Sunday, August 05, 2018

"How many loaves have ye?" - Christ Jesus, a Super Healer?

Pacific Coast, North East of Tokyo (with some signs of the 2011 great tsunami)

Christ Jesus, a Super Healer?

Christ Jesus was not specialized in healing.  He did not go and find sick people to heal them.  But only occasionally, He healed ill persons mostly on their request.

To preach the kingdom of God was the most important for Christ Jesus.  Even if a poor and sick man was healed, he might follow Satan after recovery.  No matter what conditions, one might be in, he or she was expected to hear and follow the teaching of God, and then health and foods would be provided by God, which was the core of Jesus' teaching.

In another example, Christ Jesus would not give money to poor men for the same reason.  But as Christ Jesus could heal sick persons and people haunted by evil spirits, He could earn big money or bring wealth.  But it was not His intention and purpose.  Just preaching the kingdom of God and having people accept the teaching of God was His main mission in this world.

So, it is wrong to regard Christ Jesus simply as a super healer.  He was anyway the Son of God.   

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Mar 8:5 And he asked them, How many loaves have ye? And they said, Seven.
Mar 8:6 And he commanded the people to sit down on the ground: and he took the seven loaves, and gave thanks, and brake, and gave to his disciples to set before them; and they did set them before the people.