Friday, August 25, 2006

Courageous Lawyers Attacked, History Distorted, and Respect Lost in China and the Middle East

Courageous Lawyers Attacked, History Distorted, and Respect Lost in China and the Middle East

Popular revolts, though without much exchange of fire, are reportedly common in China, according to The Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper.

Last year they had about 87,000 cases of riots mainly by farmers and local people in China.

There are, of course, some lawyers who help those insurgents, innocent, humble, and victimized by local, rotten authorities, even under the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party.

But some of those courageous lawyers have been arrested one after the other by Chinese law enforcement agencies.

However, nobody in the U.S., Europe, and Japan seems to take it seriously. Stable China under whatever regime seems to be welcomed by governments, businesses, and international bodies in those triple-pole advanced regions.

And, it is most likely that the incumbent regime in China would manage the nation, avoiding an upheaval or a civil war, according to their views.

However, I don't think it should be necessarily so.
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First of all, nobody in the U.S. and Europe has realized a critical issue about China.

China has distorted history, teaching it in its schools.

(For example, the Chinese Communist Party has only a history of just 60 years as the highest governing body of China, outside of which they cannot be a good teacher of history. Any 60-year-old regime should not handle its 4000-year history at its discretion.)

Second, nobody in the U.S. and Europe has realized an inevitable course of Chinese history: repeatedly experienced periods of ebb and flow of the power or dynasty.

Leaders as well as the people of contemporary China have all that kind of DNA.

Further, their official attitude to Japan is without decorum and propriety, which should alienate God's support for their development and success.
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If you like or dislike China, it cannot enjoy its present state without decades of supports and aids from Japan since normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China in early 1970's.

Without Japan's tremendous backups, Chinese youths now enjoying a nice living standard should be working today in a real sweat somewhere in a very local area as part of their mandatory service to the Party which should be in a state of quasi-war with the U.S., Russia, Viet Nam, and Japan.
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It is very dangerous to think that you can understand China while you cannot read Chinese characters or Japanese kanji letters.

And under the regime of the Chinese Communist Party, you can only get very-biased textbooks imported from China.

You had better learn Japanese in order to correctly learn Chinese works of art, history, literature, and social and business documents.
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Americans are buying, in a Wal-Mart shop, commodities made in China, because they have quality that can satisfy American consumers. But it is Japanese who have helped Chinese acquire ability to realize that level of industrial quality.

And quality of Japanese industrial products is rooted deep in the tradition of Japanese culture that began in an era of thousand years ago which called the Jomon period.
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Just like things now happening in the Middle East, if you forget respect to older culture of your own or others, nothing goes and works well.