Saturday, November 11, 2006

Coal in China, Oil in Iraq, and Justice for All

Coal in China, Oil in Iraq, and Justice for All

According to various news sources, such as NHK, Kyodo News Service, and The Epoch Times, China has a big trouble on its coal mine industry.

China is the largest coal production country in the world followed by the U.S., but every year they have more than 6,000 deaths in coal mines in official statistics. According to other private information source, the death toll is more than 20,000 every year.

The mortality percentage of victims in China's coal mines is 100 times larger than that of America's.

In addition, the number of those killed each year in various accidents including traffic accidents in China is said to be about 140,000.

To have a population of 1.3 billion is different from having a 300 million population or a 120 million population.

Nothing can be proportional, if a total amount of a certain indicator surpasses a certain threshold level.

What is worse, according to a certain analysis, the reason of this large number of casualties in China's coal mines is its bad management run by managers who are forcing innocent laborers to work in bad conditions, while paying very low salaries, so that they can make an undue but huge profit.
+ + +

Maybe a number of civilians killed in Iraq, directly linked to armed clashes of any scale, every year after 2003 might be at the level of the yearly death toll of Chinese coal-mine workers.

Iraq has a population of only 24 million, one fiftieth of China's 1.3 billion population.

No comparison looks meaningful, but people are dying in daylight on dry land as well as in darkness of mines.
+ + +

China has large coal reserves and Iraq has large oil reserves.

They should use it for security and safety of its people, respectively.

I cannot find any other reasons than this for the very natural gift God Almighty has given to both the countries, respectively.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Do Not Hold Voters Cheap, Mr. bin Laden

Do Not Hold Voters Cheap, Mr. bin Laden

God told us to love our enemies, not to like them.

Some people really love to say the above notion.

Maybe Allah told us to love our enemies, not to like them.

Some people really hate to hear others say the above notion.
+ + +

Editorials of Japanese newspapers claim that the key factor that has decided the outcome of this midterm election in the United States is the gap between the rich and the poor.

But, most of Americans should feel something nice in that Al-Qaeda have not launched a massive attack on U.S. properties anywhere in the world these days, though U.S. soldiers are being exposed to danger of being shot by hidden snipers in streets of Iraq.

In the last Presidential election, Mr. Osama bin Laden himself appeared on a video and delivered a message to Americans; Consequently Mr. George W. Bush won.
+ + +

If Al-Qaeda had hijacked several passenger jets during this election period, the outcome should have been very different, as you can easily imagine.

However, it may be a little interesting to take note of the fact that North Korea blasted its first officially-so-announced nuclear bomb in this October.
+ + +

I don't know the whereabouts of Mr. bin Laden, though there is possibility that Allah really struck him in Kashmir with that great earthquake which claimed about 70,000 lives of Pakistani, according to His Own will no human beings may be allowed to make a protest against.

Nonetheless, a President of the United Sates has a legal obligation to track, pursue, and arrest him, which has not been fulfilled yet to my disappointment.

Any candidates for the next Presidential election should vow to track, pursue, and arrest Mr. bin Laden who claimed himself that he had planned terror attacks in 2001 that took scores of Japanese lives along with other nationalities in New York.

And anyone elected should fulfill the official vow for our sake.
+ + +

You cannot hold American voters cheap.

You cannot hold Japanese lives cheap.

I don't know how Allah is holding your life.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reserves and Deficits in Japan, the U.S., and China

Reserves and Deficits in Japan, the U.S., and China

Foreign currency reserves of China have reportedly reached one trillion US dollars, while Japan's reserves are about 900 billion US dollars.

The amount of current-account deficits of the United States is about 850 billion dollars mainly due to trade deficits.

China has about 1.3 billion population, Japan 120 million, and the U.S. 300 million as you are well aware.
+ + +

What makes me worries is that many, many European and American bankers and businessmen in the financial sector are rushing at the Chinese money market to take money as much as possible out of China.

However, for decades, Japanese companies have been fostering Chinese industries, investing crucial money needed at every stage of China's development.

What makes me worries more is that the Chinese Government and its ruling party are yet to make sufficient efforts for leading its people to loving Japan more.  
+ + +

Most importantly, Japanese public turning on such economic news is worried partly because a typical foreign criminal in Japan is still Chinese as has been for these decades.
+ + +

Poor people in the world, including poor Americans, poor Europeans, and poor Chinese, should be more alarmed than Japanese are.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Baseball in Europe, Why Not?

Baseball in Europe, Why Not?

They say the three major topics a European woman doesn't want to hear from a Japanese businessman are:
the third, a baseball game,
the second, his company, and
the most worst, a baseball game played by colleagues of his company.
+ + +

Baseball will be no more an athletic event in London Olympic Games in 2012.

One of the most popular sporting events in Japan and the U.S. is going to be dropped from Olympic Games, though they play baseball in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

Countries surrounding the U.S. seem to love baseball just like those surrounding Japan do.

What is wrong with baseball in Europe?

Is it so anti-Europe?

Specialty in baseball is throwing a ball in the size you can fully take a grip on to a catcher or other team mate in a field into a spot he is expecting accurately as much as possible.

Throwing a stone at a wild dog or any other animal is historically a very natural movement for mankind.

As long as you can find those stones suitable for dashing, you can fight. If you have a bat or a stick, you can further fight bravely. Kicking your game is the last action to confirm its death.

Therefore, throwing a ball and swinging a bat would satisfy a kind of human instinct.
+ + +

Since introduction of baseball into the Japanese society, there have been no civil wars.

But, in the U.S., they seem to need a few more sport events to reduce a potential of another civil war.

I heard a crime rate in the U.K. is five times larger than that in Japan.

They had better review and reconsider choices of the athletic events for London Summer Olympic Games.
+ + +

And I suspect that most of Japanese businessmen busy moving around might notice no difference between an American woman and a European woman, whether she is British or not.

Anyway, any Japanese businesswoman would kindly listen to a businessman who is just talking about a baseball game played by colleagues of his company.

But, would you?