Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bread and Soccer since the Roman Empire Fighting in Gallia

Bread and Soccer since the Roman Empire Fighting in Gallia

The World Cup Soccer Games were over as one billion audiences were reportedly watching.

However, sport-loving children in the world might be highly confused watching the struggle between a French player and an Italian player.

As I had felt beforehand something wrong in this World Cup Games 2006, I did not expect even the Japanese team to leave any monument on this occasion, while waiting for a kind of revelation from Heaven.

Japan lost to Brazil; Brazil lost to France; and France finally lost to Italy. And Italy has been suffering from frauds and degeneracy in its soccer sector and related business.

No one was a true hero or winner. Every team should be regarded as failed.

That is why God had beforehand guided me to avoiding holding any positive and joyful expectation in the World Cup Soccer Games 2006.
* * *

But, I was impressed by African French players, rather many in numbers, running after, kicking, and heading the ball so dynamically.

Italian players might still carry DNAs of ancient Roman Empire soldiers as they showed effective defense formation in front of the goal.

Truly, the Roman Empire conquered enemies in the north (of the Alps) and the south (of the Mediterranean).

However, the Empire resolved itself due to Christianity that eroded the wild-spiritual basement of the Empire and guided the people into peaceful mode of living.
* * *

So, you had better teach children that ancient people in the north and the south of the Roman Empire were fighting that way against Roman soldiers.

Therefore, be a believer before becoming a soccer hero in your school or community.
* * *

I hope that the World Cup Soccer Games Extra 2007 will be held in Iraq or Afghanistan to raise money for supporting victims and their families.

In that case, I will a hundred percent want the Japanese "samurai" team to work on matches.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Heading for 4000-Year Glory

Heading for 4000-Year Glory

At last, Japanese Prime Minister is going to visit Israel and Palestine prior to joining the G8 meeting to be held in Russia.

The latitudes on which Palestine is located are almost the same as those of the southern part of the Japan's main island (called Honsyu).

People look up at the sky and stars at identical angles in both the holy regions.
* * *

An unbelievable fact about modern Palestine is that Muslims did not help Israelites establish their own country in Palestine after WWII in which millions of Israelites were killed by Christians due to the lack of a country of their own.

As Israelites and Muslims, in addition to Christians, share the same tradition as successors of Abraham in terms of faith, it is very unbelievable that Israelites could not get support and compassion from Muslims enough to reestablish their own country in their promised land so as to avoid future persecution by Christians.
* * *

If 4000 years ago an old man originally called Abram had not left a certain distinguished city in a region presently called southern Iraq following an order by God and heading westward, no Israelites should have been established as a tribe; no Christians might have ever appeared; and no Islam should have been given to mankind.
* * *

This is my fundamental idea about the three great religions an ancient Mesopotamian (or Sumerian) initiated.

I hope that you would also join me in this perception.