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"I see men as trees, walking"

Japan Summer in 2010, Near & In Tokyo

(Photos taken by the EEE Reporter; click on them to enlarge.)

Hot Summer, Hotter Strife, & The Hottest Ablution

Some Japanese are concerned with what is going on in France:
Sarkozy targets Roma for expulsion

A Roma encampment: the gypsy community is increasingly a target for politicians across Europe (Photo: Amnesty International)


29.07.2010 @ 09:33 CET

...The French Human Rights League accused the president of racism, saying in a statement: "The president of the republic has stigmatised Roma and ‘travelling people' in a racist way, by creating an unacceptable amalgamation of a few individuals with entire communities, and announcing plans for ethnically targeted evictions of illegal settlements."

Mr. Sarkozy cannot be a Napoleon, though 80% of French voters support him taking forceful action, resulting in a 2% increase of the approval rating for Mr. Sarkozy.

Have you heard of the words "Tsiganes, Nomades, Gitans, Manouches, or Romanichels?"


SECTION I: Article 75 & Mr. Ozawa

There is a real possibility that 40-years-long lawmaker Mr. Ichiro Ozawa is elected as new prime minister of Japan this September, since Mr. Ozawa is expected to challenge incumbent P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan in the coming DPJ convention.

But, Lower-House member Mr. Ozawa is now subject to reviewing by the Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution regrading his illegal political fund reporting involving $4 million or $8 million.

Yet, if Mr. Ozawa should be elected as new prime minister, he will be safe from the possible indictment. If Mr. Ozawa should fail but threaten P.M. Mr. Kan through a close race to be appointed to a state minister, he will be also safe from the possible indictment.

It is the Article 75 of the Japanese Constitution that would protect the most powerful politician in the ruling party Mr. Ozawa:

Article 75.
The ministers of state, during their tenure of office, shall not be subject to legal action without the consent of the prime minister. however, the right to take that action is not impaired hereby.

Mr. Ichiro Ozawa can be another Richard Nixon in Japan of the 21st century.

Nonetheless, a majority of Japanese voters cannot accept Mr. Ozawa's attitudes so pro-Chinese and anti-Imperial Household Agency.

Thinking cool, Japan is a democratic giant in the world. Mr. Ozawa is allowed to exercise his right as a Japanese citizen under the democratic Constitution.

For your reference, prominent supporters (especially as observed over the Internet, if one time and to any extent) for Mr. Ichiro Ozawa include veteran lawmaker Mr. Muneo Suzuki, ex-Foreign Minister Mrs. Makiko Tanaka, ex-ambassador Mr. Naoto Amaki, economist Mr. Uekusa, ex-diplomat Mr. Masaru Sato, lawmaker/author Mr. Yasuo Tanaka, TV commentator/journalist Mr. Shuntaro Torigoe, journalist Mr. Uesugi, critic Mr. Takahiko Soejima, critic Mr. Kotaro Yamazaki, and some other TV commentators who have ever made a speech in private meetings for Mr. Ozawa to receive money...


If Mr. Ichiro Ozawa should become new P.M. of Japan, all of them would feel so proud.

Anyway, a general election will be needed as soon as possible after the 2011 bill of budget is passed in the National Diet early in the next spring under regime of whomever.

(My personal opinion is that Mr. Ichiro Ozawa should resign immediately as national lawmker to show respect to justice, or P.M. Mr. Kan should appoint Mr. Ozawa as his deputy in the DPJ in charge of managing election campaigns as Mr. Ozawa was in this position before the regime change last year.

Note that those who support Mr. Ozawa in general blame strongly Former Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Junichiro Koizumi since the Koizumi Cabinet was regarded as so friendly to Former President Mr. George W. Bush and Wall Street.)

SECTION II: China and the Bushes

China seems to have given priority to establishing strong connections with the Bushes in America and Mr. Ichiro Ozawa in Japan.

October 27, 2009, 7:08 AM
The Bush Connection in a Chinese Oil Deal

The Bush family may be better known for Texas barbeque than Peking duck, but nonetheless has long-reaching ties to China. Now, Dow Jones reports that Neil Bush, the younger brother of former U.S. President George W. Bush, represented Chinese oil giant Sinopec Group in a making a bid for part of an oil field in Ghana.

Thursday, August 28, 2008
China agrees $3bn Iraq oil deal

Iraq and China have agreed the terms of a $3 billion oil service contract, Iraq's oil minister says, announcing the first major oil contract with a foreign firm since the fall of Saddam Hussein. The deal means China has taken the first opening since the US-led invasion for work on the world's third-largest reserves.

China's state hydroelectricity firm also signed a deal to build a new hydroelectric power station in Tajikistan on Wednesday worth up to $300 million officials said.

United States 03/09/2008
Iraq oil deal
Just another Bush failure... now x2 So, now America owes China billions in debt to pay for the Iraq war and China takes home the oil too (to their big polluting factories). Another "Mission Successful" for the history books...

Asia Times, May 21 2004
The Bush family: Middle Kingdom rainmakers
By Zach Coleman

Yet the Bushes' business suddenly hit the headlines again in November, when documents and testimony from the divorce trial of the president's brother Neil showed that he had signed a contract to receive US$400,000 a year from Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing, a Chinese company co-founded by a son of former president Jiang Zemin, in return for business information and advice...

US companies also still see the Bushes as Middle Kingdom rainmakers. In December, Bush Jr invited a business group founded by Prescott to send 50 members to a reception on the White House lawn for visiting Premier Wen Jiabao. And a group of bankers and financiers travelled from the US with Bush Sr last month to an environmental protection conference in Shanghai that featured top officials from the standing committee of the National People's Congress and other government bodies, according to the Shanghai Star.

Of course, as I discussed once, the Rockefellers and some Japanese business have been profoundly involved in development of Shanghai.

Has China fully switched from the Bushes to the Clintons and President Mr. Barack Obama as the target of their American operation?

China now seems to aim to let down its old friend the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan but fully support the pro-Chinese Democratic Party of Japan (and Mr. Ichiro Ozawa).

(So, liberal Japanese are blaming the Koizumi-Bush-China linkage but welcoming the Ozawa-China-Bush linkage. What is the difference between the two questionable G3 lines?)

*** *** *** ***

It is very interesting that Jesus Christ used spit to have a blind man restore his vision.

He also cured the man after leading him out of the town.

Buddha said that a man cannot run away from a fate of falling into illness, so that a man has to abandon his desire of living but try to enter Nirvana where a man is protected from evil of illness, since Nirvana is superior to the world where illness is real. But, in order to enter Nirvana, a man has to abandon his desire in this life.

If Jesus Christ cured a sick man, he might fall in illness again. So, you may think that Buddha's teaching is the final solution.

But, if the blind man in fact had not been blind at all, another light should be shed on this incident. The blind man knew how a tree looked like. So, he could compare a man to a tree.

But, what is the situation where a pretender that he was blind was brought to a saint who could make the blind get sight? No matter how much the saint tried to make the pretender get sight, the pretender would simply continue to pretend that he was blind. The saint should surely fail.

Enemies of Jesus Christ tried to disable miracle power of Jesus Christ in this way.

But, surprisingly, the pretender betrayed the enemies of Jesus Christ by pretending more drastically that he got sight due to miracle power of Jesus Christ. Yet, why?

This is your homework, though the answer might be that the pretender got afraid of the God as His Son was so close to him alone.

Indeed, a tree does not walk. The pretender further pretended to be a fool before the Son of God, which we should not however make fun of.


Looks like a summer somehow hypnotic...Oh, I was always sleepy when I was young...

I will go out around the Tokyo Bay tomorrow.)

Mar 8:22 And he cometh to Bethsaida; and they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him.

Mar 8:23 And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked him if he saw ought.

Mar 8:24 And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.

Friday, August 20, 2010

"are these which hear the word of God, and do it"

(No one knows how I took this angle...)

Justice, Aim, and Means

While 60% of voters want Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Naoto Kan to continue to work as prime minister, and 80% of voters do not want Mr. Ichiro Ozawa to replace Mr. Kan, it is expected that Mr. Ozawa will run for election to choose the head of the DPJ.

This elections is scheduled to be contested on September 14, whose winner will be qualified to be elected as prime minister in the National Diet soon after it, since the DPJ has 308+ members in the Lower House of 480 seats.

If Mr. Ozawa should run, experts and critics think he will lose.

But, Mr. Ozawa might still come up for the election if he thinks it can be a close race.

Among 400 national lawmakers of the DPJ, if 40-years-long Lower-House member Mr. Ozawa should be able to get support from 150 to 200 lawmakers, he can keep his influence in the party as the most influential veteran politician. Then, Mr. Kan will have to appoint followers of Mr. Ozawa to state ministers and party executives.

If Mr. Ozawa does not run and Mr. Kan is reelected, the DPJ and the Kan Cabinet will go on outwardly unchanged but with a potential of disintegration.

So, this three party game between P.M. Mr. Kan, Former P.M. Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, and ex-Director General of the party Mr. Ozawa will go on till the next general election.

In line with principle of democracy, Mr. Kan and Mr. Ozawa should give their party members an opportunity to freely express their standpoint.

(If Mr. Ozawa, after elected as prime minister, should be prosecuted by the Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution for his illegal political fund reporting, all he has to do is just resign from premiership. Then, Japan might have the fourth prime minister since the regime change last year...very democratic, though.)


To realize justice, one has to set a concrete target as well as practical means to pursue it.

Hitler set a concrete target to reduce unemployment as much as possible. To achieve it, he sometimes adopted a socialistic means and also a capitalistic means. And, finally, he took up a quasi-religious means or an anti-Christ means without thinking about its implication fully.

It is because he lacked determination to realize justice as high and genuine as possible.

In other word, he wanted to be successful in the society. To succeed in the German society after WWI, he thought that he had to be a hero of citizens most of whom faced a risk of unemployment. It was not for justice but for his personal success that he set a concrete target of reducing unemployment. His real purpose and motivation did not mind whatever means he employed. But, reducing unemployment was a must for achieving his purpose of becoming a hero in the the German society after WWI.

Accordingly, Hitler sometimes adopted a socialistic means and also a capitalistic means to reduce unemployment. And, finally, he took up a quasi-religious means or an anti-Christ means without thinking of its implication fully.

But, why could not German citizens at the time find that Hitler lacked a sense of high and genuine justice? Is it because he was covertly supported by the Vatican or the like?

There was nothing so authentic as the Vatican that had such a potential to blind millions of ordinary Europeans in their judgement on politicians, such as Hitler.

Then it goes that the Vatican set a target of reducing the influence of Marxism and adopted a means of helping Hitler fight against Stalin without a sense of high and genuine justice. Accordingly, the Vatican got blind to anti-Christ features of Hitler and the like.

(This posting is not intended to offend Judaists. I think European Christians have to repeatedly apologize Judaists for their negligence of the great massacre of Judaists during WWII.)

SECTION II: Clinton, W. Bush, & Obama

Presidents Mr. Bill Clinton set a target of beating Japan to keep the American position as No.1 in terms of technology and economy.

Presidents Mr. George W. Bush set a target of beating Iraq to keep the interest of his family, friends in Israel and Saudi Arabia, and other associated industries.

President Mr. Barack Obama set a target of appealing to American citizens who were outsiders of the conventional establishment.

So, President Mr. Clinton promoted diffusion of IT technology and protected its dominance in the world, appealing to his supporters.

So, President Mr. Bush launched the War in Iraq to execute Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, appealing to his supporters.

So, President Mr. Obama introduced a new health insurance system and a new monitoring system of the financial sector, beating drums for his supporters and opponents.

Yet, it has not been tested whether each President has had a sense of justice high and genuine enough to show it before the God.

SECTION III: Japan' Financial State Best among G8?

The ratio of interest expenses against nominal GDP of Japan is the least among the advanced countries.

The yield of long-term government bonds of Japan is about 1%.

The ratio of the amount of outstanding net debts against nominal GDP of Japan is about 105%.

Accordingly, the ratio of interest expenses against nominal GDP of Japan is about 1.05%

The yields of long-term government bonds of, for example, America, Germany, Spain, and Greece are about 3%, 2.6%, 5%+, and 10%+, respectively.

The ratio of the amount of outstanding net debts against nominal GDP of America, the U.K., France, and Germany are all about 65%.

Accordingly, the ratio of interest expenses against nominal GDP of America is about 1.95%, while it is 1.05% in Japan as described above.

Japan is in a better shape than America and other advanced economies in terms of the ratio of interest expenses against nominal GDP.

Logically, there is no finical crisis in Japan as in America.

The real issue of Japan is an extreme lack of demands for a decade and two decades.


*** *** *** ***

The most important thing for a man is usually his life in any country and in any era.

Accordingly he has to abandon it, since it must be the God.

The second most important thing for a man is usually his family in any country and in any era.

Accordingly he has to abandon it, since it must be his neighbours.

But, the most important thing for a slave of the Devil is usually money in any country and in any era.

Accordingly he has to abandon it, since it must be the God.

Therefore, if you can leave yourself, your family, and money for the sake of the God and your neighbor, you will be saved by the God very logically.

It is the last solution: salvation by the God.

But, we have to do spontaneously something, that is, the word of the God.

Indeed, today, "white" men in America call a certain "black" man My President; and a young Japanese "anti-Vietnam War" student 40 years ago is now called prime minister of Japan.

To realize such a change must be part of doing the word of the God for justice.

Take a break!



Is this a summer song for some? A song to listen to and forget.)

Luk 8:19 Then came to him his mother and his brethren, and could not come at him for the press.

Luk 8:20 And it was told him by certain which said, Thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to see thee.

Luk 8:21 And he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.

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"When I brake the five loaves among five thousand"

Not an umbrella but a plant ornament(?)
Coming close to the shore
Mt. Fuji 10 miles to the right hand side(A Pacific Coast, Two-Peninsulas Away from Tokyo)

Truth, Theory, and Testimony

Yukichi Fukuzawa said that he wanted to achieve three great tasks, having lived 30 years as one of the leading intellectual persons of Japan in the late 19th century:

1. Enhance grace of men and women all over Japan so as not to shame civilization.

2. Make people benign even by leveraging Buddhism, Christianity, etc.

3. Promote academic research and study of high quality through big investment.

Born as a local samurai boy in 1835 and having died as a great author and educator in the modernized Meiji Japan in 1901, Fukuzawa was a kind of miracle man of the era shifting from the samurai Japan to Westernized Japan.

Details of his life include various astonishing facts and incidents even for Japanese of today.

SECTION I: Government Note - Money of the 21st Century

There is an interesting argument on the government note, money issued not by the central bank.


There are various ways to boost effective demand among consumers and voters to invigorate economy and induce economic growth.

But, the issuance and provision of the government note is the most revolutionary one.

The government has three methods of obtaining money to be used for execution of the national budget: taxation, sale of government bonds, and introduction of the government note.

Each method is based on its unique paradigm. And, parties concerned support or deny each method. The introduction of the government note is not supported by those with established rights and privileges in the society.

Today, all the players in the economy target acquisition and accumulation of money. Especially interest to original principal is a major tool to attain this goal. So, the government bond to which interest is paid can be welcomed by those with established rights and privileges in the society. But, the government can issue and use the government note without a need for paying interest to anybody, taking away a big chance to reap profits from money lenders and financial institutions. Accordingly, they are all against the idea of the government note. Naturally, economists on their side are all against the idea of the government note.

My idea is as follow:
(1) Separation needed between a concept of taxation and execution of the budget.

(2) The Government can control money flow more effectively than the central bank, since it has power of legislation.

(3) The central bank functions as a bank based on a binding paradigm of conventional economy; the government can evolve and adopt innovative methods more flexibly.

(4) The financial sector must not earn money from money but from their service to other sectors; banks and so forth must only make a profit when their clients make a profit.

(5) Make banks and the like a servant of the industry, the society, and the people; they must not be richer than their masters.

SECTION II: Prime Minister Visited Yasukuni on August 15, 2006

The then Prime Minister Mr. Junichiro Koizumi dared to pay respect for fallen soldiers, including ex-A-Class War Criminals of WWII, at the Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine of Tokyo on August 15, 2006.

It is said that P.M. Mr. Koizumi has a strong supporter group who helped him in election for a long time in the past with an expectation that Mr. Koizumi would as prime minister visit Yasukuni on August 15, the day when WWII ended for Japan.

However, China has been against this idea. If a Japanese prime minister should visit Yasukuni on August 15, it means, China thinks, that Japan denies responsibility and war crimes it had committed in China during WWII.

As China strongly persuaded the U.S. to accept the Chinese view, the U.S. also showed discomfort to the idea of a visit to Yasukuni by a Japanese prime minister of August 15.

But, P.M. Mr. Koizumi carried out his long-suspended plan to visit Yasukuni on August 15 as prime minister.

But, a month before his visit to Yasukuni, he flew to Israel to pray before the Wailing Wall like a Judaist in July 2006.

(The Japan Times)

Then, he came back to Japan to fulfill his promise to important supporters on August 15, 2006.
(The Japan Times)

This is the only August-15 visit by an incumbent prime minister of Japan to the Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine in Tokyo for fallen soldiers, including ex-A-Class War Criminals of WWII, in these decades.

It seems that a strong tie with Israel and the U.S. can only suppress China who requests Japan to make every concession in any matters related to WWII or the Japan-China War in the 20th century.

Note that Mr. Junichiro Koizumi (LDP), who did not run for the 30-8-2009 general election, had been most severely criticized by lawmaker Mr. Naoto Kan, now prime minister of Japan, when Mr. Kan was the top leader of the DPJ around 2004.

Note also that there have been no reports that Mr. Koizumi has visited the Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine on August 15 in any year after 2006.

*** *** *** ***

Yet, for 13 years or so after the end of the samurai era in 1868, Yukichi Fukuzawa did not go out from his house after dusk.

He was afraid of assassination attempts, since such a danger was real and common to prominent ex-samurais even after domestic wars leading to the Meiji Restoration of the imperial authority. Nonetheless, Yukichi Fukuzawa was a master of the art of drawing his sword due to his habitual training.  

Yukichi Fukuzawa never tried to get into high office of the Meiji Government. Even under the reign of the Tokugawa samurai clan, he had mostly lived as a samurai with a skill of translation from Dutch, and then lived as a modern expert in introducing Western culture to Japan. Yet, interestingly, samurai Fukuzawa had visited America twice and Europe once as a member of official envoys sent by the Tokugawa shogun before 1868.

He, as a samurai, had chosen to live on his talent in language and not on his skill in swordplay or socialization.

Owing to such samurai translators as Fukuzawa, elite samurais and some other Japanese could know various things about Europe through its trade with the Netherlands having been maintained all through the era of Samurai Japan (till 1868) despite Tokugawa's closed-door policy. Yet, this fact is not known to Western elites, generally speaking.

Indeed, some Western scholars and professors know Yukichi Fukuzawa. But, even they do not understand that there had been many Fukuzawas in Japan between the 16th century and the 19th century. The miracle of modernization of Japan in the late 19th century had deep backgrounds, which even today's Chinese and Koreans are not taught in school.

Do not trust Chinese and Koreans when you are interested in history of Japan. Learn it by yourself.

Anyway great work of Yukichi Fukuzawa contributed to an increase of intellectual Japanese, in a modern sense, who could have something even to go out with if hiding it in their brains or pockets, like in the case of many audiences who had come out to listen to Jesus Christ in the fields and mountains with breads and fish hidden in their bags and pockets.



They call this tune "Emperor" in Japan.)

Mar 8:18 Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?

Mar 8:19 When I brake the five loaves among five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up? They say unto him, Twelve.

Mar 8:20 And when the seven among four thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up? And they said, Seven.

Mar 8:21 And he said unto them, How is it that ye do not understand?

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"hath not where to lay his head"

The Pacific Ocean
National Road No.1
Operation Started on July 11, 1887
(Indeed, everything is so outwardly humble. But, in these humble corners of Japan, those equivalent to Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Bill Gates or Barack Obama might be.)

Suppress Your 'Self,' and even Fire is Cool

Highest Temperature Forecast in Moscow:
August 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
....//......32, 22, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24 degrees C

Russia has no intention to return to Japan the four islands connected to Hokkaido, Japan's major northern island, though the USSR occupied them illegally immediately after WWII.

So, Moscow has to suffer this hot summer.

The regime change in Japan realized last summer has resulted in only a little improvement of conditions of the weak members of the society.

So, Tokyo has to suffer this hot summer.

Probably, Prime Minister Mr. Naoto Kan should hold in esteem other leaders, including ex-Director General of the ruling DPJ Mr. Ichiro Ozawa. Yet, a survey shows that those who do not like to see other change in the premiership account for about 60% of voters.

Anyway, the abnormal summer will be over sooner or later like in Moscow.

(The death of an NHK TV's prominent host of a political debate program a week ago might invoke a suicide committed by the then state minister of Japan in 2007. Loss in the Upper-House election and a suicide of a prominent person in the political domain are common situations for Former P.M. Mr. Shinzo Abe (LDP) and incumbent P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan (DPJ). After these incidents, Mr. Abe steeped down eventually a few months later in 2007...)

SECTION I: Wars between Nations

In principle, a man happens to be born in Japan, America, or China.

The same man can be a citizen of the Empire of Japan, the U.S., or Communist/Nationalist China.

His ability to judge good or bad is basically the same if he should be born in any country.

It is well understood by people in the world. It is an environment, situations, and backgrounds that characterize his social behaviors and war behaviors.

If a strong man abuses a weak man, it is no wonder that a strong nation abuses a weak nation. So, a weak man tries to get equipped with advanced skills and weapons, and a weak nation tries to get equipped with advanced technology and weapons.

In this direction, only a war is inevitable. So, everybody is equally responsible if a war is executed as a solution for any international or domestic problem.

Accordingly, though the Japan-China War in 1930's and 1940's was conducted on the Chinese Continent and the Japan-America War in 1940's was triggered by the Pearl Harbor attack, everybody is equally responsible. Leaders of the Empire of Japan, the U.S., and Communist/Nationalist Parties of China were all responsible alike before the God.

Yet, after the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, nobody tried to defend the Empire of Japan in a right manner, since some are afraid of America (or losing the American market) and others hate Japanese nationalists so much as to tie up with China (or share warped views on history) while nationalistic Japanese are in a minority in the post-WWII society.

In a religious term, Leaders of the Empire of Japan, the U.S., and Communist/Nationalist Parties of China during WWII were all responsible and sinful alike to have promoted the war between the nations.

President Roosevelt was as responsible as Prime Minister/General Tojo and Chairman Mao/President Chiang.

But, only Prime Minister/General Hideki Tojo was executed after WWII through a verdict of a war trial.


Sept. 8, 1951
San Francisco, California, USA

Article 11

Japan accepts the judgments of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and of other Allied War Crimes Courts both within and outside Japan, and will carry out the sentences imposed thereby upon Japanese nationals imprisoned in Japan. The power to grant clemency, to reduce sentences and to parole with respect to such prisoners may not be exercised except on the decision of the Government or Governments which imposed the sentence in each instance, and on recommendation of Japan. In the case of persons sentenced by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, such power may not be exercised except on the decision of a majority of the Governments represented on the Tribunal, and on the recommendation of Japan.

And, respect for soldiers of the Imperial Military was neglected more than that for American soldiers engaged in the Vietnam War.

As for Prime Minister/General Hideki Tojo and other A-Class War Criminals of the Empire of Japan, when they were executed or released, their status of being A-Class War Criminal was over.

It is so, since the Japanese Government fulfilled the judgement subject to the treaty.

So, the Japanese media should call Prime Minister/General Hideki Tojo as ex-A-Class War Criminal, if so needed, since General MacArthur executed him in 1948, putting an end to post-war quasi-legal revenge procedures.

Yet, it is present-day judgement of the Japanese people that a certain party or a Cabinet is in power through election, while the party or the Cabinet still calls Prime Minister/General Hideki Tojo "A-Class War Criminal," regarding him as an enemy of present-day Japan.

Japanese success and friendship with America after WWII proves that the Empire of Japan did not harm the ability, personality, morale, ethics, spirituality, and righteousness of the Japanese people.

Japanese kindness and support for China after WWII proves that the Empire of Japan did not harm the ability, personality, morale, ethics, spirituality, and righteousness of the Japanese people.

After all, the Empire of Japan is an essential (and glorious and tragic) part of the history of Japan in these 2000 years, which deserves something more than what the Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine can offer since it has a history of only 140 years.

(It was an extension of the samurai era that the Japanese people had lived till 1945. You cannot judge samurai-spirited soldiers, officers, generals, and politicians of the Empire of Japan based to today's American Christianity-based democratic idea and philosophy introduced into the Japanese society after WWII.)

SECTION II: Economic Wars

America will sacrifice Japan to save its economy by lowering value of the dollar.

Three years ago, one dollar was exchanged with 120 yen, but today with 85 yen.

The Kan Cabinet and the Bank of Japan do not understand the war-like nature in the international financial market.

Labor unions need socialistic politicians as their representatives who occasionally blame big businesses, but it is only allowed within a limit that their political behaviors do not damage businesses with whom labor unions share common interest. But, those socialist politicians sometimes cannot understand this limit. Japanese socialistic politicians sometimes think in their heart that Japanese economy should be sacrificed so as to save other countries, that is, China and South/North Koreas, that blame strategically Japanese nationalism and militarism of the era of WWII. But, they will soon change this idea when they are individually forced to live in poverty in the Japanese society damaged economically and financially by those foreign countries. The Kan Cabinet seems to include some such politicians.

The Bank of Japan does not understand that Japan's success is more important than observing rules and regulations Europe and America devise for their own interest so as to suppress Japan and other Asian nations. The Bank of Japan is full of staff members who are just proud reading and understanding foreign papers on economy and economics. They should realize that they are a kind of enemy for European/American central banks.

The Japanese National Diet should institute a law that allows for the Government to order the Bank of Japan to print yen bills for buying up dollars.

Only for the purpose of buying up dollars in the market, the BOJ should be allowed to produce yen bills equivalent up to $1 trillion.

If foreign traders or domestic dealers want the yen, give them yen in an exchange with the dollar, till the exchange rate is settled around 100 yen/dollar.

This sort of pools of the yen or the dollar cannot affect real business, since they are directly managed by the central bank and controlled by laws.

If this scheme should cause unintended side effects, the BOJ can simply buy up the yen with the dollar.

American may do the same thing. Then, true mutual and harmonious efforts to save both the economies will begin.

First G2 of Japan and America, then G3 of Japan, America, and China. This is the right sequence to avoid international financial wars.

SECTION III: Spending Rather than Hoarding

J.M. Keynes, et. al. claimed that people should spend money rather than hoard it so as to reduce an unemployment rate on Oct. 17, 1932.


...on problem of private spending. There are a large number of economists in this country, and nobody can claim to speak for all of them.

...The public interest in present conditions does not point towards private economy: to spend less money than we should like to do is not patriotic.

Moreover, what is true of individuals acting singly is equally true of groups of individuals acting through local authorities. If the citizens of a town wish to build a swimming-bath, or a library, or a museum, they will not, by refraining from doing this, promote a wider national interest. They will be "martyrs by mistake," and in their martyrdom, will be injuring others as well as themselves. Through their misdirected good will the mounting wave of unemployment will be lifted still higher.

I suppose Hitler must have read this.

*** *** *** ***

Jesus Christ did not recommend a happy life.

He even implied that His followers should abandon the happy home as He did.

Indeed, if an unhappy man without his house saw Jesus Christ, he would surely say, "Master, how can you be a master to save the world, while I have no house to live in? And, don't you have your own house, do you, Master?"

Such a man will not believe in Jesus Christ, if Jesus Christ had His own house to live in.

If there is still one man without a house to live in happily, Jesus Christ will not have His own house, since He is Jesus Christ as depicted in the Bible.

That is why I think enjoying a happy life in one's own house is a shame.

This is what all the Christian priests in the world should declare.



Mat 8:18 Now when Jesus saw great multitudes about him, he gave commandment to depart unto the other side.

Mat 8:19 And a certain scribe came, and said unto him, Master, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest.

Mat 8:20 And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"that shall not be known and come abroad"

A Proof and The Proof

As Japan is so hot now, even a banana tree bears fruit around Tokyo.

Though most of people in the world think that Tokyo is full of banana trees, it is impossible for banana trees to grow and bear fruit around Tokyo. Cool autumn and cold winter prevent growth of banana trees in Japan except in subtropical Okinawa.

But, this year it is reported that a banana tree bears fruit around Tokyo, since its owner brought the tree from Okinawa to implant it at his home around Tokyo.

Except the Okinawa islands, banana trees are in general not observed in Japan, since they never bear fruit due to climate. But, this year is exceptional.

Even tropical fish that can be only alive in the summer in the Tokyo Bay where they have been carried by a sea current from the south might be able to survive this winter, though the chance looks so slim!

SECTION I: State of News

I-1. 100 Died in Tokyo

Heat disorder in this summer has always taken 100 lives of the Tokyo 23-Ward Residents.

It is said that high atmospheric pressure from the Pacific and another high pressure from the South Asia (originated in the Indian Ocean) clamped the sky over the Japanese islands situated at the east-north edge of the Eurasia Continent.

It is not in principle related to effect of an CO2 concentration increase. The jet stream and the sea temperature in the Pacific and the Indian Oceans have been in rare states, leading to this hot summer in Japan.

Yet, it looks as though the heating force of the earth is launching the final resistance against the cooling force. It is said that the earth is going to cool down soon, though, through a controversial mechanism.

An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security October 2003

By Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall

The Weather Report: 2010-2020
· Drought persists for the entire decade in critical agricultural regions and in the areas around major population centers in Europe and eastern North America.
· Average annual temperatures drop by up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit over Asia and North America and up to 6 degrees Fahrenheit in Europe.
· Temperatures increase by up to 4 degrees Fahrenheit in key areas throughout Australia, South America, and southern Africa.
· Winter storms and winds intensify, amplifying the impact of the changes. Western Europe and the North Pacific face enhanced westerly winds.

Everyday mankind is releasing consumed energy through its economic activities to the air in the form of heat (and CO2). An accumulated amount of the energy to be converted to the air temperature is enormous. It is however to exit the earth to the outer space or to be mostly absorbed by the oceans. Yet, at the higher level of balance between warming force (man made energy + natural energy) and cooling force (energy release to the space), the climate can fluctuate in a wider range than the past when there was no contribution from mankind-releasing energy. So, an abrupt change is very likely to either of the cooling or warming direction. The key player is energy but not CO2. One solution to soften the impact is anyway to increase an amount of plants on the earth like in Amazonis.

I-2. New Mosque in New York

Now, it is apparent that Muslims in the world take the 9/11 Terror as something in the past or as somebody else's tragedy.

It is not the attitude of Americans for freedom of religion but Muslims for resistance against terror conducted in the name of Islam that is being tested.

If I were a Muslim, I would not go to New York till the American War on Islamic Terror is ended.

(I rather suspect that China is behind the scene.

In future, if China challenges America with military forces of whatever scale, America will, China must think, soon forget it regardless of results of the dangerous challenge, like in the case of the "Ground Zero" mosque acceptance, within several years.)

Muslims should not go to America before the American War on Islamic Terror is ended. Islamic residents in America should leave America, going back to the Islamic world to build great peaceful and prosperous society in their domains.

If one Muslim attains his American Dream to be rich in America, no other Muslims in the Islamic world be saved.

Muslims must work twice harder than Americans in their home land just like the Japanese people have done in these 150 years, while teaching, educating, and training Koreans and Taiwanese in addition to Chinese.

When 100 Islamic leaders get together, all they have to do is declaration of holy (non-violent) war against Islamic terrorists.

They had better build Mosque in Beijing, seeking the help of America, since it is so easy to do so in Tokyo.

In a new sign of rising sectarian tension in China, an explosion destroyed a Uighur restaurant in a busy section of Beijing early Friday, September 25. Residents said the restaurant featured specialties from China's northwestern Muslim-majority Xinjiang region.

The new mosque in New York should be named, if built peacefully, "Mosque to Prevent Future 9/11 Terror."

*** *** *** ***

It is also reported that this year unusually many people visited the Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine in Tokyo on August 15, the day WWII ended for the Empire of Japan.

But, none of state ministers of the Kan Cabinet paid respect for fallen soldiers at the shrine, which made those worshippers get angry.

To avoid misunderstanding, no members of the Imperial House have visited the Yasukuni shrine in these years or decades.

The core of the issue is the Class-A War Crimes, namely generals and politicians of the Empire of Japan, who were executed by the American Army subject to verdicts in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East held in Tokyo after WWII but subsequently enshrined in the Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine together with other fallen soldiers of wars since the Meiji Restoration of the imperial authority.


Most of families of soldiers who lost their lives during battles in WWII request more respect from the Japanese Government despite existence of the enshrined Class-A War Crimes in the Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine, since the Imperial Government promised such respect to be paid.

(The Empire of Japan did not send soldiers to China and other Asian regions to kill local people but to punish bad Chinese troops, generals, and politicians, give lessons to the anti-Japanese American Government, and secure crude oil and natural resources in South East Asia. It was not even to help Nazi Germany. It was to secure interest and honor of the Empire of Japan, so that every soldier accepted orders.)

So, when August 15 passes, the summer of Japan is going to turn down, waiting for the final of the national high-school baseball matches being held in Kousien, Hyogo Prefecture.

Yet, this year the heat and humidity of summer looks die-hard all over Japan. As it is so unusual, nobody can tell what will happen in September.

Anyway, see you soon, if not so tropical!

Luk 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"when he hath lighted a candle"

Around Mt. Fuji East

(Mt. Fuji was in the clouds. On August 15, it did not show itself to me. It might be a warning. Something threatening Japan and the world peace might be emerging, since China and America do not renounce war in their constitutions while Japan does...)

Great Journey Proven

Mankind exited Africa, moving eastward to reach the Himalaya and Tibet, further to the east on the West Pacific coast and then up to the north to the Japanese islands, and across the frozen Bering Sea and down to the south and south to the Andes.

It has been proven originally by the late Mr. Satoshi Horai, a Japanese scholar in the Arizona University, USA.

So, I may call Africa, Tibet, Japan, and the Andes the "Four Holy Beads on the Great Journey."

SECTION I: Back to Hundreds Years Ago for Succession

As of today, there is only one prince in the Imperial House, the son of the younger brother of Prince Imperial who has only one daughter but no sons. The younger brother and uncles and cousins of the Emperor have no princes, either.

So, if the son of the younger brother of Prince Imperial, the third heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne, should have no sons in future, there would be no emperor of Japan. However, some members of the imperial-family noble class, which was abolished after WWII, are biological descendants of a certain male emperor who reigned several hundred years ago only through a male line. As it is just 65 years or so that such people started to live as citizens without an imperial privilege, it is not so unnatural to set one of them as new emperor in case, in terms of Shinto religion, beyond time and space of several hundred years. This is one theory regarding Imperial succession.

Korean kings in the past in principle were subject to Chinese emperors.

Chinese emperors in the past were from different clans, tribes, and even races.

But, Japanese emperors in the past were not subject to Chinese emperors, while they were from one clan of one tribe of the Japanese race through a male line.

No revolution occurred in Japan for 2600 years according to the Japanese myth, 2000 years according to a certain theory based on history, and 1400 years according to most of theories based on history.

So long as the Old Testament and the New Testament survive in the human history, the Imperial House will survive regardless of any provisions of the constitution of Japan, since it is the oldest Shinto house among Japanese people if without real political/military power since 1,000 years ago.

Since the head of Christianity, Judaism, and the Islam are all male, the head of the Shintoism is male so traditionally authentic beyond time and space, since it is based on 2600-years long myth and history.

SECTION II: Y-Chromosome

Again, why must an emperor be a son of the biological father who is a biological descendant of a male emperor through a male line?

It is not necessary due to the Y-chromosome which can be only inherited through a father to his sons, biologically.

But, this Y-chromosome tells something very unique to the Japanese race.

Especially, the YAP type of the Y-chromosome can be found only among Japanese, Tibetans, and Africans or Africans-origin people. It is not found among Koreans and Chinese, but only some Japanese such as the Ainu race of the Japanese people.

It has been found that Japanese people who originally live in Hokkaido, the most northern island, and those who originally live in Okinawa, the most southern island share some unique features with this YAP type in a higher percentage.

From a study on mitochondria DNA among Japanese living in the Honshu island, the largest island of Japan, the following has been found:

1) The mainstream Japanese genuinely unique without common features with Chinese or Koreans: 4.8%

2) The mainstream Japanese with common features with Chinese or Koreans: 50%

3) The mainstream Japanese with common features with the Ainu or Okinawa people: 25%

As for Europeans, mitochondria DNA and the Y-chromosome studies show the following:

1) About 20% of today's Europeans are descendants of some people living in Anatolia, Asia Minor, whose living was based on agriculture.

2) About 80% of today's Europeans are descendants of some people who invaded Europe between 10,000 and 40,000 years ago, while living on hunting.

3) Those 20% agricultural tribes belonged to the Indo-European language family, who eventually conquered those 80% hunting tribes, disseminating their culture and languages through Europe.

(Note 1: Even the Celts are part of the Indo-European language family.

Note 2: Those hunting early-Europeans must have been mingled with Neanderthals, since animals were many but fellows were small.)

Back to Japan, about 12,000 years ago, non-rice-farming tribes came from Asia to the Japanese islands, to be called the Jyomon people.

And, from 10,000 years ago, rice-farming tribes came from Asia to the Japanese islands, to be called the Yayoi people.

Culturally, rice farming and Shintoism have later become the two key symbols for the Japanese race.
Yet, the Japanese people include all the biological races who speak Japanese language as their official/national language, who are legal descendants of the Japanese people, or who identify themselves with Japanese citizenship in whatever backgrounds.

In addition, South American natives living in the Andes are found to be close to the Ainu/Okinawa people of Japan, biologically.

( )

So, the Japanese people consist of various types of Asian races and other races, including the Japanese race, the Ainu race, the Okinawa people, the Chinese/Korean races who have become the naturalized Japanese in these 2600 years, etc.

Japan is a multilayered and multi-faceted nation, which is why so many talented people have emerged in Japan all through its history.

(Note: Japanese Americans, such as Niseis and Sanseis, are biologically of the Japanese race, the Okinawa people, etc. But, of course, they are not the Japanese people or citizens, but American citizens. Yet, they look so acceptable to the Japanese people in general, especially if they can speak Japanese, in my view.)

SECTION III: Day After the War Memorial Day

While Former Prime Minister Mr. Yukio Hatoyama (DPJ) flew to Beijing just a day after the anniversary of the end of WWII for the Empire of Japan, Former Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe (LDP) made a rare TV appearance on a debate program.

Lower-House lawmaker Mr. Y. Hatoyama is very pro-Chinese (his wife is very pro-Korean).

Lower-House lawmaker Mr. Shinzo Abe is very nationalistic (according to the New York Times) and very pro-American.

As Mr. Abe is relatively young, it is said that Mr. Abe has intention to come back to the Prime Minister's Office as the first Japan's prime minister after WWII that succeeds in the reinstatement.

The issue is whether China has foolish intention to challenge Japan, leveraging its military capability being reinforced according to its expansion policy.

However, it is incredible that China has such foolish intention to challenge Japan in terms of military power, while China has been helped and supported so much by Japan after WWII in terms of investment, technology transfer, and diplomacy.

The key to understanding this China's foolish intention to challenge Japan is in the history of the Chinese Communist Party: their domestic success by laying every historical blame on Japan.

The Chinese Communist Party, before WWII, persuaded the then ruling National Party of China to make war with the Empire of Japan, resulting in huge casualties on the Chinese side. The Chinese Communist Party, after WWII, launched a civil war against the then ruling National Party of China with help from the Soviet Union, resulting in huge casualties among Chinese citizens and farmers. The Chinese Communist Party blamed all these crimes on Japan, teaching every children in school to hate and blame Japan.

The Chinese Communist Party has been helped and supported so much by Japan after WWII in terms of investment, technology transfer, and diplomacy; but its legitimacy, no matter how doubtful, is more important for the Party. Accordingly, they are betraying Japan all the more as Chinese citizens get richer to access truth and critical information.

But, Former Prime Minister Mr. Yukio Hatoyama (DPJ) cannot see this truth as he dislikes American capitalists so much.

Yet, Former Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe (LDP) can see this truth as he dislikes Chinese communists so much.

Nonetheless, peace is important for Japan. If practically harmless, Mr. Y. Hatoyama, the Japanese people thought, should be allowed to reign. After the U.S. Marines base-related labyrinth exposed to the public, Japanese voters wished Mr. Hatoyama to resign, which P.M. Mr. Hatoyama accepted.

Now, Former P.M. Mr. Abe criticized the very-pro Korean Kan Cabinet. He seems to think that it is absurd that P.M. Mr. Naoto Kan (DPJ) issued an official apology statement to South Korea regarding an event that happened 100 years ago between the Empire of Japan and the Empire of Korea, without concrete plans to promote mutual peace and prosperity between Japan and South Korea.

Refer also to an opinion about China's intimidation to other Asian countries and the U.S. diplomatic policy (and Secretary Mrs. Clinton's posturing) issued two days before the War Memorial Day by former Japanese Minister of Defense Ms. Yuriko Koike (written in English).

*** *** *** ***

There are more than 40,000 people in Japan who are 100 years or more old. But it has been found that about 200 of them are missing.

So, the Western media started to laugh at Japan, saying that statistics of Japan cannot be trusted.

Yet, Japan's data on average life expectancy is based on confirmation of the deceased at their death. Therefore, existence of missing old people aged 100 years or more has not affected accuracy of the Japanese statistics.

Most of workers of the Western media stationed in Japan cannot read Japanese sentences; they cannot read any laws and regulation of Japan. They do not grasp correctly reality and principle of the Japanese administration.

Rather, the Western media had better check accuracy of Chinese statistics. The Chinese economy, 50% of which is supported by foreign-capitalized companies, cannot be the world No.2 in terms of reality and principle.


"Alhambra" and "siesta" are words well known in Japan as indicating the dry summer in the north west of the Mediterranean. I have never thought of visiting Spain for sight seeing or vacation, though. Yet, Basque Provinces might be a historical place where a language having been spoken before the prevalence of the Indo-European language is still preserved.

Yet, Cleopatra was an East Mediterranean, wasn't she? You had better go to Egypt for the summer vacation with your family, though both the west and east coasts are so bloody there...)

Luk 8:16 No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

War Memorial Day

War Memorial Day (Jour Commémoratif De Guerre)

It was at noon of August 15, so that everybody who joined the Imperial memorial service being held in Tokyo for three million Japanese victims of WWII was offering a silent prayer .

Yet, I was in a station on a line toward Mt. Fuji.

Accordingly, holy Mt. Fuji was just covered by clouds. Hence, I could not see Mt. Fuji so close today. I will come around again soon or later.

Anyway, check the world division by powers as of 1938.
(Click to enlarge.)

And immediately after WWII, the influence of Marxism and the Soviet Union covered Mongolia, China, and North Korea.

The Soviet Union even demanded shamelessly Hokkaido, the second largest island of the nation.

Unless the U.S. had swiftly deployed its troops in mainland Japan and South Korea, while ex-troops of the Imperial Army were bravely engaged in exchanging deadly fires with Soviet troops in some northern territories even after August 15, it was apparent that South Korea had been occupied by the Soviet Union like North Korea was.

So, North Korea accuses Japan as responsible for the divided peninsula.

But, South Koreans also often accuse Japan as responsible for the divided peninsula, indicating how biased and foolish education they have received.

Even before WWI, South Korea could have been colonized by the Russian Empire, which was prevented by the Empire of Japan but not by the Qing dynasty of China.

There were only two options for Korea in the early 20th century: colonization by Russians or protection by the Empire of Japan.

This is a main-stream understanding of the history in the world. Professors and scholars in the U.S. and Russia who support this view must account for 95%, in my feeling, since there are some influences of China in both the countries.

(Details are of course controversial, such as assassinations of Empress Myeongseong [1851 – 1895] of the Kingdom of Korea and ex-prime minister of the Empire of Japan Hirobumi Ito [1841 - 1901].)

*** *** *** ***

I cannot believe that President Mr. Barack Obama swam with his daughter in the Gulf of Mexico to confirm its soundness for human health and tourism.

Yet, I also went to a certain beach today after going around foggy fields and hills at the foot of Mt. Fuji by train.

When I was sitting on concrete stairways to the beach, I saw two sisters, around seven years and five years. The elder one made a hard effort to carry a pillow-size stone to her family, driven by unknown passion. After several trials, she succeeded in picking up and carrying a big round stone to her family, on which her uncle or such sat. Then, her younger sister picked up one with the size of her head to bring it to her father, who took it, pretending as if hitting the head of her daughter with the stone, though she was laughing with some satisfaction. Then, he threw it away onto the back beach.

In the meantime, several Brazilians came to the beach and occupied other stairways by themselves, though they were in a forbidden ground for some repair work of an expressway running overhead along the beach.

Others on the beach were also families with small children, some as if from the Stone Age, anglers, and old bossy locals of various grades or some such, walking with a cigarette in the hand or sitting on a plastic chair along with his wife at the best location.

So, I took only less than 200 pictures today with my slow camera, since I was mostly thinking that it was the War Memorial Day for Japan, today, though I am not a VIP at all, despite my jacket and shoes, on the very tranquil beach except sporadic crazy sounds made by bike freaks coming from the expressway.

And, I returned home to see TV news and some such, around Tokyo.

This is Mt. Fuji in 2009.

I might take it again today...