, if the U.S. society has become more moral than in September 2001, it will be saved from the fears for terror by the God.

Now, your mission has been clearly defined: Being more moral than in September 2001 whether in the White House or the Central Park, if I may say so.

(In addition, I do not think that the Japanese Civilization failed in these 2000 years like others, say, such as Vatican.

I do think that the Japanese Civilization will help mankind keep from becoming an insane primate being so immoral as is not seen in other primates.

Anyway, the God will win and Japan is on His side. In the 22nd century, your descendants will be proud of being related to Japan, if any, which is of course entertainment for me, though I may be nowhere on the earth in the next century as with you.

Indeed, who would remember us in the 22nd century, if we win or lose, or are rich or poor?)


Monday, July 16, 2007

Today and Last Night, "Let's Get Up Into the Ring"

"I am leaving, I am leaving," but the fighter...
Lie la lie, la la la lie la la lie...
(The Arakawa River on the upper side and the Tonegawa River on the downside)

Today and Last Night, "Let's Get Up Into the Ring"

Today Japan is in a national holiday (Marine Day); it is in the aftermath of Typhoon No.4., the mightiest one as those coming to Japan in July, but I really wished that it would only proceed on the sea in the south of Japan and it did.

Last night, a Fuji TV news show reported on enthusiasm on "Eco Bags" a certain famous bag company has launched worldwide.

As the program had introduced the environment-friendly bags with a specific brand a week ago, a few days ago when the sale of bags began hundreds or more citizens surrounded the shop of the company on one of high streets in Tokyo from a night before, resulting in confusion and messing like cases days before in Taipei and Hong Kong.
(Now the bag is reportedly traded on the Internet at 20,000 yen with a premium put on it, though originally priced at 2,200 yen; 1.2 yen = 1 US cent.)

Even a bag with a sign "I Am Not a Plastic Bag" sells so well as with examples in New York and London. Then, as I wrote a week ago or so, humble paper bags with your name on may sell a million, profits of which should be distributed to poor people living around Smoky Mountain in Manila, the Philippines, since the paper bags should be made of old newspapers, which is the poor people's proprietary idea.
* * *

Today Japan had a big earthquake on the coast area of the Sea of Japan in the north of Tokyo Pref. around 10 a.m., which killed several persons, injured hundreds of people, destroyed partly or fully hundreds of houses and business buildings, and halted a few nuclear power generators as well as some semiconductor plants and Shinkansen Express trains; I also felt the tremor, living a few hundred miles away from the epicenter.(; or

Last night, when I went out at 8 p.m. or so, I spotted a lone white star shining in a void of the heavily clouded and unsettled dark sky up in the Southern direction, that is, over the Tokyo Bay.

Later when I was walking back home, I found a car with the license plate number "6666" passing through a cross over point. Indeed, I was thinking about a little financial matter.

The Fuji TV news show later reported on young people living on day labor and actually sleeping or resting in a small dedicated space within the so-called the Internet Cafe around Tokyo, while new university graduates are welcomed by booming companies. It is nice for Ms. Yoshiko Sakurai, a notable critic, and Ms. Yuko Andou, the main personality of the program, to present compassionately those weak young people who probably hate ugliness of competition and human relations based on material desire in society.
* * *

Today Japan is in the middle of the Upper House Election campaign. A week later, when the voting day is over, it is expected that the ruling parties will lose a majority status in the Upper House of the Diet. Will young Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe continue his regime, though it is often said that other senior LDP leaders are far less popular than Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe?

Last night, nobody sensed that a big earthquake was going to happen next day, while they were enjoying consecutive holidays. Indeed, a disaster always happens this way. And the NHK TV station has been now reporting on the earthquake-related matters and situations continuously for several hours.

As I began this EEE Reporter blog on the earthquake that occurred in October 2004 in the same prefecture, today's earthquake in Japan has been taken gravely even personally. And, as you know, in December 2004 the Great Tsunami Disaster occurred in the Sumatra Island and the Indian Ocean, raising the extraordinary fears to Allah in hearts of many Muslims.

The Prime Minister urgently visited the devastated area by helicopter this evening. Will this earthquake be a portent for him and Japan? Or is it a portent for the world like in 2004? Otherwise, whose love or anger has been synchronized with it?

(If there is a holy girl or a divine lady close to EEE Reporter even in the cyber space, remember, please, I don't think I am supposed to die under a broken structure, as I am not leaving a ring.)

"...I will use a man on the Mount Zion as a sword, to fight men of Greece..."

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nostalgic GDP

Wise men say only fools...
but I can't help falling...
Nostalgic GDP

Comparison of GDP of major countries over years:
(please choose a small letter size in the View setting of Internet Explorer)

(Unit: US$ Billion)

Note 1: Canada is omitted in the original source.
2: FRG: the Federal Republic of Germany
3: Value adjusted for the US dollar in 1990.
4: In 1820, GDP of China was No.1, India's No.2, and France's No. 3.

[Source: "Nihon-no -Keizai" by Osamu Ito;]

1) Why did GDP of the U.S. expand so drastically between 1820 and 1885?

2) Based on data in 1936, what could we say about WWII?

3) Why did GDP of Japan expand so drastically between 1950 and 1975?

4) Is it wise to think that as Japan and Germany became fully democratic countries after WWII, the U.S. can easily make Iraq and other Islamic nations fully democratic countries, since Japan is like Latin America and Germany is like the U.K.? And is geopolitics more effective than historical economic analysis in judging potential and characteristics of nations?

Truly God is great, and God or Allah is the only god for us!!

(Typhoon No. 4 is now moving along the Pacific Ocean coast line of the mainland Japan. All cloudy and sometimes raining even here. Wise men say only fools challenge a typhoon by surfing. Anyway, I'm a busy man nowadays, at least, psychologically.)