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Take My Advice

Take My Advice

(Prenez mon avis; Nehmen Sie meine Beratung)

I say: Please take my advice, folks.

SECTION I: The Dalai Lama at Narita

Everybody in Japan is talking and writing about the Dalai Lama who briefly touched the soil of Japan at Narita Airport yesterday on his way to the U.S.

To my surprise, the only prominent public figure who met the supreme leader of Tibet at Narita was Mrs. Akie Abe, the wife of the former Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe.

"Government officials have no plan to meet with him. I have also not heard that the Dalai Lama expressed a desire for a meeting," Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura told reporters.

Only for this incident, I can give credit to her husband, the former prime minister Mr. Shinzo Abe.

My advice to the XIV Dalai Lama is be a man without a title; do not use an expensive jet plane and a luxurious hotel.

A man with a title cannot be a follower of the Buddha and the God.

Siddhattha Gotama must be the only one with a title, namely the Buddha, in the religion of Buddhism.

Jesus Christ must be the only one with a title, namely Christ or the Messiah, in the religion of Christianity.

Live and work like an ordinary poor man; this is my advice to the Dalai Lama, so that he can really cause a revolution to save Tibet and secure its independence from China.

Likewise, I hope that the Pope will become a man without a title to live and work like an ordinary poor man.

Otherwise, the Dalai Lama must call himself the King of Tibet who can legitimately claim back his territory from Chinese communists and their military.

Indeed, Jesus Christ is also the King of the Romans, though I don’t know if He allows the Pope to take this title as a legitimate successor of Jesus Christ, also known for pious followers as the King of Israelites and the Romans.

Again, I will honestly advise the Dalai Lama that he should abandon his title and become one soldier to fight for his fellowmen even if he is not qualified as king.


Some 19 million children live in poverty in the EU, about a fifth of the bloc's citizens below the age of 18.
In a study published last year, the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) examined relative poverty among children -- growing up in a household with less than half of the average national income -- in 21 industrialised countries, mostly in Europe. It found that hardship was lowest in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden but highest in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Britain and the U.S.

In the Japanese tradition, children are regarded as treasure. Whenever I observe the way Europeans and European Americans deal with their children, I feel a profound difference in terms of how to regard children between Japanese and European races.

As Jesus Christ said to let children do whatever they want while they love the Holy Spirits and Angels, the Japanese way is more Christian than the European way, in my humble view.

One out of five Europeans — 93 million people — lives under the poverty line. The poor include rural people in Central and Eastern Europe and ethnic minorities such as the Roma, who are among the poorest people in Europe. The Roma comprise almost 40 per cent of poor people in Romania and Bulgaria. More than eight out of ten in the Republic of Moldova live below the poverty line, many of them in rural areas.

It is said that super-rich Europeans, such as the Rothschild clan, holds hegemony over East Europe. Even US Presidents seem to like to travel to East Europe. If Russians hate to see it, the region must suffer more conflicts, covert or overt. Or are EU leaders still pretending to be wealthy successors of the Roman Empire?

I will advise that EU would give a special privileged status to the Roma, since Jesus Christ is also known, for pious followers, as the King of Israelites and the Romans.

SECTION III: A Miracle Yesterday

I saw a car with a specific car license number, such as “0110,” as its major component.

Then in a hundred yards or so, I saw another car with a specific car license number, such as “0110,” as its major component.

Then again, in another hundred yards or so, I saw other car with a specific car license number, such as “0110,” as its major component.

Al l the three different cars with the same main number component could only meet me by a holy chance, in my humble view.

Maybe three believers have come to view the EEE Reporter blog.

So, I advise you here now that you must not live and die like so many rich men in the past who must be now in the hell, since you might not have been born if the God had not liked to test a certain spirit, that is, you, in this world.

SECTION IV: Another Saint Job, Siddhattha Gotama

One day, the Devil said over-friendly but so submissively to the God, "Most Ever Highness, mankind cannot attain enlightenment by himself, though Job attained it with your most benevolent interference."

So, the God said to the Devil, "Then, send one spirit to the earth and name him Siddhattha Gotama whom you will surely see establishing a new religion by himself without My interference."

Then the Devil was allowed to send one of the smallest spirits at a certain level of Heaven, who looked too fragile to endure hard ascetic training, to a certain royal family in ancient India where a class difference was the largest among all the races in the world. He also arranged a beautiful girl to become a wife of Siddhattha Gotama.

Then, the Devil who had never learnt from the Job's case was waiting so that Siddhattha Gotama would live and die as a rich man.

The rest of the story is well known, folks.

Siddhattha Gotama attained enlightenment by himself through unspeakably difficult tests to be allowed to call himself the Buddha and establish a new religion now called Buddhism.

That is why I advise mankind to learn the Japanese version of Buddhism, since I am writing this secret story, whether you are the Pope, the Dalai Lama, or a member of the great Roma.

(I may take a look at a certain national museum at Minato Ward in Tokyo this Saturday evening, since it was designed by the late prominent architect Mr. Kisho Kurokawa who challenged, in the last Tokyo Governor election, incumbent Tokyo Governor Mr. Shintaro Ishihara who recently lost one billion dollars in municipal banking business, and Noriaki (Kisho) Kurokawa was a pious Buddhist who even risked his life in the election to save Tokyo now in a financial mess, as Ms. Kuniya of NHK recently had an interview with the Governor in trouble on air… )


Thursday, April 10, 2008

US Housing Bubble ($1 trillion) and Japanese Land Bubble ($24 trillion)

US Housing Bubble ($1 trillion) and Japanese Land Bubble ($24 trillion)

(Bulle immobilière américaine et japonaise terres bulle)


A year ago this blog introduced an article of Financial Times:
April 12, 2007
Subprime Loans “Continued To Decline”
The Financial Times. “US politicians are drawing up a bill that could make it less attractive for Wall Street investment banks and other financiers to repackage risky mortgages into securities and then sell them to investors around the world.”

“Spencer Bachus has backed an ‘assignee liability’ system which would mean investment banks that repackage mortgages into bonds would be liable to pay compensation to borrowers if loans turned out to have been mis-sold. unless they can show they conducted extensive due diligence.”

“Such a move would make it less attractive to repackage these loans and to buy mortgage-backed securities.”


“Credit problems exist all over the country, the report said, with the largest increases in California, Florida, Nevada and much of the Northeast. Beyond that, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day and 120-day delinquency rates all rose strongly.”

“At an annualized pace, first-quarter defaults reached 1.16 million, far outpacing the 900,000 defaults last year.”


However more suggestive may be some comments for the blog of the day:

Comment by chicagobubbleblog
2007-04-12 11:51:19

“owning a home can increase responsibility and stake out a man’s place in his community….The man who owns a home has something to be proud of and reason to protect and preserve it.” — Lyndon Johnson

This is somewhat but only if the owner has some skin in the game (20% DP). Many people who get caught up in this will lose very little money. It’s their credit that will take the hit but since your credit score isn’t posted on your lawn for you to see everyday it doesn’t matter to most.


Comment by CA renter
2007-04-13 02:54:21

Like saying that marriage makes people more successful, live longer, stay healthier, etc. It’s not the marriage or the “purchased” home that makes a person a more responsible, productive member of society.

When you had to have 20% down, high credit scores and good, **proven** income, only the most successful could buy a home. Homeownership = productive member of society because ONLY productive members of society could buy a house.

Same with marriage. It’s the **already- successful**, dependable, stable, committed person who’s willing to get married.


You should note that US non-nonsense citizens were arguing honestly subprime loan problem just one year ago. But, the US Government and super-rich Americans could not stop the occurrence of the $1 trillion loss in this time span, namely four quarters.

That is why I am telling you that any open or secret organizations formed by super-rich people in the U.S. together with those in Europe are powerless and not so smart like real devils.

I tell you not to be afraid of them; but read EEE Reporter.


Mr. Yoshio Suzuki, a notable veteran economist from the Bank of Japan and former lawmaker of Japan, has a positive view on future of the subprime loan problem.

He predicts that the subprime loan problem will take a favorable turn to solution rather smoothly between this June and the following summer, due to the following factors:

(1) The disclosure of related information being made thoroughly.

(2) Huge influx of money and funds into Wall Street from overseas funds.

(3) The Election Year 2008 forcing President Bush and FRB Chairman Bernanke to take active measures to defend the dollar and the stock market.

(4) Many US economists of the Nobel-Prize winner class who have well studied the Japanese Bubble Economy and its Burst in early 1990’s being prepared to join reconstruction work.


SECTION III: Japanese Bubble Economy and its Burst

In April 1990, Japanese Finance Ministry issued to banks an executive letter of ruling intended to suppress the land bubble. It worked and the prices of land began to decline drastically and continuously for successive years.

In 1990, the total amount of land prices all over Japan reached $24 trillion (which surpassed the then total value of the US land).

In 1997, the total amount of land prices all over Japan fell to $17 trillion.

This sudden fall of land prices has been long regarded, even today, as the greatest cause for a decade-long economic slump in Japan.

Hence, the head of the Banking Bureau who issued the executive letter was later severely blamed by the media and the general public for his lack of insight and far-seeing wisdom.

I was also then watching the proceeding of these economic incidents from late 1980's, the age of the Japanese bubble economy, to early 2000’s when the aftermath of the land bubble was somehow settled down.

But, I did seldom encounter direct and honest comments from insiders of the Ministry of Finance on the decision made by the head of the Banking Bureau in 1990 who was and is still severely blamed for having triggered the deep slump of the Japanese economy in 1990’s.

Yet, recently, Ms. Satsuki Katayam, a ruling-party lawmaker and former executive of Ministry of Finance, wrote concisely some on this issue in her blog.

She wrote that the head of the Banking Bureau had made a courageous decision to suppress the Japanese land bubble unflinchingly, though the media and a majority of Japanese public did not yet praise the already-deceased notable bureaucrat.

She also wondered how much Mr. Ben Shalom Bernanke of FRB could do against the US housing bubble, while presenting her forecast that things would not change decisively until this autumn.

Yet, Ms. Satsuki Katayama, a very popular lawmaker in Japan, wrote: “The bubble is from the nature of mankind; thus we cannot avoid it. But the issue is how to suppress and conquer it when it occurs”; however I have another idea.


The most important lesson yet to learn from the Japanese land bubble and its aftermath in 1990’s is the need for a paradigm change when leaving the bubble economy.

The deep slump of the Japanese economy in 1990’s should not be ascribed to one decision made by a certain high-ranking official of the Ministry of Finance.

Indeed, some reasonable economists in Japan today argue that it is not the single executive letter from the head of the Banking Bureau to restrain lending to land buyers but the limit of the economic framework and infrastructure of Japan for sustaining the bubble economy and fixing it appropriately or, in other word, people's mind set to try to enjoy an excessively bountiful material life unlike pious Buddhists of the Japanese version.

Nonetheless, my opinion is that it is the lack of paradigm change in viewing economy and money that forced the Japanese economy to evolve into a serious mess in 1990’s.

Likewise, what the US needs is a paradigm change in dealing with the subprime loan problem.

One example of a paradigm change in Japan, good or bad, is found in a certain political strategy former Prime Minister Mr. Jyunichiro Kizumi pursued, which has made him so popular among voters and citizens in Japan.

But, Mr. Koizumi apparently was critically influenced by the 9/11 Terror and subsequent incidents, which can be confirmed in his adventurous visits to North Korea in 2002 and 2004 (which I cannot help but take into consideration when assessing the Koizumi Administration, though I do not think he looks like a certain US actor, since several Japanese and one American were actually rescued from North Korea regardless of detailed proceeding of the very rare diplomatic incident).

Good or bad, Americans must admit that the 9/11 Terror was an incident that requested US citizens to change their paradigm on politics, economy, and their society as well as their leaders.

As such a paradigm change has not been fully pursued, the U.S. has to suffer the prolonged War on Terror and the subprime loan problem, in my view.

The “Obama” boom can be also judged in terms of the paradigm change; but the answer is yet to be obtained.

(Indeed it took 20 days for the Japanese Government and the Diet to appoint and authorize the Governor of the Bank of Japan, due to balanced strengths between the ruling parties and the Oppositions.

But, everything is difficult before it is easy as having been proven by Mr. Koizumi’s visits to North Korea, though not resulted in complete solution of the Japanese abductee problem

Anyway, it is nice to remind the audience of the significance of leaving vacant the post the Governor of the Bank of Japan even for a few weeks, since Japan is so important in the world with precious experiences on the bubble economy the US must be learning now.

[By the way, which do you like, Chinese noodles of the Japanese version or French bread with cheese or cream in? Jesus Christ said that the body is so great and holy as not to be influenced by any foods. So, I took the both yesterday...])


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America, America, Are You Rich Holily?

America, America, Are You Rich Holily?

(Amérique, êtes-vous riche saintement?)

SECTION I: Conspiracy Since They Are Smart Like Devils?

Is the US total foreclosure incident, now producing a $945 billion loss (estimated by IMF most recently), an act of conspiracy by the Bush Administration?

Is the 9/11 Terror, having resulted in a total $200 billion loss, an act of conspiracy by the Bush Administration?

And, if the Bush Administration had planned and executed the 9/11 Terror, involving hundreds of officials, officers, lawmakers, journalists, businessmen, and scientists in various fields who have been all silent in these years, how many people would the Administration have needed to carry out the Foreclosure or Subprime Loan Conspiracy?

But, for what reasons did the Bush Administration have to take a risk to carry out each conspiracy, namely, the 9/11 Terror and the Subprime Loan Terror? As a means for self-destruction for some profound cause, since they are very rich and smart like devils?

The answer is that the both of the 9/11 Terror and the Subprime Loan Problem are not acts of conspiracy by the Bush Administration, but the acts of negligence of the Administration.

They could have prevented both the 9/11 Terror and the Subprime Loan Problem, but did not for each specific reason.

(Anyway, as it is fatal for them to be found incapable of protecting the nation, they would rather choose to be regarded as having an ability at least to carry out the conspiracy. Put simply, “try to look like a great evildoer than a mere fool.” I don’t think those super-rich people in the U.S. are smart enough or capable of conducting the 9/11 Terror, placing a blame on AlQaeda and millions of anti-US Muslims in the world.)

I do not pursue the real reason for their fatal negligence here, but like to point at some important facts and present my view on the US economy now suffering a $945 billion loss due to the subprime loan problem after having suffered a $200 billion loss in the wake of the 9/11 Terror.

SECTION II: A Savior for House Losers, “Hillary” or “Obama”

I once estimated that two million US house owners are faced with a 200,000 dollar default each, resulting in a total $400 billion loss.

The New York Times reported the last summer on the emerging scale of the subprime loan catastrophe:
There are regional and local differences, to be sure. Problems tend to be more pronounced in a few Midwestern states with weak economies, like Michigan and Ohio, and states with the greatest concentration of subprime loans, like California, Florida and Nevada. “But the trouble is not just a few places. It’s coast to coast now,” Mr. Zandi said.

Indeed, “Hillary” won or were expected to win in Michigan, Ohio, California, Florida, and Nevada.

But, despite this clear merit, she is expected to disappear from the main stage of the US politics as African Americans, rich young people, and more diversified citizens love to have President Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

But, why do those house owners faced with foreclosure like to have President Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton who is good at dealing big money even personally?

Anyway, Mr. John McCain looks now very hopeful for the next US Presidency, good or bad.

SECTION III: 50 Trillion Dollars

According to The Wall Street Journal:
So here’s some good news (at least for companies that serve the affluent). According to a study by Oliver Wyman, the management-consulting firm that’s part of Marsh & McLennan, total wealth held by the world’s financial millionaires — those with $1 million or more in investible assets — has grown to $50 trillion.

According to United States Government Accountability Office:
Despite improvement in both the fiscal year 2006 reported net operating cost and the cash-based budget deficit, the U.S. government’s total reported liabilities, net social insurance commitments, and other fiscal exposures continue to grow and now total approximately $50 trillion, representing approximately four times the Nation’s total output (GDP) in fiscal year 2006, up from about $20 trillion, or two times GDP in fiscal year 2000.

It looks like the US Government is keeping its hegemony over the world by giving 50 trillion dollars of its assets to the rich people in the world.

Anyway, it seems as though there were not a needed asset worth $50 trillion at the hand of the U.S. Government; but there is a total amount of $50 trillion assets among rich people in the world.

Of course, this is one of main reasons for paradoxical acts of the US Government looking like self-destruction or an effort to realize multi-polar world as some critics emphasize, since the value of the dollar is decreasing while the crude oil price is soaring up.

SECTION IV: US National Assets $50+ Trillion

As of 2005, the US national assets are estimated to be $52 trillion.

It is also expected that these assets continue to increase by $3 trillion every year.

So, it might be about $60 trillion in 2008.

It means that every US citizen has an asset of 200,000 dollars on average, since 300 million multiplied by 200,000 dollars is equal to $60 trillion.

Anyway, taking into consideration of $50 trillion deficits, the amount and an increase rate of the US national assets might be just of a book value.

Is American wealth based on a solid foundation or on sands?


Only I can say to you is not to be overwhelmed by the number and value, $50 trillion or $60 trillion, since the value of labor of a pious Japanese Buddhist is 5000 trillion dollars if accumulated in Heaven as Jesus Christ declared.

(Why has not the French President made a TV appearance these days?

I am sensing an influence of the Mafia.

Rich men are often captured by Mafia girls in Europe, the U.S., and even in Japan.

That is why I am telling you that all you need is God but not wealth, since His Angels can make clear distinction between Mafia girls and moral girls who do not trust any big money.

If you are still vacillating, look at yourself with a soul wealth and devils cannot create but only the God can.)



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(Un musulman turc et un artisan japonais)


One Turk wanted to be saved by learning Buddhism, though he was a born Muslim.;_ylt=AhxE3q1fzh7wo9b61be8RmsjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20060709221520AA9DBy6

He posted his question on Yahoo’s Answers site:
I know some of the Indian and Japanese people's original religion is Buddhism.

So instead of the ones who has converted to Buddhism from other religions, I would like to ask my question to the originally Buddhist people.

I'm Turkish and I would like to understand and learn and practice Buddhism thoroughly.

I have read a couple of books but not directly about the Buddhist teaching.
I know about the Sutras...But don't know how to reach them.

So my question is, what is the best way for a person from another religion to understand and maybe practice Buddhism ??

Do you think I can understand and become a Buddhist if I learn it from books or any other wise?


As I often write, the God Almighty or Allah created Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, according to His judgment on situations of people.

It is very possible you can be a Buddhist while respecting Islam so much as to be regarded as a Muslim by other born-Muslims, since the God or Allah created both Buddhism and Islam.

Or otherwise do all the Muslims in the world believe that Japanese have been believing what the God or Allah does not admit to be a religion while Japan is the only nation that can stand against the United States?

Unless Islamic leaders in the world start to teach Muslims that Allah also created the Buddha and Buddhism as well as the Japanese Version of Buddhism, which has enabled Japan to compete with the U.S., say, even in a full scale war in WWII, Muslims cannot compete with the U.S. over hegemony in politics, economy, science, technology, art, and social systems, which means there will be always insurgents among them with a complex to the American culture and success.

Put simply, the key to avoiding the catastrophic danger caused by Islamic terrorists and introducing democracy as a base for the sound social and economic development in the Islamic regions must be their learning Buddhism, especially the Japanese Version of Buddhism.

The solution for problems in the Islamic world today is for Muslims to learn the Japanese Buddhism as another religion Allah created, which does not request them to abandon Islam at all, but to master exercising a higher level of intellectual and spiritual mind to have both the religions act and work for their benefits, since the Japan has proved in these centuries that Buddhism is truly another religion endowed by Allah to South and East Asians far before Islam was vouchsafed to Arabs.


Yesterday I wrote:
But in Japan, where Buddhism developed in a very unique manner fitting to the Japanese climate and nature, manual labor and monotonous tasks people are engaged in with pious belief in the Buddha could become an occasion to attain enlightenment only higher priests or saints are believed to reach in the West and Asia.

I will provide you one great example: a manual laborer or a craftsman highly respected in Japan, since his bamboo ware was highly appraised as works of art, say, by Smithsonian Institution and the Columbus Museum of Art.

Baskets displayed in each section are representative of the types of baskets Hiroshima designed specifically for the farmers, fishermen, and residents of Hinokage. Among the unique assortment of baskets on display are: backpack and hip baskets for harvesting and transporting crops such as tea leaves and shiitake mushrooms; baskets and sieves for kitchen and farmyard tasks; rice storage baskets; baskets for holding live eels; fishing traps and creels; trays for raising silkworms; and woven cylinders for making soy sauce.

The craftsman or the bamboo-ware artist, Mr. Kazuo Hiroshima was born in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, in 1915 and is still active in his profession which is originally a hand laborer.

His legs were partly disabled when he was young, so that he decided to take up a profession suitable for his conditions, a humble bamboo-ware maker.

If his legs had not suffered any damages, Mr. Hiroshima recalled, he would not have been engaged in a job of making bamboo tools and utilities for everyday life of people, since such a job would not make him rich enough to buy a car or a house.

And, the very old active craftsman said in a certain interview that he saw some craftsmen in the past who wanted to buy a car so much that they just wanted to make as many products as possible to earn wages more without minding quality of their products and spirits they were living on and with.

The local town in Miyazaki Prefecture, Hinokage, where Mr. Kazuo Hiroshima is still living and working, presents a homepage advertising its artifacts and other unique traditional works.

For, Hinokage Town:


In the West, they killed cattle and other animals to eat, used big stones for houses, loved metals for decoration and weapons, and enslaved other tribes and races to meet the needs for labor.

So, the Roman Empire must have been conquered by Jesus Christ and His followers to be truly civilized.

But, as ancient Greeks loved to think logically and abstractly and ancient Romans loved to use and study metals and machines, the West later could develop engineering and science that led to the Industrial Revolution based on the social basement and frameworks bolstered by Christianity.

But, their original inclination to animals, stones, metals, and social hierarchization has hindered full growth of their religious mind and heart, which is why they could not from the bottom of their hearts love and respect the weak, the poor, and mere craftsmen or hand-laborers.

In Japan where people did not kill cattle and other animals so much to eat, did not use big stones so much for houses, did not love metals so much for decoration and weapons, and never enslaved other tribes and races to meet the needs for labor, the Japanese Buddhism taught people to love and respect personality and spirit of the weak, the poor, and mere craftsmen or hand-laborers.

Indeed, until recently, there were hundreds of various types of professional hand work and hand labor in Japan, since Japan is rich in woods, paper materials, plants, animals, insects, fishery products, and even minerals. Japan is ten times richer than Europe in terms of diversity of the nature, though Japan is not a tropical island. Under this natural condition, Japanese craft work business became flourish through its history that could traced back for tens of thousands of years.

Based on this background, the introduction of products of the European Christian civilization made Japan the world’s most advanced industrialized country in the 20th century, which is however no wonder since Japanese culture had been at such a high-quality level though in a different paradigm of civilization of mankind.


But, nowadays, those Japanese craftsmen in traditional trade find fewer successors. The basement of the Japanese industry may be being eroded.

It may be because too many young people want cars or buy and sell stocks. And fewer senior persons recommend them spiritual enlightenment through manual labor or monotonous tasks.

It might also mean a serious problem for the Japanese Buddhism as well as its national strength, though there are so many admirers today in the world such as the one in Turk.

(Yesterday, in an NHK’s reporting program, they showed improvement of living of manual laborers in San Jose, California, USA.

It is because the local government raised wages by 50% or more for the manual laborers the city hires for cleaning, repairing, and so on.

But, what they need more may be the teaching of the Japanese Buddhism that manual labor leads to spiritual enlightenment if conducted with belief in the Buddha and the God.

And, of course, as a reporter and cameraman wishing to be a holy kind, I am also aiming at the enlightenment.

What about you? Think it over. Be part of God’s glory!)


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Foreign Devils vs. Japanese Buddhism

Foreign Devils vs. Japanese Buddhism

(Bouddhisme japonais unique vs. Étrangers Devils)


A certain American organization, full of racists, sent two agents to a Japanese journalist who is proud of being liberal and busy accusing the Japanese Government, encouraging him to more criticize the Japanese Government and write more about blemish and shame of the Japanese society while praising him and offering him a chance to post his writings on a magazine or newspaper under their influence.

In this way, some Americans who hate Japan have used the Japanese liberal journalist, encouraging him to more criticize the Japanese Government and citing his writings as a proof of blemish and shame of Japan, so that American people come to less respect Japan.

But, the too-naïve Japanese journalist has become so proud, telling Japanese readers that his writings are respected by the American media and have been referred to so often.

A certain British organization, full of racists, also sent two agents to another Japanese journalist and did the same thing, making the too-naive Japanese journalist so proud but abused for harming Japanese dignity and prominence in the world.

A certain Chinese organization, full of malice to Japan, also sent two agents to other Japanese journalist and did the same thing, making the too-naive Japanese journalist so proud but abused for harming Japanese dignity and prominence in the world.

(Nonetheless, it is true that there are naive organizations in America and Europe that have nothing to do with racism but just need help from Japanese liberal journalists to deploy their non-nonsense missions globally for whatever cause, which will be however discussed someday, friends.)


Heaven sent two Americans to Japan. They were amazed at the spiritual culture of Japan, going back home and becoming less wild and cruel.

Heaven sent two Europeans to Japan. They were amazed at the spiritual culture of Japan, going back home and becoming less obscene and cruel.

Heaven sent two Chinese to Japan. They were amazed at the spiritual culture of Japan, going back home and becoming less rotten and cruel.


If you are able to read Japanese, such as those learning Japanese outside Japan, I recommend you to check the following site:

First of all, truly cultivated Japanese, regardless of their educational achievement or social standing, can clearly sense, feel, or see that they, namely Japanese, have cultural advantage over foreigners though it is seldom expressed publicly but leveraged through their personal communications (while some aspects of Western civilization, such as advanced arts, science, social-conflict management systems, and philosophy based on or against the Christianity, still enchant many Japanese especially engaged in the media and academic communities).

Anyway, without such cultural advantage over China and the West, Japan could not be the only non-Christian, non-European-race-dominant, and non-Western-language-speaking leader in the world from the late 19th century to today, as proven in the G8 Summit meeting.

The core of the vantage of Japan which allowed it to be the only modern global power that could stand against Western colonists was the Buddhism of the Japanese version.

If Tibet had the Buddhism of the Japanese version, they should not have been conquered by China, put extremely.


As you find in the above Web site, the Japanese Buddhism regards labor as essential part of a path to enlightenment.

Or any manual labor could be a means to achieve higher understanding of, and deeper insight into, the world, the nature, the society, communities, human relationships, and an individual as well as death and life, according to principles of the Japanese Buddhism.

In the West, manual labor is something to be forced on poor people of lower ranks.

In China, manual labor is something to be forced on poor people of lower ranks.

In Korea, manual labor is something to be forced on poor people of lower ranks.

In other Asian regions including India, manual labor is something to be forced on poor people of lower ranks.

But in Japan, where Buddhism developed in a very unique manner fitting to the Japanese climate and nature, manual labor and monotonous tasks people are engaged in with pious belief in the Buddha could become an occasion to attain enlightenment only higher priests or saints are believed to reach in the West and Asia.

This philosophy enabled Japan to be the most advanced industrialized country in the 20th century, which is the key to the success of Japan so many American elites tried to find around 1990’s until the IT boom opened a new path to success for American industries.

Anyway, that is why craftsmen, factory workers, and laborers on the street are not despised at all in the Japanese society unlike the West, China, and Asia, since it could touch a core of people's common religion in Japan.

This is one clear manifestation of Japanese spiritual culture based on its unique Buddhism.

In addition, the core of the samurai culture was also built on this theory that working and training in a daily life led to grasping the higher meaning of the use of force and death and life.

Finally, that is why even Koreans and Chinese could not have the samurai class to defend their society from the Western colonists, since their Buddhism was highly biased to the upper class of the society who hated to use their own hands to hold swords.

Indeed, Tibetans should learn Japanese Buddhism if they must become peacefully independent.

(Even Japanese female figure skaters, further different from Korean female skaters, are training themselves in line with this Japanese spiritualism, as I once pointed at, though subconsciously, thus making their performance an application of a different paradigm than that of other competitors in the world, so clearly to my eye.

Typical are also Japanese major baseball players, such as Hideo Nomo and Ichiro Suzuki.

So, learning the Japanese language must be also learning hidden and covert tradition of this Japanese Buddhism, but the Western devils are nowadays capturing more and more naïve Japanese in the fields of business, economy, politics, and journalism, to my indignation.

Yet, for some pious foreigners, it is true that demons, who had once attacked the Buddha in India 2500 years ago and landed on Japan 1500 years ago accompanying diffusion of the religion, could be their archenemy if they mastered being a kind of Japanese Buddhists.

Truly, the God Almighty who created the Buddha and the Japanese Buddhism is our only last savior…

Do you agree [since those Candies fans were all too-naïve Japanese Buddhists, good or bad]?)


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lest they should be saved...

Lest they should be saved...

(De peur qu'ils ne soient sauvés...)

Mar 4:6 But when the sun was up, it was scorched; and because it had no root, it withered away.

Mar 4:7 And some fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up, and choked it, and it yielded no fruit.

Mar 4:8 And other fell on good ground, and did yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, and some an hundred.

Mar 4:9 And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Mar 4:10 And when he was alone, they that were about him with the twelve asked of him the parable.

Mar 4:11 And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

Mar 4:12 That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.


If you are able to read Japanese, I recommend you this Sunday morning the following Web site, since it deals with the most serious transition of internal modality of the spiritual culture among Japanese in the era, more than 100 years ago, that requested the final separation from the samurai paradigm to the modern western paradigm which is, on a negative side, based on the cold-blooded modern materialism and poisonous-looking commercialism, the atheistic pretended socialism, the industrial revolution, the colonialism, the Roman Empire’s militarism, and the Vatican’s irresponsible conducts.

Otherwise, you should refer to the following document, since it shows what would be resulted from the cold-blooded modern materialism and poisonous-looking commercialism, the atheistic pretended socialism, the industrial revolution, the colonialism, the Roman Empire’s militarism, and the Vatican’s irresponsible conducts in the new continent where Europeans’ dreams were fully deployed in the name of American Dream.
Their most recent study, published in 2002, reported there are an estimated 1,682,900 homeless and runaway youth. This number is equally divided among males and females, and the majority of them are between the ages of 15 and 17 (Molino, 2007)…

In turn, homeless youth are at a greater risk of contracting AIDS or HIV related illnesses. HIV prevalence studies anonymously performed in four cities found a median HIV-positive rate of 2.3% for homeless persons under age 25 (Robertson, 1996). Other studies have found rates ranging from 5.3% in New York to 12.9% in Houston. It has been suggested that the rate of HIV prevalence for homeless youth may be as much as 2 to 10 times higher than the rates reported for other samples of adolescents in the United States (National Network for Youth, 1998)…

In one study, the rates of major depression, conduct disorder, and posttraumatic stress syndrome were found to be 3 times as high among runaway youth as among youth who have not run away (Robertson, 1989)…


If you think China is a greater country than Japan or the U.S., you should yet refer to the following:
Recent statistics show more than 287,000 people end their own lives every year on the Chinese mainland…

More than 58 percent of suicides by females and 27 percent of attempts in rural areas used pesticides…

A two-year survey by researchers at Peking University found over 20 percent of 140,000 high-school students interviewed said they had considered committing suicide. And 6.5 percent of the students surveyed said they had made plans to kill themselves…


(Note that Chinese statistics is often intentionally modified when made public by several-times multiplication or division.)

Now poor people in the world must know who they should trust, Japanese, Americans, or Chinese?

You should consult God, Jesus Christ, Allah, or otherwise the Buddha, if you do not trust EEE Reporter now in Japan.