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(C'est comme un rosebud dans un cinéma, la bonne ou mauvaise.)

Last night after viewing the late-night TV news program I had to kill one cockroach with a spray, prepared for this possibly-once-a-year action, to go to bed.

And before waking up this rainy and cloudy Saturday morning, I had a dream in which I was talking with the US President.


As I once wrote on Feb 2, 2008, the history of the U.S. began when Little Turtle stopped to fight against George Washington in 1794 to sign the Treaty of Greenville that admitted that Native Americans were an entity the US Government should deal with in a diplomatic manner between two sovereigns, though its main function was to open a path to the West, namely beyond the Ohio River, for George Washington and other aggressors.

Since then, European Americans drove Native Americans to barren lands; forced African Americans to work as slaves till they died; fought British and Spanish as well as Mexicans to secure or expand territory; annexed Hawaii; purchased Alaska; and colonized the Philippines.

But, as the Empire of Japan had no will to destroy America through the Pacific War as much as possible even if the War should have resulted in stabbing each other to death, the U.S. won this greatest War it had ever fought in a full scale even with a horrible weapon, the nuclear or atomic bomb.

But, the U.S. had to carry out wars against -
(i) North Koreans and Chinese the Empire of Japan had so long controlled, managed, and tried to subjugate,
(ii) North Vietnamese the Empire of Japan had saved from France and controlled after Nazi Germany had launched WWII, and
(iii) Russians the Empire of Japan had been so long emulating to stop them from invading East Asia.

It is because the God Almighty wished that Japanese should adopt the Christian-ideal-based Constitution (with a help of Americans after the defeat in WWII) and the U.S. should be, in lieu of samurai-spirited Japanese, in charge of dealing with Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese and other Marxist East Asians, and Russians.

Remarkably, Americans fulfilled the wish of the God Almighty, and Japan still keeps its Constitution as it was first enacted on May 3, 1947.

The God Almighty put an end to this American history by having the U.S. lost in the Vietnam War, though Vietnam broke up with China to save Cambodian people from a holocaust being carried out by Chinese-communist-brainwashed Khmer Rouge, which really stopped Chinese Communist invasion of South East Asia whose people began to learn from the unbelievable recovery and success of democratic Japan after WWII.

Thereafter, until the fall of the Berlin Wall and Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iraq, the history stood still for Americans at large.


Every historian admits that the U.S. changed since the Civil War. Even it is said that before the Civil War the word, “the United States,” had been used in the plural form, but in the single form after the War.

As 600,000 European Americans died in the Civil War, emancipated African Americans have never revolted and tried to retaliate against European Americans with weapons thereafter, which the God Almighty so wishes.

Every historian should admit that Americans turned to be further materialistic rather than Christian through the Great Depression in 1929, the Pearl Harbor Attack in 1945, the JFK Assassination in 1963, and the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

Indeed, everything was prepared; and here came the 9/11 Terror in 2001.

(I, personally, wonder if the God Almighty had, only for the moment on the Sept. 11, 2001, Columbus encounter a book Marco Polo had written on China (under the Mongolian dynasty built by Genghis Khan) and Japan 200 years before, so as to make him reach the New Continent though Columbus tried to land on Japan, the country of gold as Marco Polo had so depicted.)

The last destiny given to the U.S. is to save the world from the energy crisis.

But, in a peaceful and Christian manner by sacrificing rich resources it has on its vast land and in its dynamic territory and economy or with the most advanced military systems to control Islamic governments in oil-producing regions?

Is the last destiny of the U.S. going to be fulfilled by its helping poor and suppressed Muslims and Arabs, suffering under oil-rich royal families and dominant classes, and introducing democracy to those Islamic nations?

Or, will simply material-desire-driven policies and wars of the U.S Government make Americans fail in this great test of the history titled the “War on Terror” and “Peak Oil” or otherwise “CO2.”

If so, it will be a decisive catastrophe of mankind.

If not, there will be the 22nd century for mankind, namely our descendants, so prosperous with more advanced science and technology that should make dreams of US scientists of today to expand frontiers to the moon, the Mars, and far beyond to the Galaxy…


That is all for today, Ladies and Gentlemen.

But, have you ever used a compliment, “the beauty of the Galaxy?”

Again, look at the rising earth over the horizon of the moon a moon explorer launched by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency recently took:

Truly, the earth is “the beauty of the Galaxy,” if you have any such a woman in your vicinity.

The U.S. nuclear weapons should not destroy it.

(Mr. Katsuya Okada, one of leaders of the Democratic Party of Japan, recently enjoyed the movie “Lions for Lambs” in a film theater in Tokyo, and is now going to fly to Germany to study their efforts against global warming in these consecutive holidays.
( )

Indeed, in these consecutive holidays, most of Tokyo residents left the city for home provinces or leisure trips abroad or domestic.

So, it is a good season to enjoy driving around in Tokyo.

I will go to a certain prominent Shinto shrine in Tokyo, but there are two prominent shrines: the Meiji Shrine and the Yasukuni Shrine, though both are relatively young shrines; and I have no personal connection of whatever sort to the latter.

On the Sunday morning I may be sending a salute before a certain shrine, since the Emperor Showa once respectfully bothered to visit the battleship Musashi, the largest warship mankind has ever built but sank while fighting a hundred of US fighter planes during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944, though the Pacifi Ocean is somewhat observed from a moon orbit now…)

Pro 6:24 To keep thee from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman.

Pro 6:25 Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids. 

[Indeed, last night a Japanese knowledgeable community on the Internet talked about the death of the so called DC Madam.

But, a miracle is more apparent in a car accident in Bolivia:
Latest Update: 05.02.08, 17:21 / Israel News

Five Israeli hikers and six Japanese tourists were killed Thursday night in a car accident in Bolivia's Salt Desert.,7340,L-3538666,00.html


Though this is not what I talked about with the US President in my dream last night, you may like to check the following if you are bewildered by "Bolivia" in the news...
Saturday, 15 November, 1997, 02:47 GMT
Bolivia: Japanese Fugitive

He's alleged to have taken part in attacks on the French embassy in the Netherlands in 1974 and on the American mission in Malaysia in 1975.

He's also said to have been involved in the hijacking of a Japanese airliner between Tokyo and Paris in 1977.


Now, Mlles., BBC is not so bad, since the above news was, now a kind of miracle, in 1997, isn't it?]

Joh 5:3 In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.

Joh 5:4 For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.


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(Le soleil vient ici.)


SECTION I: Gasoline Tests “McCain,” “Hillary,” and “Obama”

So, I said two months ago or so that gasoline prices could be a big challenge to the governments here and there.

It can even test US Presidential candidates:
Obama, who as a state senator supported temporarily suspending the Illinois gas tax in 2000, cast Clinton's proposal as a ploy that would, according to an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office, save the average family about $30 for the summer -- or, he said yesterday, "30 cents a day, which is less than you can buy a cup of coffee for at 7-Eleven." He began running a 60-second ad showing a clip of him responding to what he calls the "Clinton-McCain proposal" at a rally.

However, I am concerned with words of a Harvard professor on economy:
"What you learn in Economics 101 is that if producers can't produce much more, when you cut the tax on that good the tax is kept . . . by the suppliers and is not passed on to consumers," he said.

It is a basic of economics but cannot be a basic of wisdom.

I will tell you that it is not a matter of supply, demand, and prices, but a potential for supply, a potential for purchase, a differentiated change of prices, and information.

In this case on gasoline prices in the U.S. this summer, it is information that is a key to solving the problem. Necessary information on states of supply and needs, and an expected price change must be disseminated among consumers.

If the US Government provides all the necessary information to consumers, asking them to behave like a Christian and a good neighbor when the US Government suspends an execution of taxation on gasoline for poor Americans, people will start to control their driving practices and habits so as to avoid catastrophe.

Extensive public announcements and media reports on this issue along with this purpose will help US consumers behave like a hero.

It is, however, what a Harvard professor does not want, since US consumers will no more respect cold-blood professors on economics.

It is really what Jesus Christ preached down to. He really lamented 2000 years ago, saying: “Professors do more harm than good to people.”

(From a political point of view, a focus should be on the following part of the Washington Post article:
Clinton stresses that she, unlike McCain, would push for a windfall-profits tax on oil companies to offset any benefit to them…
Burman called this "utterly incoherent," saying that a windfall-profits tax would over the long term only exacerbate the supply problems…
"So a policy intended to lower prices, but which won't do that, will be offset with a policy that's likely to raise prices over the long term," he said.)


Indeed, that incoherence in Mrs. Clinton’s policy ideas can be a big issue, since she is an American woman, good or bad, in my humble Japanese view.)


Gasoline is mainly made of only carbon and hydrogen.

It includes various types of hydrocarbon molecules, such as C6H6 (benzene), C7H8 (toluene), C4H8 (butene), C4H10 (butane), C6H12 (hexene), etc.

These are all simple chemical structures.

You take six of carbon atoms and six of hydrogen atoms from any convenient sources to combine them together so as to form a molecule; then you can get C6H6, a component of gasoline.

But, 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 carbon atoms weigh only 12 grams.

One gallon or 3.8 liters of gasoline must include carbon and hydrogen atoms literally running into astronomical figures.

Mankind cannot still create gasoline while carbon and hydrogen are all around them here and there, even in the air and water.

But, the God created them so easily and put them in crude oil.

As mankind comes to love God less and less while loving money more and more, this gasoline-price problem can be regarded as a natural consequence of human arrogance.

Conversely, when mankind repents and comes to love God more and more and abhors money more and more, this gasoline-price problem can be solved.


That’s all for today as is usual.

You may be busy, since there seems to be parties and conferences here and there nowadays.

And, remember that the Chinese President is expected to visit Japan the next week.

It is time for Japan to help China set appropriate gasoline prices and develop natural resources including natural gas and crude oil.

(F.Y.I., )

(So, have a good weekend. Rest your wings.

And, do not drive much, though I often drove passing Tokyo to the west to serve God.

I saw just only once a remarkable driver in my driving experiences on expressways who could drive a car truly as a master on the road, which made me so humble.

Among ordinary people, there are many hidden masters in various fields in Japan.

Yet, somebody must be in charge of praising God even in this country to save the nation…

May God Come to You like the Sun!)

Revelation 22:5 And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.


Thursday, May 01, 2008



(L'Europe est une bénédiction pour l'humanité?)

If you have anything classy money can buy in Paris or Rome, your value cannot be enhanced.

Selfish guys can also feel like a hero when they come back and display their pictures taken in Paris and Rome to their colleagues of good nature.

Such things spoil young men.

If you want to restore economy and social systems in your country, you had better not recommend young men and women traveling to Paris and Rome, since I have never seen anybody coming back to Tokyo to show their growth in piousness and faith in the God Almighty who allowed the survival of the European Civilization to date for some holy reasons I am highly concerned with.

And, Tokyo is the greatest and mightiest city a single race or a tribe has ever built on the earth since the Age of Pyramids.


There are two contradictory views on why the Western Roman Empire collapsed in the 5th century.

(i) Peacefully transited to the Middle Age with emergence of new kingdoms in the north of the Alps, especially in present France, as recently discussed in “THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE” by Mr. Peter Heather.

(ii) Demolished unbearably mainly due to invasion by eastern wild tribes with drastic downfall of the Civilization to the level of the Stone Age as recently discussed in “THE FALL OF ROME AND THE END OF CIVILISATION” by Mr. Bryan Ward-Perkins.

This issue is related to the present arguments about CO2 emission-related crises mainly claimed by European elites.

It is because there is another convincing argument based on the climate change theory, for example in the Web site of the University of Arkansas :

Studies of climate changes and their subsequent influences on humans are in no way unique or new as evident from the previous discussion. So, why have scholars apparently neglected climate influence on human activity in the third century AD if there have been so many other times where climate may have had significant influence?

The answer lies in two areas: one, high-resolution climate data was not available and second, there has been a lack of communication between the historians/ archaeologists and the paleoclimatologists. The data that are readily available include palynology, which does yield annual resolution data sets, and dendrochronology, which is the best method of paleoclimatological reconstruction. Other proxies are also helpful in piecing the puzzle together

(iii) Every incident that led to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire was triggered by a great climate change around the 5th century.

This theory is supported by a book titled “The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization” by Mr. Brian Fagan.

A Japanese blogger presented a very persuasive figure contained in the above book to address his idea to the same effect.

It is important to note that the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa, which have repeated globally influential eruptions several times in the past, is said to have erupted in 416 and 535.


It is apparent that the history of Europe has the age of discontinuity.

The Eras from Greece Civilization, the Empire of Alexander the Great, Caesar and Cleopatra, and the further prosperity of the Roman Empire until the 5th century did not smoothly lead to the Era of the Frankish Empire, including the following episodes, and further to the Middle Age:
- Merovingian rise and decline, 481–687
- Dominance of the mayors of the palace, 687–751
- Carolingian empire, 751–840
- Divided empire, post-840

You must also realize that the Eras from Greece Civilization, the Empire of Alexander the Great, Caesar and Cleopatra, and the further prosperity of the Roman Empire until the 5th century were featured by sub-tropical environments, especially around the Mediterranean.

The modes of clothes and buildings adopted by Greek philosophers, Alexander the Great, Caesar and Cleopatra, and Roman citizens were all for living in a sub-tropical environment.

But, clothes and buildings Western Europeans put on and built in the Middle Age and after were apparently for living in cold regions.

It is a quantum leap from a sub-tropical flourish, sophisticated, and open culture under the azure sky to a drab, somber, and often gloomy living under a leaden sky.

From the Middle Age to the present Era of the EU through the Renaissance, the Age of Geographical Discovery, bourgeois revolutions, the Industrial Revolution, the Age of Imperialism, WWI, WWII, and the Cold War, the (Western) European history has been proceeding basically in the only one environment with drab, somber, and often gloomy living of people under a leaden sky.

The key age of discontinuity apparently corresponds to the period of time when the Western Roman Empire collapsed.

The collapse was apparently triggered by a great climate change that caused invasion by wild tribes from the east, namely, Central Asia and North East Asia.

This large scale climate change, probably triggered by global cold temperature, could be ascribed to the great eruptions of the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa which have repeated globally influential eruptions several times in the past, say, in 416 and 535.

(Dusts and ash a volcano spews to the air prevents sun rays and heat from reaching the surface of the ground, thus lowering the temperature in the ecosystem based on which human societies are built, including its agriculture activities...)

If so, the Indonesian volcano governed the European history and thus the world history.

For example, even in Japan, during this Era, namely the 5th century, due to cold temperature, people put on clothes suitable for cold regions as proved by various clay figures excavated from great ancient burial mounds which were built all over Japan for rulers central and local only in this period.

In China, there is also a great gap in history of dynasties around this period. No single kingdom between the 3rd century and the 6th century had power and momentum to unify all mainland China, unlike Han and Qin dynasties, probably due to a lower level of agricultural products.

Europeans only know the European History; but it is truly parallel with that of China and even Japan.


Now you know that Europe is based on two paradigms: the original sub-tropical one of Greece and Roman times and the later developed cold-region-adaptive one of successors of the Frankish Empire.

And, the transition period between the two Ages must be severe and cruel with long-persisting famines, frequently repeated invasion by wild tribes, and a helpless debacle of long established social systems.

It is just like the God at last punished the Roman Empire who had executed Jesus Christ in Jerusalem some 400 years before.

South and Western Europes must have been buried forever.

But, the Vatican stood and saved Europe.

Yet, immediately after the decisive work of the Vatican in this period, the God judged the mind and heart of the Popes and other leaders of the Vatican and thus decided to endow Arabs with Islam for holy reasons.


Now, that’s all for today.

But, remember Hitler was also a product of the influence of the paradigm of the Roman Empire while another new comer to the history, the Rothschild clan, owed its rise to the Vatican who could not develop an idea to cope with a new type of enemies against the teaching of Jesus Christ, namely modern financial desire, though the Vatican had to adhere to the old paradigm of the ancient sub-tropical European civilization to maintain order and its hegemony all over Europe.

Indeed, remember that is why Europeans today are eager to deal with CO2, since their instinct tells them that a climate change could destroy them.

Yet, you have to learn what happened in China and Japan over the above focused period, since China gradually started to lose faith in Buddhism; but Japan changed its mode of burial of rulers from the one based on original Shintoism using a big mound to the new one based on Buddhism with the building of sophisticated temples and other work of religious art.

Truly, that is all for today, again.

(As I once wrote, the French language is under strong influence of traditions of the Roman Empire. France can be really regarded as a hidden successor of the Roman Empire in the cold zone whose function Germany cannot take for itself forever, though irresponsible Anglo Saxons left the European Continent forever in those periods.

But, take note of the following:
"Civilization arose during a remarkably long summer. We still have no idea when, or how, that summer will end" )

Indeed, what you must be prepared for might be a remarkably long summer. But, with whom, or for whom??

I don’t think the nation Japan has completed its long, long summer if its population starts to a kind of decline…


Deu 5:1 And Moses called all Israel, and said unto them, Hear, O Israel, the statutes and judgments which I speak in your ears this day, that ye may learn them, and keep, and do them.


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(Vous devez aider les gens à apprendre du Japon.)

According to a survey top 9 least-religious countries are as follows:

No. 1…Sweden
No. 2…Vietnam
No. 3…Denmark
No. 4…Norway
No. 5…Japan
No. 6…Czech
No. 7…Finland
No. 8…France
No. 9…South Korea

Of course, this is an example of nonsense data based on prejudice and ignorance.

But, its implication cannot be neglected, if non-religious implicates advancement of science in the society without any adherence to superstition.

So, I like to help those who love Japan.


Though respectfully, “Hirohito” in Wikipedia has about 60 entries for different languages in the world, while “Jyunichiro Koizumi,” being so popular as a former prime minister of Japan, has about 50 different-language entries.

In Japanese His Majesty the Emperor is called “Ten-nou Heika.”

Every Japanese knows that the Emperor Showa (born in 1901), meaning the Emperor of the Showa Era – between 1926 and 1989), has a personal name “Hirohito” which however nobody uses, in most cases, to mean him in daily conversations or a discussion with a reverence.

So, when we hear the English expression “Hirohito” or even “Emperor Hirohito,” we feel usually uncomfortable.

(There are 171,000 hits for “Showa Ten-nou” but only 5,700 hits for “Ten-nou Hirohito” and 3,460 hits for “Hirihito Ten-nou” as results of Internet search mostly in the Japanese domains using Kanji letters.)

Nonetheless, the Emperor is called simply “Ten-nou” when referring to the function or position or otherwise in historical context, say, in a discussion or writing.

The Kanji (originally Chinese) letter “Ten” means heaven; the Kanji letter “Nou” or “Kou (as a standard sound)” means the first great king.

( )

However, all other emperors in the world, including ones who ever existed in China in the past, are called “Kou-tei” in Japanese.

The Kanji letter “Tei” means a god since this letter originally means a table on which tributes to a god are placed.

Anyway, when Japanese started to call their ruler “Ten-nou” instead of “Oh (meaning a king who is supposed to obey the emperor, specifically the Chinese Emperor)” unlike other Asian tribes and races around ancient China 1,300 years ago, Japan did not any more rely on China in terms of politics and military affair.

Before and during WWII, the Emperor Showa presided over the supreme meeting (Privy Council) with top political leaders of the Empire of Japan as shown below.

The Emperor Showa held the supreme command of the whole Imperial Military as shown below in a picture taken on the Battle Ship “Musashi,” a sister ship of the world largest warship “Yamato,” both of which were equipped with the world mightiest 45cm cannons to destroy any European or American battleships before WWII.

The so blessed eldest son of the Emperor Showa is the present Emperor of Japan (the Emperor of the Heisei Era).

But, His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince of Japan has no sons yet but one daughter.

The younger brother of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince of Japan has a son.

This is one of the most controversial issues to the nation state of Japan.

But, Japan is not the U.K. You must not talk about the Imperial Family of Japan as if you were talking about the British Royal family one member of which was surely Princess Diana who died in Paris in 1997.

Anyway, if you are an A-student, an A-postgraduate student, an A-associate professor, or an A-professor majoring in Japanese or Japan, the above issue is the first and the last thing you have to understand in your study of Japanese and Japan.


Compared with sacred Japanese Buddhist monks who ever appeared in the Japanese history, the Dalai Lama does not look holy at all, since he was using an expensive jet plane and an expensive hotel while visiting Japan often to collect money.

Even all the Popes in Rome do not look holy at all, since they travel like a Roman Emperor and live in an expensive building keeping various works of art above price.

I can introduce here a few important Japanese Buddhist monks that established the spiritual foundation of the Japanese Civilization:

Kukai (774-835) was a Japanese Buddhist monk who founded the Shingon sect. This great scholar's activities extended beyond the domain of the purely religious, including the building of roads, irrigation canals, and temples

This was the first attempt by a Japanese to organize the existing mass of teachings, including both Confucianism and Taoism, before proceeding to an exposé of his own sect.

The first stage is the animal life of uncontrolled passions unguided by religious ideas. Superior to it by but one step is Confucianism, which preaches secular values but is not really a religion. One step higher is Taoism (or according to some, Brahmanism), in which one aspires to heaven but remains ignorant of the nature of it. Stages four and five are two Hinayana stages, in which there is but partial understanding and where extinction in nirvana is the highest aspiration.

Kukai considered the altruism of Mahayana superior to this. The sixth stage is that of Pseudo-Mahayana, which aims at discovering the nature of existence through the investigation of its characteristics (the Hosso sect is an example). At this stage there is compassion for those still in ignorance. The seventh, eighth, and ninth stages are represented, respectively, by Sanron and its elimination of all false conceptions, the universality of Tendai (one moment contains eternity; a sesame seed may hold a mountain), and Kegon with its doctrine of interdependence and convertibility. The tenth stage of religious consciousness is, of course, Shingon and its mysteries.

The earliest Japanese monk to spread the practice of the nembutsu, or oral invocation of the name of Amitābha Buddha, among the common people. Widely admired for his devotion to the practice and his willingness to live outside the élite circles within Buddhist temples, he became the precursor of an entire class of religious wanderers called nembutsu hijiri, or ‘wandering sages of the nembutsu’.

Ippen (Yugyō Shōnin)
Founder of the Jishū (literally, ‘time school’) of Japanese Pure Land Buddhism. His sobriquet, Yugyō Shōnin, means ‘wandering holy man’, and accurately reflects his homeless lifestyle...

After that, he continued to distribute his amulets and encourage people to recite the name even if they did not believe. Ippen travelled with a group of disciples, both male and female, and they became known for their performance of the odori nembutsu, or ‘dancing nembutsu’, in which he and his followers would dance while chanting Amitābha's name. Spectators frequently reported miraculous occurrences during these performances, such as the appearance of purple flower-like clouds in the sky. Because he travelled with a mixed group, Ippen was very concerned with issues of morality, and he had his followers carry a set of blocks wherever they went, with which they would construct a wall between the men and the women at night when they slept…

You may refer to the table of the progress of Japanese Buddhism as below shown:


That is all for today.

But, remember that before the eras of Japanese Emperors there had been living of people on the Japanese islands for more than 35 thousand years which were not documented but are confirmed in various archaeological sites.

Also, remember that since a samurai clan established the first samurai regime in the early 12th century to control all over Japan, Japanese Emperors have virtually neither commanded military nor collected taxes on his own initiatives to date.

And, once, say around 1200 years ago, Buddhism was Japan’s national religion as Emperors believed in Buddhism though Shinto has been another national religion all time.

So, again, that is all for today.

(In Japan, these consecutive holidays from late April to early May are a time for change in climate.

It is getting warmer and warmer until the rainy season comes with June.

So under the bright sun rays, young people get well tanned.

From a Siberian-type white to an Indonesian-type brown, their skin change in this season to get prepared for the real, hot-hot red summer.

[Give power to the Tibetan people so as to have them gain independence from China and learn Japanese Buddhism, if Olympic Games are for real held in Beijing this summer as incumbent Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Yasuo Fukuda so wishes.]

But, before you are getting high in spirit and emotion with the midday altitude of the sun getting higher, you had better listen to the sound suitable for a tranquil spring night, though I am not a Christian at all officially like Jesus Christ and his followers as they were all pure and true ancient Judaists.


Mar 4:30 And he said, Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? or with what comparison shall we compare it?


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Like Walking among Wild Roses of the Midsummer

Like Walking among Wild Roses of the Midsummer (as so played in music over the Internet recently)

(Un étranger lanuguage est comme une rose avec épines.)

When I was by chance talking, of course in Japanese in Japan, with a foreign-born young Japanese man with sufficient experiences overseas, he suddenly asked me, “You speak English, don’t you?”

However, when I was by chance talking, of course in Japanese in Japan, with a young American with some ability of speaking Japanese, he never asked me, “You speak English, don’t you?”


1.1 English Education in Japan

The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper of Japan this morning discussed the new trend in English education in Japan.

Now, more and more universities in Japan are creating chairs and giving courses where foreign professors are delivering lectures in English to ordinary students (not majoring in English literature).

English can be a tool but the native language is treasure.

But, I am afraid that unless Japanese students learn and understand European Christianity fully, their using English might result in their obtaining the second class citizenship in the U.S. where non-Christian Asians cannot be trusted ultimately.

For Your Information, the most used languages in the Internet are as follows:

No. 1…English………380 million users
No. 2…Chinese………185
No. 3…Spanish………113
No. 4…Japanese……88
No. 5…French………64
No. 6…German………62

[Note: The Japanese language is only spoken in one country, Japan, unlike any other language listed above, while Korean is spoken in the whole Korean Peninsula and the boarder area of Manchu.]

Now you know why Japan and Spain must be permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.

1.2 The Children's Investment Fund (TCI)

As I wrote on April 23, 2008, The Children's Investment Fund is trying to acquire a larger stake in Electric Power Development Co. that owns a significant public infrastructure in Japan.

The Yomiuri Shimbun today also presented a report on this controversial business issue from a view point as to how much strategically and socially important Japanese companies should go public with openness to foreign funds.

However it never discussed the association of TCI with the Rothschild clan.

As the major media never reveal the link of foreign financial institutes, trying to take an active part in the Japanese money market, with Rockefeller or Rothschild financial networks, some critics, such as Mr. Benjamin Fulford, seem to be getting more absorbed in conspiracy theories most of non-nonsense Japanese readers never believe but find fun or a merit in supporting such theories to make the Japanese public anti-American and thus expand their political influence.


2.1 Exodus From BOJ or MOF

Mr. Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian Japanese critic, recently presented his argument on the Bank of Japan (BOJ) in his Web site using Japanese.

His Japanese writing looks a little untidy, but it is very much understandable. His personality can be accepted by a majority of Japanese. And, his argument on the Bank of Japan is interesting in that he bravely pointed at the influence of the Rockefeller and Rothschild networks on BOJ.

( )

On the other hand, a major media reporter specializing in BOJ matters recently wrote in his blog that very hopeful young bureaucrats of BOJ and a certain ministry of the Japanese Government quit their jobs and took up a new career in a major law firm, respectively.

Recently, it is said that the more ambitious or material-oriented Japanese young bureaucrats are, the more likely they will change their jobs to work in foreign financial institutes in Tokyo, probably, under an influence of a Rockefeller or Rothschild network.

Nonetheless, I trust bureaucrats stubbornly honest in pursuing their career if it looks out of fashion or out of time, good or bad, so long as they have a minimum necessary amount of national pride and human pride as humble Japanese.

( )

2.2 Former Premier Mr. Koizumi’s Speech
Last November, Former Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Junichiro Koizumi visited Singapore to deliver a speech on the ongoing reformation of the Japanese Government in terms of economic and financial policies and structures.

He did this speech in English and drew enthusiastic applause.

But, the manuscript of his address was not drawn by a bureaucrat of the Japanese Government, though in most cases staff members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan are said to be in charge of translation work on such an occasion.

It was prepared by an American, reportedly being a friend of notable economist Mr. Heizo Takenaka, working in a branch office of a major US securities company. Therefore, Mr. Koizumi’s speech is not a product of a Japanese mind but an American mind, which however effectively appealed the audience in Singapore.

Some foreign finance companies are really gaining momentum in Tokyo along with the spread of English in business, politics, and higher education.

( )

(However, in a recent homicide case in Tokyo, a husband, an employee of a subsidiary company of that prominent US securities company, was killed and mutilated by his troubled wife, might tell something, being rooted in the paradigm of English speaking wealthy people, that can destroy virtue of Japanese mind and heart.



Young Japanese elite bureaucrats are usually given a chance to learn abroad at the expense of the Japanese Government. They are sent to universities in America, France, and Germany for completing a master course.


Of course, elites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan are professionals in mastering English.

But, the one Former Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Koizumi trusts is an American economist in preparing his speech in Singapore.

Yet, among hundreds of languages in the world, Japanese is the fourth major language used on the Internet due to active use of the Internet by Japanese.

It is time for Japan to request people in the world to learn Japanese more, so that Japanese former prime ministers will find more easily and conveniently translators among Americans and Europeans or in the United Nations who respect and love Japan more than a certain foreign security company in Tokyo which might be connected to the so called cold-blood Rothschild or Rockefeller network according to some critics, such as a Canadian Japanese critic making tear-provoking efforts in writing a Japanese article on the Bank of Japan.

(There is a theory that one of roots of the Japanese language is South India.

More specifically, Tamil seems to have some common words with Japanese.

This idea is not widely accepted in the academic community.

But, the ancient Indus Civilization, built by people who must have shared some linguistic traits with some ancestors of Japanese thousands of years ago, might influence Tamils now living in Mumbai and other southern Indian regions.

And, of course, a language used by ancient Israelites, say, 2000 years ago, might have an influence on some people still living around the Mediterranean.

Even the modern Latin might still embrace the trait of Aramic Jesus Christ spoke.

What do you think? Become a nun to go deep into the Vatican and find the truth of expressions used in Gospel, if you, puella or domna, so pious.)

Mar 4:29 But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Power to the People; Power to the People, Right Now

Power to the People; Power to the People, Right Now

(Donnez le pouvoir au peuple pour le moment.)

Tomorrow, April 29, it is a national holiday in Japan.

It honours the birthday of Emperor Hirohito, the reigning Emperor before, during, and after World War II (from 1926 to 1989). The official purpose of the holiday is "To reflect on Japan's Shōwa period when recovery was made after turbulent days, and to think of the country's future."”

(Note: The current name of the era in Japan is "Hei-Sei," which means "peace" and "accomplishment," though China abandoned this tradition of East Asia 100 years ago...)


Now it is time to talk to supporters of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

As “Barrack” once spent four years going to elementary school in Indonesia, he must know that people in Indonesia, his old friends, respect Japan so much; I suppose he will listen to EEE Reporter.

So, let’s see the New York Times’ smart summary on public commitments by Mr. McCain, Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. Obama.

One important pledge by each is as follows:
Mr. McCain – Expand military ($15 billion)

Mrs. Clinton – Match savings in government-created retirement accounts ($20 - $25)

Mr. Obama – Use savings from ending Iraq War

However, New York Times smart analysis reads, “…But such savings, which Mrs. Clinton does not count on, would not immediately make their way into the Treasury, and some experts say it is not clear whether they would be sufficient to finance all the programs Mr. Obama has enumerated.”

Indeed, this may be a typical case that a smart criticism on the surface turns to be a fatal mistake later.

Without doubt, the 9/11 Terror and the collateral War on Iraq are still two major issues for the US Presidential Election. And, Mr. McCain plans to pursue the war based on the same paradigm as President Mr. Bush’s; Mrs. Clinton is trying to forget about it.

But, you have to put the end to the war being carried out along with President Mr. Bush’s paradigm he happened to grab an opportunity to materialize in the immediate wake of the 9/11 Terror.

So, Mr. Obama’s promise to use savings from ending Iraq War for domestic projects to help and save poor Americans is quite right and reasonable, deserving a spotlight in EEE Reporter.


I feel somehow uneasy though I have checked Mr. Obama’s view on the War on Iraq.

Nonetheless, there are of course two aspects of the War on Iraq for each point in controversy: domestic one and international one.

For Security and Defense:
Domestic aspect – It is apparent that the War in Iraq does not contribute to enhancement of security of the U.S. against Islamic terrorists, if any targeting the mainland America. US troops can be pulled out of Iraq ASAP.

International aspect – It is apparent that the existence of US troops in the Persian Gulf region does contribute to security and prosperity of rich or oil-producing Arab countries in the region. US military presence might even help Saudi Arabia and Arab countries maintain their equilibrium against the potential threat from Iran, if any even in some religious term.

For Economy:
Domestic aspect – US Defense industry and other related industries are making great profits from military procurement. Even young non-US-citizens have found a chance in US military as a path to get US citizenship and pursue American Dream. Wall Street must be another beneficiary, since the US Government defense spending is eventually settled in the money market including the New York Stock Exchange.

International aspect – There seems to be many parties concerned with the US defense spending so as to hold any sort of vested interest in maintaining the War in Iraq. Those parties must be found from the E.U. to the Arab world, and South Asia to China. They are silently supporting the War in Iraq, since the US Government is spending big money.

(In addition, the Davos Conference addicts must love to see the US Government sparing less sufficient resources for supervision of the money market; Russia must love to see the US Government sparing less sufficient resources for supervision of the energy market; and the European CO2 Mafia must also love to see any war which makes them look like a savior of the earth while establishing their hegemony over territories and new business around the CO2 and the energy sectors.)

So, President Mr. Obama must deal with these aspects and solve problems the parties wishing continuation of the War will pose to the Obama Administration.

It is not an easy task.

But, President Mr. Obama, by neglecting all those opponents, must take strong measures to put an end to the Iraqi War and pull out the substantial number of US troops from Iraq to the mainland USA, while drastically cutting the military spending during his first year of the White House, namely in 2009.

All he has to do is to request Arabs and Muslims to solve the problem in and around Iraq by themselves.

If Arabs tie up with Iran for this purpose, the Obama Administration must accept it, since there will be no oil embargo to the U.S., if Saudi Arabia and Iran align themselves with each other.

And finally, the Obama Administration may have to send a US Carrier Battle Group off the coast of Israel to calm Israelis down.


I presented the following on April 4, 2008:

In this context, I am interested in Barrick Gold Corporation, the largest pure gold mining company in the world.

You can refer to the following, if you want, though I do not assure authenticity of their contents:

Barrick Gold Corporation (set up by international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi who's first employer was the Bin Laden family and has close ties to the British throne; Barrick also employed Bush Sr.; the later discussed Rothschild buddy Vernon Jordan; and was headed by Peter Munk, a 1001 Club member and skiing partner of Prince Charles).

Adnan Khashoggi:
a Bush-allied Saudi billionaire and arms trafficker, founder of the Barrick Gold Corp.; famous for his illegal weapons sales to Iran.

Peter Munk:
a business failure who became a protege of the British royal family, and Khashoggi's partner. Munk is chairman of Barrick Gold Corp.

“Munk is originally from an Israelite Hungarian family and now engaged with Nathaniel Philip Rothschild in developing recreational facilities in Hungary and East Europe, since East Europe is a domain of the Rothschild brand…”


As the US President, how much can he be unswayed and untinged from these money-happy and conspiracy-happy persons?

President Barack must pursue the truth of Mr. Osama bin Laden, and further search for the truth of the Pearl Harbor Attack in 1945, the JFK’s Assassination in 1963, the Deaths of Princess Diana and JFK Jr. in late 1990’s, and the failure of the White House, Congress, CIA, FBI, and the US media, including The New York Times, in preventing the 9/11 Terror.

(Do you know howmany times the terms, "AlQaeda" and "Osama bin Laden," appeared in reports issued by US think tanks, such as CFR and former IIE, before Sept. 11, 2001?)

SECTION IV: JAPAN-US Trillion Dollar Cooperation Project

I wrote the following last Saturday:
The US Government prints Japanese yen bills worth 800 trillion yen or $8 trillion and gives them to Japan.

The Japanese Government prints US dollar bills worth $9 trillion and gives them to the U.S.

This transaction will take a form of the selling and buying of citizenship entitlement authorized by each Government, so that all the Japanese have a legitimate right to live in the U.S. as US citizens and all the Americans have a legitimate right to live in Japan as Japanese citizens.

The US Government sells this right to Japan at $9 trillion (so as to earn $9 trillion and offset the deficits).

The Japanese Government sells this right to the U.S. at 800 trillion yen or $8 trillion (so as to earn 800 trillion yen and offset the deficits).


If Mr. Barack Hussein OBama supports the above my idea, I really hope that he will be elected as the next US President this November.

(While women victimized by a drug disaster were going on a hunger strike in a cold night rain before a Government building in Tokyo last fall, I was worried about their health getting further deteriorated since they were conducting it already for a few days.

Then suddenly they abandoned the desperate strike and went back home, because then Prime Minister Mr. Shinozo Abe suddenly announced his will to resign due to health problems.

I also felt relieved, since those women infected by virus hidden in blood derivatives imported from the U.S. could then take a good rest.

It was truly a miracle, but it needed sudden resignation of the Japanese Prime Minister due to his physical and psychological conditions.

Now, you may wonder what drastic miracle is needed to put an end to the War in Iraq.

That is why I am telling you that you have to decide to be part of a miracle to save the $8 trillion plus $9 trillion problem, since it needs implementation of “The EEE-REPORTER’S Trillion-Dollars Initiative.”

But, don’t you know even Mrs. Obama or Mrs. Abe in the vicinity of miracles?)

Dan 4:27 Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquillity.

Dan 4:28 All this came upon the king Nebuchadnezzar.