Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Story on Myself

A Jet Stream Song for a Lonely Soldier?

"I Wish I Could Go Back Home"

A Story on Myself

In three miles distance from a shop, I saw a car with a license plate number of "8888," and then other cars with the numbers "7777," "4444," and "3333," respectively; however I also later encountered other cars with the plate numbers "3333" and "7777" respectively, though with a different additional ID component each.

Indeed, Saturday and Sunday drivers are many in a city area in Japan.

I bought a pair of new shows at about 4,000 yen (33 dollars). In the shop, there were of course other shoes priced at 20,000 yen or 3,000 yen. Indeed, it was a discount shop where a new model of NEC computer with a 20-inch display was on sale at about 220,000 yen (1,790 dollars).

A rich man would buy 400,000 yen (3,300 dollars) shoes; some ordinary men would rather buy 40,000 yen (330 dollars) shoes; but I honestly bought 4,000 yen shoes as usual.

(You will not envy a man who wears a pair of shoes costing 33,000 dollars, since there must be a criminal relationship or an abnormal psychology in his motivation to spend that much for his shoes, since the issue is just shoes.)

In Japan traditionally they say, "See his shoes if you want to judge how much money he has."

However, do you think that Jesus Christ, if in Japan He was, would buy shoes costing more than 33 dollars at most? He may even say to rich or ordinary people to go to a pile of garbage to find shoes for them to wear, if they really want to follow Him, after selling out all their belongings eranings of which should be given to the poor. You had better buy 33 dollar shoes in case.

In your church or Vatican, if you find anybody wearing shoes costing more than 33 dollars while he or she is teaching something on Jesus Christ; you have to think that somebody that should not be in the position is really taking it against the teaching of Jesus Christ who would, if in Japan He was, surely would wear shoes costing only 33 dollars or less.

It is your foot or feet that have value. Even a pair of shoes costing 3,300 dollars cannot increase the value of your feet.

I suppose that if a disciple of Jesus had a foot worth 480,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars (as one dollar per cell in his foot, though even not as one dollar per atom in his foot), a shoe costing 330 dollars, 3,300 dollars, or 33,000 dollars never match it. Arrogance shining on a shoe costing 33,000 dollars, 3,300 dollars, or 330 dollars must make you fall from his grace. Indeed, you had better buy 33 dollar shoes in case.

And, that is why I sometimes like to ask a person wearing a costly pair of shoes how much value the God has given to his feet (your body is more valuable than your clothes).

I really wish I could indicate it to him. Or, I hope that the God would prove him how much value He has given to his feet, or a cell or an atom of his feet.

With or without this notion, I honestly bought a pair of new shows at about 4,000 yen (33 dollars). In the shop, there were of course other shoes priced at about 20,000 yen or 3,000 yen. Indeed, it was a discount shop where a new model of NEC computer with a 20-inch display was on sale at about 220,000 yen (1,790 dollars).

And, in three miles distance from the shop, I saw a car with a license plate number of "8888," and then other cars with the numbers "7777," "4444," and "3333," respectively; however I also later encountered other cars with the plate number "3333" and "7777" respectively, though with a different additional ID component each.

Indeed, Saturday and Sunday drivers are many in a city area in Japan.
* * *

This is a story on myself, who is not enough qualified to serve Jesus Christ for untying His sandals or cleaning His boots, related to "3333." For other numbers, I may later present related stories.

(For your reference, I have of course been on board a Boeing 777, though mostly in domestic air trips from/to Haneda Airport, against your guessing.

Finally, take "33" sometimes but not "3333" in case.)

"...Happy are those who stay awake and guard their clothes, so that they do not have to walk around naked and get shamed..."

Friday, June 29, 2007

A Story of "Jesus Christ" (draft)

Narita Airport, One Hour by Train from Tokyo Sta.
35 Million Passengers per Year through its Runways

A Story of "Jesus Christ" (draft)

Truly God is great, and the God is only god for us!

Jesus Christ was born a generation after the defeat and death of Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt who fought over hegemony of the Mediterranean against the Roman Empire which was getting so immoral as with the royal families of Egypt and Israel.

Jesus Christ resigned his profession, a carpenter, and went out to a wild land so as to find his destiny. In 40 days of his quest of his identity, demons and devils tried hard to tempt him in vain.

Then, Jesus Christ cleansed himself in River Jordan and started to save people in his home region around the Galilee Lake and the upriver district of River Jordan.

He, as a homeless preacher, walked around from a village to a village to save many people suffering in poverty and injustice and also being misguided by sinful religious leaders

Depending on significance of circumstances, he performed a miracle as expression of his love to the poor, the diseased, the helpless, and various victims of society.

When he walked down along River Jordan to Jerusalem with many of his followers and tried to teach in the temple and save more people, the Roman Governor and religious leaders of Israelites were alerted.

They had abused Judas, one of Jesus' followers, and forced him to work as a spy for them. Jesus Christ knowing the betrayal of Judas would not avoid an arrest by Roman troops, so that the life of Judas was spared.

As identified as a self-appointed king of Israelites, Jesus Christ was sentenced to death for his insurgency against the Roman Empire and the authority of Israelites.

Jesus Chris was crucified to death; but on the third day, some women who were following him found that his tomb was empty and only a shroud was left mysteriously. They even reported, with awe, that they met angels around the tomb.

His followers later met Jesus Christ who revived and resurrected. The followers confirmed their belief in him that he is the Messiah, the son of God, and their Lord God.

While the Roman Empire became more and more immoral, his teaching was accepted by more and more people living a poor or ordinary life in the Empire, partly due to great work of his followers such as St. Paul.

The teaching of Jesus Christ led to the establishment of a new religion called Christianity, though Jesus Christ was born and lived as an Israelite who wished to reform Judaism. Christianity became a driving factor of development of the European Civilization after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Even today, Europeans, European Americans, and those indoctrinated by them with Christianity believe in Jesus Christ, as their God, at least nominally.
* * *

None has ever presented a reasonable answer to a question as to why Jesus Christ was born a generation after the defeat and death of Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt who fought over hegemony of the Mediterranean against the Roman Empire which was getting so immoral as with the royal families of Egypt and Israel.

None has even ever presented significance of the question as to why Jesus Christ was born a generation after the defeat and death of Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt who fought over hegemony of the Mediterranean against the Roman Empire which was getting so immoral as with the royal families of Egypt and Israel.

Nowadays, people seem to live like in the era of Caesar and Cleopatra. People are trying hard to be rich, get promotion, and become violently strong. When people in Europe and America come to look like more ancient Romans and Egyptians than early followers of Jesus Christ, it must be the time that Jesus Christ should return.

Conversely, if you find that the era of Caesar and Cleopatra was just like present day, you would reasonably understand why Jesus Christ was born in that era. So then, you would expect that the Son of God will return in present Age as this Age looks like the era of Caesar and Cleopatra.
* * *

If you really like to discuss the meaning of emergence of the Son of God at the specific age, namely 2000 years ago, more than anybody, I may call you "Pope."

(Jesus Christ had no money in his pocket during his mission. Indeed, the opposite word of "Jesus Christ" is "money." And a synonym of "Jesus Christ" is "love." Truly, you cannot buy favor of God. You cannot buy my favor, either. Then, what about your favor?)

"No one can see the Kingdom of God, unless he is born again."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Story of Gotama Siddhattha

A Story of Gotama Siddhattha

Gotama Siddhattha, born in a royal family around the fifth century BCE, started to practice asceticism and mortification when he was 29 years old.

When be became 35 years old or so, he abandoned this way for attaining enlightenment so as to be awakened in the higher sphere of the spiritual universe.

Then Gotama Siddhattha, almost reduced to skin and bones, took rice milk a young girl of a village brought to him. He sat down under a lime tree and got into meditation.

While Gotama Siddhattha was being brought toward spiritual enlightenment, demons and devils launched final attacks on him.

However, on the third day of his meditation, he stretched out the index finger and the middle finger and touched the ground. At the moment, all the demons and devils fled away. Also at the moment, Gotama Siddhattha became Buddha as he reached the highest level of human perception on the universe, the nature, human society, human beings, and death and life.

Yet, Buddha thought that this level of the perception is so high and great that people would not be able to understand if so taught by him.

So, he decided to leave the world and enter the sphere of those who have achieved enlightenment.

But, Brahma, one of the greatest gods, and other gods sensed the mind of Buddha and feared that people would lose a great chance of salvation. So, they persuaded Buddha to teach contents and philosophy of his enlightenment.

As those gods so earnestly recommended him to preach, Buddha changed his mind and began his holy mission.

(Also refer to, if the God or Allah recommends you to.)
* * *

God is almighty, so that He has allowed for salvation of human souls without following a specific series of religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. For this purpose, the God or Allah chose Buddhism.

In this way, salvation of mankind by religion has become complete and perfect in its logical structure: a specific series of religions and an independent one.
* * *

Europeans north of the Alps encountered Christianity without any other significant spiritual training and traditions.

But, South and East Asians encountered Christianity after having experienced significant spiritual training and traditions through Buddhism.

In this context, South and East Asians can understand Christianity more deeply than Europeans, very ironically.

Anyway, you had better believe in Jesus Christ more than you yourself believe in yourself.

(I suppose the wife of Gotama Siddhattha was more attractive than Ms. Paris Hilton. What do you think about Gotama Siddhattha's wife?)

"...The evil people not only prosper but test patience of God by their evil deeds ..."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Sincere Apologies and Remorse to All"

Tokyo Expressway

"Sincere Apologies and Remorse to All"

In Japan, the media have been reporting on a resolution passed in the US House committee on foreign affairs, which blames Japan for denying the offering of more sincere governmental apology for foreign women victimized by the Imperial Japan's military during World War II.

According to Wikipedia (
U.S. Congressional debate
In 2007, Mike Honda of the United States House of Representatives proposed House Resolution 121 which stated that Japan should formally acknowledge, apologize, and accept historical responsibility in a clear and unequivocal manner, refute any claims that the issue of comfort women never occurred, and educate current and future generations "about this horrible crime while following the recommendations of the international community with respect to the `comfort women'."

Abe controversy
On 2 March 2007, the issue was raised again by Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, in which he denied that the military had forced women into sexual slavery during World War II in an orchestrated way. He stated, "The fact is, there is no evidence to prove there was coercion." Before he spoke, a group of Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers also sought to revise Yohei Kono's 1993 apology to former comfort women. Abe's statement provoked a negative reaction from Asian and Western countries. The New York Times editorial said, "These were not commercial brothels. Force, explicit and implicit, was used in recruiting these women."

Apart from correctness of interpretation of Prime Minister Mr. Abe's comments and the details of the alleged crimes, as having been officially and formally conduted by the Imperial Japan's military, there are some points to take heed of:

1. There is a fear that this sort of handling of war crimes in WWII might lead to an issue of responsibility of Emperor Showa, father of the current Emperor.

2. The communist party, the socialist party, and other left wing political groups in Japan have been playing a major role domestically in blaming the Japanese Government and conservative politicians for their attitudes on this issue. These parties have had a strong tie with China, North Korea, anti-Japan gropus in South Korea, and the former Soviet Union. Especially, some left wing groups are claiming that Emperor Showa should have taken responsibility for any crimes committed by the Empire of Japan in WWII.

3. After the World War II, political and military leaders of the Empire of Japan were judged in an international court.

The International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE), also known as the Tokyo Trials, the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal or simply as the Tribunal, was convened to try the leaders of the Empire of Japan for three types of crimes: "Class A" (crimes against peace), "Class B" (war crimes), and "Class C" (crimes against humanity), committed during World War II.(

What's more, the war ended in 1945 and the tribunal was completed in 1948; it was an era when six million Israelites were killed by Hitler, twenty million Russians were executed by Stalin, two atomic bombs were used, and twenty million Chinese were killed in its civil war and failure in agricultural policies of the Chinese Communist Party.
Besides when Korea was under control of the Empire of Japan, there was no large-scale armed rebellion against Japan's occupation unlike the cases in South Vietnam, present Afghanistan, and present Iraq. The Korean Peninsula and part of the mainland China were greatly modernized by investment from the Empire of Japan, unlike any Asian countries colonized by the West. If Japan had been fatally wrong, history would have judged Japan more severely like the former Soviet Union and the Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
Though nothing can set off the Imperial Japan's war crimes, judging the Empire of Japan without this kind of notions is tantamount of trying to paint Tokyo without seeing it.

4. The former Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Tomiichi Murayama, though a socialist he is, has been engaged in the official activity called "Asian Women's Fund" to compensate those foreign women victimized during WWII. (

Japanese Government also issued an official statement on this issue with apology (

Statement by the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono on the result of the study on the issue of "comfort women"
August 4, 1993
The Government of Japan has been conducting a study on the issue of wartime "comfort women" since December 1991. I wish to announce the findings as a result of that study.
The Government of Japan would like to take this opportunity once again to extend its sincere apologies and remorse to all those, irrespective of place of origin, who suffered immeasurable pain and incurable physical and psychological wounds as comfort women.
As actions have been brought to court in Japan and interests have been shown in this issue outside Japan, the Government of Japan shall continue to pay full attention to this matter, including private researched related thereto.

5. Many Japanese think that it should be handled between the Chinese Government or the Koran Government and the Japanese Government. It cannot be an issue between the Japanese Government and the United States of America.
* * *

According to a recent survey conducted in the United States by Gallup for the Foreign Ministry of Japan, 48% of American respondents answered that Japan is the most important partner in Asia, while 34% answered that China is the most important partner in Asia. Those who admitted importance of Japan-US Security Treaty for US security accounted for 89%.

This is one example that Japan has acquired trust from the world through its consistent contribution to the peace of the world after WWII.

According to a recent news report, Japan has offered yen loans worth 150 million dollars to Panama for cleaning up Golfo de Panama. The gulf has been contaminated by domestic waste water from one million people, so that no one can swim there and no fish taken there are fit to eat. However, by leveraging funds from Japan, the Panama Government plans to clean up the gulf so that people can swim there by 2020.

This is one example that Japan has acquired trust from the world through its consistent contribution to the prosperity of the world after WWII.
* * *

According to Jesus Christ, the relationship between a man and a wife is only blessed. Any other associations are to be condemned.

In this context, no past soldiers of the Imperial Japan's military might not feel any pressure if they are blamed by the United States.

I suppose Muslims and people of poor countries in the world will share the same view.

"...I assure you that on the Judgment Day God will show more mercy to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah than to the people of that town!..."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tokyo on Methane Gas; Manhattan on Hard Rocks

"Sunshine 60," 240m (790 feet) high, completed in 1978 (WTC towers in 1973)

Still Providing the Highest View for Public in Tokyo

Tokyo on Methane Gas; Manhattan on Hard Rocks

Mr. Benjamin Fulford becomes a Japanese national this April, though he still looks like a Canadian (

One of his books on Japan published in 2004 is titled "The Iron Kleptocracy: The Sun Never Rises Again." Its list of contents tells everything about his view on Japan (notably he denies "uniqueness of Japan" passionately):
1. The Iron Kleptocracy
2. Bureaucrats As Thieves
3. Robbery System
4. Japanese Media Isn't On Your Side
5. New Asian Order Without Japan
6. The Last Resort
7. The Sun Never Rises Again"

Nonetheless, he became a Japanese citizen officially in 2007, which does not tell however he is mad. Now, you know how deep his love to Japan is.

If he goes to China and tries to write a bit little of any crimes of Chinese rich men, bureaucrats, or leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, he would face fatal danger. Japan may be bad; but the USSR was the worst and contemporary China is still far worse. And no one in Asia and Africa respects the British Empire, a parent country of Canada.

My advice however to Mr. Fulford is to learn the Japanese history. Japan has never been occupied by China, Japan has never been governed by Chinese, and Japanese economy has never been dominated by Chinese economy for these 2000 years or 10,000 years. Put simply, the Western Europe is still a colony of the Roman Empire in terms of culture and religion, but Japan is still holy and mysterious islands in the east ocean for Chinese, whether consciously or unconsciously conceived so.

Read Confucius and the history of the First Emperor of China, and then study Japanese Buddhism as well as Japanese literature and arts in these 1500 years.

Even in the modern age, without Japan, China and India must be still colonies of the West. No modern industries must be found in Asia. And, every Asian must be indoctrinated with an ideology that God created Asians as servants for Europeans.

Appreciating uniqueness in anything in a positive manner is a key to proving your ability and virtue. Japan's uniqueness is not yet fully appreciated by foreigners, including Mr. Fulford.
* * *

Nonetheless, it is welcome news that Mr. Fulford takes Japanese nationality and writes blog to present his reports in Japanese.

On June 24, 2007, he wrote that the Bank of Japan is still toyed with by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. "The real amount of Japan's overseas assets is not five trillion dollars, though so announced publicly. It is more than 25 trillion dollars (600 trillion yen). Japan has been forced to continue to pay damages and compensations due to its defeat in World War II."

Mr. Fulford also presented his shocking view on death of former Prime Ministers of Japan: Kakuei Tanaka, Keizo Obuchi, and Noboru Takeshita. He claimed that these politicians as well as other top businessmen who were not nice friends of Anglo-American financial or political tycoons' were all secretly killed or specifically poisoned by their agents.

He also added that a tide has now changed; those secret agents, large in the number, are going to be killed (though he did not specify by whom); and thus Japanese politicians can with ease and safety work for their country and the world.

I really hope that he continues to be Japanese in ease and safety.
* * *

As a proof that Mr. Fulford is not a nonsense journalist, he also mentioned in his book Japanese advanced technology on environment and new energy.

Indeed, as Japan is expected to have more rains due to global warming, we can increase our capacity of hydroelectricity. As power generated in midnight is redundant for people's lives, it can be used to apply electrolysis to water so as to produce hydrogen, which will pave the way for establishment of a world-leading hydrogen energy provision system in Japan.
* * *

A hot-spring resort or a spa in Tokyo recently suffered an explosion accident killing three people, which gave a big jolt to Tokyo citizens.

Probably to astonishment of foreigners, including Mr. Fulford, there is a big gas field and a hot spring layer under the surface of Tokyo (the volcano Mt. Fuji is just 60 miles from the center of Tokyo). Unlike New York built on hard rocks, the ground of Tokyo was originally created on sedimentary layers and volcanic ash. Thousands years ago, Tokyo was even under the sea. Its sediments today generate methane gas. If hot-spring bowling reaches 4,500 feet deep, the gas could get mixed with in hot water and seep out in a spa facility.

Inadequate management of the spa caused the explosion and casualties.

What we really envy New York for is its rock stratum (though we cannot enjoy natural hot-spring in New York). Contrarily, it needs special care and advanced technology to build a skyscraper in Tokyo suffering also earthquakes.
* * *

What I meant is that you have to take into account this kind of fundamental uniqueness of Japan when discussing anything serious about Japan.

Look at the world. Are there any other "significant players" in the international arena that has not been brainwashed by Christianity or Marxism in the modern era except Japan? Japan is more unique among nations than Mr. Fulford is among Canadians.

(The U.S. is unique as a nation. As its uniqueness is not fully exploited, the U.S. cannot make the world rich. In this context, how do you think of uniqueness of New Yorkers?)

"...'What do you want me to do for you?,' Jesus asked..."

Monday, June 25, 2007

Though the Poorest Man I Am Not

In The Sunshine City Bldg.

Out of Ikebukuro Station

Though the Poorest Man I Am Not

Unless you have become the poorest man in the world, you cannot claim that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. (A Jesus' follower with any money may be a laughing thing in Heaven, while there are some that have no money at all on the earth.)

If you follow the teaching of Jesus Christ, you cannot let other person be the poorest in the world.

If you have love to God and neighbors, you will not let any other person be the poorest in the world.

If you neglect the poorest man in the world, an Angel would ask you where your love is? If you are a Christian, you would become the poorest man in the world, so that no other persons will be the poorest man in the world.

"Do not let other be the poorest man in the world. Take his part." This is the essence of teachings of Jesus Christ.

I do not blame anybody, but people of today have to say, "The teaching of Jesus Christ is to save the poorest man by my taking his part, which I cannot do, because I am mean and coward."

They have to say, "I am so mean and coward, but I know that the teaching of Jesus Christ is to save the poorest man by my taking his part."

And they have to say, "God, forgive me my sin!"

Otherwise, they may laugh, seeing the poorest man, while they are in this world for 100 years or so at the longest; but the poorest man will laugh with Jesus Christ in Heaven for ever.

I know I am not the poorest man in the world. So, I do not blame them.

Indeed, who would blame them if they are not the poorest man in the world? But, this is a matter between man and God.

So, though the poorest man I am not, I am telling you the truth. Trying to be richer is a grave sin if you are not the poorest man.

"...Many Who are now Last will be First..."

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Divine Comedy in 2007

Tokyo Titanic??
Sunshine City Building!!
Divine Comedy in 2007

1. AlQaeda
According to The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper, there are 4,500 web sites on the Internet that are advertising AlQaeda-related thoughts and activities.

Also, according to an Egyptian authority concerned, AlQaeda is not an organization but an ideology; therefore it cannot be destroyed through exercise of military force on it. The ideology is based on antagonism against arrogance of Europeans and Americans; therefore it cannot be stopped through exercise of military force on it.

Generally speaking, the U.S. is at war against Muslims who have mistakenly, in the context of history, regarded the U.S. as their enemies; terrorists who have personally, in their daily lives and business, carried a grudge against Americans; and death merchants who have, irrespective of what is mistaken or personal, pursued their wealth in wars and conflicts in the world.

2. Suicide-Bomb Attacks
According to The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper, the origin of suicide bomb attacks by radical Muslims is in the Iran-Iraq war.

"Although the Iran-Iraq war from 1980–1988 was a war for dominance of the Persian Gulf region, the roots of the war go back many centuries. There has been rivalry between kingdoms of Mesopotamia (the Tigris-Euphrates valley, modern Iraq) and the rugged highlands to the East (modern Persia or Iran) since the beginning of recorded history in Sumer" (

The importance of your concern on the Sumerian Civilization is also confirmed here.

In a painful situation of the war against Iraq equipped with weapons and information provided by the USSR and the U.S., Iran dared mobilize children, mostly recruited from villages and indoctrinated with martyrdom, for breaking through mine fields. They first had children run through a mine field, and then on a safe path confirmed, regular soldiers and tanks followed so as to attack Iraqi troops. Those Iranian children without fear over acres of dead bodies of other boys rushed to Iraqi trenches and bases, which imprinted unforgettable fear on the minds of Iraqi soldiers.

US troops may cope with street battles in Iraq, but they would face something more horrible on streets in Iran, if the U.S. starts war against Iran, no matter if based on mistakes, personal grudges, or interests of death merchants. Nonetheless, it is absurd for Iran to invest so many resources to nuclear missile projects, since the age of crude oil is going to end around 2060 as marvellously having been predicted by Newton. You had better invest in other power generation technology.

(All I can do is maybe writing another "Divine Comedy" to receive a favor from the God who may mercifully postpone the end of the peace in the world just like He did in 1326 when Dante praised God so much, though a few years before, in writing The Divine Comedy [refer to the EEE Report of yesterday].)

3. Young Day-Employees in Japan
NHK, in "Close-Up Gendai [Present Day]" hosted by Ms. Hiroko Kuniya, recently reported on young day-employees in Japan.

In one case, a construction company paid 13,000 yen (108 dollars) for procuring a work force for one day through a recruit company.

However, a young man only got 5,700 yen (48 dollars); the rest was taken off the original pay by a recruit company as a fee, a charge, and referral premium.

Without war and social split between majority and minority, you have to face such old-fashioned evil in society. A large company exploits a small company which exploits a young man.

It is not a matter of ideology but a matter of patriotism. A nation without love to young and poor workers lacks love to its people in general.

Especially, Japan is a single race country; if you go back 2000 years, every family should be related. The old concept of "one-family country of Japan" should be respectfully reviewed.

4. Real "Cool Japan"
Even researchers in Harvard and MIT are involved in promotion of "Cool Japan" (e.g.,

However, it is often said that nowadays immoral Western businessmen are rampage in Japan, exploiting innocent Japanese girls under disguise of romance, especially in the financial sector and the media sector.

So, I would rather present some information on Japanese girls for non-Western "Cool Japan" fans.

According to a certain recent research project by Oricon (, the order of popularity among female TV announcers in Japan is as follows:
No.1: Aya Takashima (Fuji TV)
No.2: Christel Takigawa (freelance)
No.3: Minako Nakano (Fuji TV)

Ms. Christel Takigawa, born in Paris, also nowadays exclusively works for Fuji TV.

However, the ranking only by female respondents is as follows:
No.1: Christel Takigawa (freelance)
No.2: Aya Takashima (Fuji TV)
No.3: Minako Nakano (Fuji TV)

Additionally, the ranking only by male respondents is as follows:
No.1: Aya Takashima (Fuji TV)
No.2: Maya Kobayashi (TBS)
No.3: Minako Nakano (Fuji TV)

There is some background needed to know so as to have more insight here.

Fuji TV was a few years ago targeted by Livedoor, a doubtful IT-related investment company, in their M&A operation. It sparked up huge social debates, since the way Livedoor pursued the M&A (supported by Lehman Brothers Japan) was against a kind of traditional business moral in Japan.

On the other hand, Fuji TV seems to have been too much inclined to providing entertainment or low shows for audience and thus become vulnerable in public and fighting spirit. But, now they look like trying to improve their social recognition by leveraging popular female announcers, which may turn out to be also a shaky strategy.

As for research results, Japanese women may be more advanced in their acceptance of personality in the media industry than ordinary men. Japanese male consumers have a sense of ease when seeing ordinary and amiable Japanese girls on TV rather than ones with foreign and intellectual flavor or a Miss Universe.

However, if the "Cool Japan" boom invites so many predators from the West, we will have to really kill the boom, which non-Western "Cool Japan" fans and Muslims should seriously take into account.

(As for "Cool West," Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris. Ms. Paris Hilton has become a scandalous focus in the West Coast. In the East Coast, the wife of JFK Jr. was killed in an airplane accident and Anna Nicole Smith died in a hotel.

All I wish is, in this context, emergence of good and pious girls who can really stop this deplorable chain of waste of lives, maybe, like Mrs. Reagan.)

"...One Man Plants; Another Man Reaps..."