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"Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee" - The Bible and My Struggle

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The Bible and My Struggle

When poor men get very rich by chance, they would usually buy many articles of luxury.  They don't find time to read many books to learn something about the life and the world.  Instead they spend time to exhibit their riches to the world.

Such poor men-turned very rich men would not learn about the life and the world by reading books.  Their experiences as poor men living difficult lives in this world have already taught them about the life and the world.  And, they think that books only provide views on the life and the world of rich men.  But those views do not cover the reality such poor men have experienced.  Such poor men think that views presented in books are biased.  Authors of books are not poor men.  They do not know or understand hash reality of poor men living in the world.  Poor men don't trust authors of books.

For example, no matter how much an expert of religion argues religious matters in his book in a detailed manner, it is just poor or remote reflection of hash reality poor men know.  But those books written by rich authors constitute common sense of the public.  To be trusted in the society, people are requested to have similar views to those expressed in books written by rich men.  But rich men who were once very poor men cannot accept those views expressed in such books.  They rather think that they know truth of the life and the world better than those rich authors, though they cannot express their views in a systematic manner or in a form of art.

But Hitler who had been a very poor young man wrote his book to dictation while he was put in a jail after the Munich Putsch, a revolt in Munich launched by early Nazis but doomed to fail in 1923. In the book he expressed his view on the life and Germany. At the time, Hitler was no more a poor man. He was becoming rich as a political leader. But Hitler must have still kept his view on the life and the world he had cultivated when he had been a poor youth. So, the book provided truth and reality for poor Hitler. Therefore, it had power of influence that could compete with any other books rich men wrote.  Hitler must have written the book My Struggle with passion rooted in his recognition of the life and the world cultivated while he had been very poor.

At that time, namely in 1920s, some poor Germans might like to read My Struggle, because the book presented a view on the life and the world they could understand.

In this context, the Bible offers a view on the life and the world any poor men can understand.  From the beginning, the Bible must have been a book written for poor men who would not read any books written by rich authors.

Accordingly, the poorer a reader is, the more he can understand the Bible.

So, rich priests cannot understand the view on the life and the world presented in the Bible.  To understand the Bible, you have to be poor.

After Hitler became more successful and richer than he had been at the time when he wrote My Struggles, he did not write any other books.  He must not have read any books, either.  Because Hitler became a very rich man who had been once very poor.  All he wanted to do is to exhibit his success.

However, the Bible prevents poor men from becoming rich men, if it should be read honestly and correctly.  The Bible presents what should be developed from views on the life and the world poor men have.  The Bible tells true meaning of truth and reality poor men have learnt through their difficult lives in this world.

So, it is very doubtful that Hitler read the Bible when he was a very poor young man.

Anyway that is why Germany forbade re-publishing of copies of My Struggle after WWII till very recently.  Indeed, truth and reality poor men acknowledge and understand through their harsh living in the world can be sometimes so powerful and influential like the Bible.

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Mar 1:9 And it came to pass in those days, that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

" all men through him might believe" - Religion and Civilization

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Religion and Civilization

It is simple, they would think so.  "Life is once.  I must enjoy it while I am alive.  To enjoy life, I need money.  But if I take care of the poor neighbors, I cannot earn much money for myself.  I have to neglect them.  Life is once.  I have to enjoy it!"

If all the mankind think this way, there would be always conflicts and wars.  Then people would just fight one another for money, attacking, abusing, and sacrificing others.  Human beings would all go down together.

However, human beings have wisdom.  They found value in order and law.  They also found value in love for family members and fellow men.  But most importantly they found value in religion.  In this way, human societies were established.  Then people learnt value of peace for prosperity, though still they resorted to war if big profits were expected.

Historically, the love for family members and fellow men could make people sometimes refrain from unlimited greedy acts.  But along with development of civilization, the scope of social and economic activities was expanded, including unfamiliar members and strangers in society.  Furthermore, people came to encounter with other tribes and races who came to be included in society.  Then, laws and regulations became means to make people refrain from unlimited greedy acts.

In due course, concepts of justice, respect, courtesy, loyalty, the sense of duty and responsibility came to develop.  But more effectively, religion worked well for this purpose among people in society or a nation.

Every great ancient civilization had explicitly religion.  Without religion, the Mesopotamia civilization and the Egyptian civilization could not evolve to the level enough to become bases of later civilizations such as the Greek civilization.  Ancient Chinese had one that grew to Taoism and ancient Hindus had one that grew to Hinduism.  Even native Americans in the Central and South Americas had their own religions.

Now in this context, it is clear why the Empire the Alexander the Great established could not last long.  It had not religion suitable for the scale of the Empire.  But, the Roman Empire was established and thrived without unique religion till it adopted Christianity as its state religion in the late 4th century.  And, ironically, the Western Roman Empire collapsed in just one century after its adoption of Christianity.

Romans found that they needed a sole great religion to maintain the great scale of their Empire.  So, they adopted Christianity.  But this religion consisted of something that was totally opposite to the philosophy of old Romans who had founded and expanded the Empire.  Christianity had something that denied the paradigm of old Romans.  Accordingly, Romans who came to have faith in Christianity became unable to bolster and sustain the Empire when barbarians started to invade the Empire in full scale and the climate changed drastically.

And, Europe today was produced through the process of the fall of the Roman Empire and the formation of various states of various tribes with the religious center, the Vatican.

More interestingly, the US was established with a faction of Christianity different from  Catholicism.  The most important factor that assures existence of the US is this faction of Christianity that is however split into many denominations.

Finally, as mankind has come to have very advanced civilization as a whole in the 21st century, we might reflect on the history of religion, since we might not yet have a religion suitable for the level and scale of current civilization.    

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Joh 1:6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.
Joh 1:7 The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

"THERE was in the days of Herod" - Christianity Caused the Fall of the Roman Empire

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Christianity Caused the Fall of the Roman Empire

There are many theories on why the Western Roman Empire fell.

I think that it is due to Christianity that Romans lost their Empire.  It is because though the Empire adopted Christianity as its state religion, the teaching of Christianity was clearly against the philosophy, the world view, and the view on human beings of Romans.  It is as if the hard basement of a great building were replaced with something soft.

The Christian Roman Empire could not keep integrity of the great empire that had been built on a totally different view on the world and human beings.  Christian Roman citizens must have come to doubt the cause for the presence of the Empire.  They must have lost passion and eagerness to maintain it at any costs facing invasion by barbarians, climate changes, etc.

The Roman Empire was built on swords.  The Empire was a military state.  The sole great business is its military.  Roman soldiers killed mercilessly barbarians who did not yield and follow Rome.  Christianity worked as a great obstacle to such behaviors.  

Due to Christianity, Roman soldiers must have become more merciful to their enemies.  Accordingly, the Empire came to lose ability to occupy, control, and govern different ethnic groups in a cruel manner.  Barbarians must have seen Romans taking no more harsh policies against them, so that they came to revolt against Rome more boldly.  The reign of the Roman military got weakened and unable to suppress insurgents in the vast territory of the Empire.

So, the Western Roman Empire fell in the late 5th century, a century after its adoption of Christianity as its state religion.

However, rather due to Christianity, the Eastern Empire survived till the 15th century.  Indeed, without this survival of the Christian Empire, most of Europe might have been conquered by Muslims.

The history truly belongs to God.

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Luk 1:5 THERE was in the days of Herod, the king of Judaea, a certain priest named Zacharias, of the course of Abia: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elisabeth.
Luk 1:6 And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.

Monday, January 04, 2016

"In him was life" - Hitler Saved One Judaist Medical Doctor

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Hitler Saved One Judaist Medical Doctor

There was one Judaist whose life was saved by Hitler, since the Judaist was a medical doctor who took care of Hitler's mother, though she died despite exhaustive treatment he had given to her.
Eduard Bloch (30 January 1872 – 1 June 1945) was an Austrian doctor practicing in Linz (Austria). Until 1907 Bloch was the physician of Adolf Hitler's family. Hitler later awarded Bloch special protection after the Nazi union of Austria and Germany.[1]

In 1907 Hitler's mother, Klara Hitler, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died on 21 December after intense suffering involving daily medication with iodoform, a foul-smelling and painful corrosive treatment typically used at the time and administered by Bloch. Because of the poor economic situation of the Hitler family, Bloch charged reduced prices, sometimes taking no fee at all. The then 18-year-old Hitler granted him his "everlasting gratitude" for this[4] ("Ich werde Ihnen ewig dankbar sein"). This showed in 1908 when Hitler wrote Bloch a postcard assuring him of his gratitude and reverence which he expressed with handmade gifts, as for example, a large wall painting which according to Bloch's daughter Gertrude (Trude) Kren (born 1903 in Austria, died 1992 in the USA) was lost in the course of time. Even in 1937, Hitler inquired about Bloch's well-being and called him an "Edeljude" ("noble Jew"). Bloch also apparently had a special fondness for the Hitler family which was to serve him well in the future.
After Germany's union with Austria in March 1938 (Anschluss) life became harder for Austrian Jews. After Bloch's medical practice was closed on 1 October 1938, his daughter and son-in-law, Bloch's young colleague Dr. Franz Kren (born 1893 in Austria, died 1976 in the USA), emigrated overseas. 
The 62-year-old Bloch then wrote a letter to Hitler asking for help and was as a consequence put under special protection by the Gestapo. He was the only Jew in Linz with this status. Bloch stayed in his house with his wife undisturbed until the formalities for his emigration to the United States were completed. Without any interference from the authorities, they were able to sell their family home at market value, highly unusual with the distress sales of emigrating Jews at the time. However, they were allowed to take only the equivalent of 16 Reichsmark out of the country; the usual amount allowed to Jews was a mere 10 Reichsmark.[5] 
In 1940 Bloch emigrated to the USA and settled in the Bronx, 2755 Creston Avenue, New York City but was no longer able to practice medicine as his medical degree from Austria-Hungary was not recognized. 
If Hitler had been arrested alive and put into trial, his possible defense attorney should have presented this Judaist medical doctor as a witness.  Then the attorney should have claimed that Hitler should have been acquitted, since Hitler's saving life of the doctor should have shown that the Holocaust had not been carried out on Hitler's initiative.

Hitler loved his mother so much that he took care of her on her deathbed.  And he cried so much when his mother died despite extensive medical care the doctor had given.  Hitler's love to his mother turned to respect for the medical doctor who happened to be a Judaist.  However, Hitler ordered execution of six million or so Judaists in WWII.

Ordinary men love their mothers so much as their love to their mothers would simply turn to strong respect for medical doctors who so devotedly took care of their mothers till they died.  Hitler was one of such ordinary men.

And ordinary men might have a few enemies, for each, whose religions happen to be the same as such medical doctors.  They would not forgive the enemies only because they have the same faith as the medical doctors who devotedly took care of their mothers.  In this context, Hitler was one of ordinary men.

But no ordinary men have six million enemies, for each, who have the same faith as medical doctors who devotedly took care of their dying mothers.

So, what made Hitler blind to the difference between a few enemies and six million enemies?

To Hitler, there was no difference among one Judaist, a few Judaists, and six million Judaists.  He must have been a kind of mentally ill in this regard.  He could not appreciate the difference among one Judaist, a few Judaists, and six million Judaists.  For him, he sometimes respected one medical doctor who happened to be a Judaist, and he also sometimes hated some other Judaist enemies, though the number of the enemies was six million whose significance he could not understand.

Finally, this episode might tell the limit of one's love to his or her mother.

That is why we have to assert that Hitler's sin was in that he had little love to God.  But, then any human court cannot judge Hitler who seems to have been a kind of mentally ill.

Nonetheless, I have no objection to every Judaist hating and blaming Hitler forever, since he was responsible for death of six million Judaists in WWII, including Judaist mothers and their sons.

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Joh 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
Joh 1:5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.