Saturday, October 31, 2009

"The Very Hairs of your Head are All Numbered"

(Around Imperial Palace, Imperial Hotel, and H. Park, Tokyo)

Is Messiah a Merry Person?

The night before All Saints' Day is called Halloween.

To enjoy Halloween, a man must leave or forget many things, including his troubled money and his great job.

By the way, yesterday, a kingfisher, a partially neon-colored small bird, flew thwartwise before me, flying low and straight to shrubs under the slope.

November 3 is a public holiday in Japan even if you are in Africa or America.


To your astonishment, even in Japan, people often use the term "Messiah" or "Savior" if not "Christ," since a messiah(s) is expressed as "Kyu-Sei-Syu" in Japanese.

(In this context, Kyu means saving; Sei means the world; and Syu means a lord in Japanese.)

However, it is not the core of Judaism: the concept of Holy Savior of Judaists.

Belief in the eventual coming of the messiah (moshiach) is said to be a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism, though not all in the religion agree.[5]

Modern scholars point out that the idea of a messiah is not mentioned anywhere in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). They suggest that the messianic concept was introduced during the age of the prophets which was later in the history of Judaism.

Traditional Judaism disagrees with these scholars, maintaining instead that messiah has always been a part of Judaism.


Nonetheless, the concept of Messiah is at the core of Christianity:

The Christian concept of the Christ/Messiah as "the Word made Flesh" (see also Logos) is fundamentally different from the Jewish and Islamic in that the majority of historical and mainline Christian theologies, as seen within the Nicene Creed, consider Jesus to be God or God the Son.

Holy words save the world.

You need at least one man who delivers holy words with absolute authority.

The God can send His Angel to the world for this purpose.

The God can send Part of Himself to the world for this purpose.

But, if mankind does not recognize the Part of the God as God, it must be a very blasphemy.

It is so, since part of the infinite is also infinite to mankind.

(To be continued...)

(I once often-times listened to music especially on holidays...yet why such a stupid title to such a heroic sound... )

Mat 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

Mat 10:30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Mat 10:31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

Friday, October 30, 2009

"He Shall Receive an Hundredfold "

(Tokyo Exclusive Business District around the Palace)

Benazir Bhutto was shot to death on December 27, 2007.

If she had survived the terror carried out in Rawalpindi, and become prime minister of Pakistan, the current situation there should be different.

So, the recent surprise visit by Secretary Mrs. Hillary Clinton to Pakistan amid a car bomb that killed 105 in Peshawar looks a little ominous.

India and Pakistan must abolish their nuclear weapons before terrorists gain dangerous access to their arsenals.


First of all, why do they call Jesus "Jesus Christ?"

Why do they not call Him "Jesus God?"

If He is God, it is very impolite to call "God" using a minor title "Christ."

Every church on the earth should stop using the irreverent term "Jesus Christ" but correctly say "Jesus God" whenever they refer to Jesus.

But, why does the Vatican authorize the term "Jesus Christ?"

Indeed, Judaists might prefer "Jesus" to "Jesus Christ", and "Jesus Christ" to "Jesus God."


The concept of "Christ" belongs to a finite world.

The concept of "God" comes from an infinite world.

To understand human ability to use these terms, we have to first check what the infinite is.

Infinity (symbolically represented by ∞) refers to several distinct concepts – usually linked to the idea of "without end" – which arise in philosophy, mathematics, and theology.[1] The word comes from the Latin infinitas or "unboundedness."

In mathematics, "infinity" is often used in contexts where it is treated as if it were a number (i.e., it counts or measures things: "an infinite number of terms") but it is a different type of "number" from the real numbers.


Heaven is what exists above the concept or the domain of the infinite.

Rules of calculation, arithmetic, and mathematics cannot be simply applied to the infinite and Heaven.

Commonsense in the finite human world cannot simply apply to situations so close to the infinite domain and Heaven.

Accordingly, in the Kingdom of God, I suppose "no-money economy" must be the norm.

It is so, sine the central bank of the kingdom should be based on the concept of "infinite."

(My economics is based on the concept of the infinite, which is the world's first formulation and presentation. Any economics theory in future based on the concept of the infinite must be called "EEE-Economics" if not "Jesus' Economics."

Get permission from the God to borrow the infinite dollars from Heaven must be the major task of the central bank.)

*** *** *** ***

Tonight in Japan, Mr. Ichiro Furudachi, who hosts a nightly news show, announced that Foreign Minister Mr. Katsuya Okada will fly to America to talk with Secretary Mrs. Clinton prior to President Mr. Obama's visit to Japan scheduled in November.

The point at issue is planned relocation of a certain U.S. military base in Okinawa, a southern island of Japan, since the Marine's base is in the middle of a town on the island with so many peace-loving people since the end of WWII.

Nonetheless, they should also talk about reduction of world military expenditure as it is increasing as if boundless...

Mar 10:29 And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel's,

Mar 10:30 But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Love the Lord thy God with All thy Heart"

(Tokyo Station on the Imperial Palace Side)

There is an analogy between American people and so-called "Jews."


Let's see contents of a CD-ROM an American Catholic group distributes, for our purpose.

I-1. History of "Jews"

Indeed, 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ is so important for Catholics.

History of the "Jews"

Of the two terms, Jews and Judaism, the former denotes usually the Israelites or descendants of Jacob (Israel) in contrast to Gentile races; the latter, the creed and worship of the Jews in contrast to Christianity, Mohammedanism, etc. In a separate article we will treat of Judaism as a religious communion with its special system of faith, rites, customs, etc. (See JUDAISM.)

Here, we shall cover the history of the Jews since the return from the Babylonian Exile, from which time the Israelites received the name of Jews (for their earlier history, see ISRAELITES).

This history may be divided into various periods in accordance with the leading phases which may be distinguished in the existence of the Jewish race since the Return in 538 B.C.

But, for 500 years, "Jews" could not develop its nation to a great empire like the ones of Alexander the Great and Caesar.

But, One greater than other empires and emperors appeared among the "Jews."

I-2. History of Christian "Jews" and Non-Christian "Jews"

Then, 30 or 40 years after the death of Jesus Christ must be more important for Catholics:

Up to the reign of Caligula (37-44), the Jews enjoyed, without any serious interruption, the universal toleration which Roman policy permitted to the religion of the subject states. But when that emperor ordered that Divine honours should be paid to him, they generally refused to submit. Petronius, the Roman Governor of Syria, received peremptory orders to use violence, if necessary, to set up Caligula's statue in the Temple at Jerusalem. At Alexandria a fearful massacre took place, and it looked as if all the Jews of Palestine were doomed to perish. Petronius, however, delayed the execution of the decree, and in fact, escaped punishment only through the murder of Caligula in A.D. 41.

The Jews were saved, and with the accession of Claudius, who owed the imperial dignity chiefly to the efforts of Herod Agrippa, a brighter day dawned for them. Through gratitude, Claudius conferred upon Agrippa the whole kingdom of Herod the Great, and upon the Jews at home and abroad valuable privileges. Agrippa's careful government made itself felt throughout the entire community, and the Sanhedrin, now under the presidency of Gamaliel I, St. Paul's teacher, had more authority than ever before. Yet the national party remained in an almost constant state of mutiny, while the Christians were persecuted by Agrippa.

Upon Agrippa's death (A.D. 44), the country was again subjected to Roman procurators, and this was the prelude to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish people. Nearly all the seven procurators who ruled Judea from A.D. 44 to 66 acted as though they sought to drive its population to despair and revolt. Gradually, the confusion became so great and so general as manifestly to presage the dissolution of the commonwealth.

At length, in A.D. 66, in spite of the precautionary efforts of Agrippa II, the party of the Zealots burst into an open rebellion, which was terminated (A.D. 70) by the capture of Jerusalem by Titus, the destruction of the Temple, and the massacre and the banishment of hundreds of thousands of the unhappy people, who were scattered among their brethren in all parts of the world. According to Eusebius, the Christians of Jerusalem, forewarned by their Master, escaped the horrors of the last siege, by removing in due time to Pella, east of the Jordan.

These 30 or 40 years of the first century after the death of Jesus Christ is the most significant and mysterious period for Judaists and Christians of today, whenever they think of their religion.

It is so, since it shows what would happen if mankind kills somebody three billion and more people later call "God."


It is almost 500 years ago that Christopher Columbus reached part of Americas and a new race "American people" started to appear.

(It was almost 500 B.C. that the race "Jews" was established in Palestine.)

So, if we could compare America to ancient Palestine, "another Christ" must appear in America sooner or later.

Or, if He has already appeared somewhere and died being unnoticed by all, America must be in the significant 30 or 40 years leading to "another fall of Jerusalem."

Indeed, if there is an analogy between ancient Palestine during its 500-year period of 2000 years ago and America during its 500-year period up to today, we can expect some great incidents today in America:

(i) Appearance of Christ

(ii) Revolutionary Movement

(iii) Fall of Washington or New York, otherwise Rome or Jerusalem

*** *** *** ***

Indeed history repeats itself.

But, how bright the world will be with Advent of Jesus Christ if in America, the Vatican, or Israel tomorrow!!

Luk 10:25 And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?

Luk 10:26 He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou?

Luk 10:27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Greater than All"

History Tells Everything

Minister in charge of financial affairs of Japan Mr. Shizuka Kamei said several months ago to Mr. Fujio Mitarai, the chairman of the most renowned Federation of Economic Organizations, that the chairman was responsible for the recent degradation of the Japanese society as murder cases committed among family members have accounted for a majority of all the homicides in Japan.

Mr. Bill Totten, a respectable American Japanese businessman, wrote in his blog, "Our World," that he really felt the same way as very veteran Minister Mr. Kamei.

It was 20 years ago that Mr. Bill Totten wrote his first book based on his business experiences in Japan since 1969, in order to defend Japan from American antagonism against Japanese exporting power.

He is going to publish a new book which is however not to praise Japan but to show his strong concern about the future of Japan, since America looks so anti-Christian nowadays to him born and raised in California, in my interpretation...


SECTION I: The Vatican and Judaism

Many Europeans do not respect New York, since Pope is in Rome. Many Judaists do not mind Rome, since their zealous brethren are in Jerusalem.

I-1. Popes and Rothschilds

It is very natural that a Pope as an emperor on the earth sometimes needs financial aide from any super-rich people to maintain his realm, since any small empire on the globe needs money to function.

Arnold Leese - Gentile Folly: the Rothschild's

When Pius IX. had sought safety from the revolutionaries of 1848, he needed Rothschild loans to enable him to regain his temporal power:
they did not grant him the loan until he promised to pull down the ghetto walls in Rome and establish freedom of movement and abolition of special taxes for Jews; this he refused to do until 1850, when the loan of thirty-three million francs was granted to him, on that condition.

Payments of interest soon got into arrears (Daily Telegraph, 2nd Nov., 1935), which may be the reason that long after the Rothschild House in Naples had been closed down, the Rothschilds remained guardians of the Papal Treasure!

Yet, many poor Judaists in Italy had to severely suffer WWII due to the expanded Holocaust over the border into Italy.

I-2. Popes and Catholic-Jewish Relations

Then, a new pope came from Poland after WWII, maybe, by the grace of Holy Lord.

He Changed 2,000 Years of History
By Abraham H. Foxman
National Director of the Anti-Defamation League
This article originally appeared in The New York Sun on April 4, 2005

Let us remember that Karol Wojtyla became Pope at a critical moment in Catholic-Jewish relations. The 1960s had witnessed the historic Vatican II Council statement called Nostra Aetate, which rejected two millennia of doctrine holding Jews responsible for the death of Jesus.

What was unclear by 1978, with the election of a new Pope, was whether the Church would truly take the initiative of Vatican II and translate it into a radical reformulation of Catholic-Jewish relations or whether it would become a statement that, while important, never had a major impact on the Catholic world.

Then in 1993, the Holy See under the reign of John Paul II officially recognized legitimacy of the nation Israel.

However it is rarely discussed how this evolution between Christianity and Judaism has been affecting Islam and American Christianity as well as other Christian communities in the world.

SECTION II: America and The Vatican

Many Catholics in America think they are the follower of the Pope, which is however rejected by the Pope.

After Kennedy's Death: Silence from the Pope
By Jeff Israely Friday, Aug. 28, 2009

Back at headquarters, however, there is little room for nuance. "Here in Rome, Ted Kennedy is nobody. He's a legend with his own constituency," says the Vatican official. "If he had influence in the past, it was only with the Archdiocese of Boston, and that eventually disappeared too." Some say the final sunset on the Kennedy name within Catholic halls of power was the Vatican's decision in 2007 to overturn the annulment of the first marriage of former U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy, the eldest son of Robert Kennedy. The successful appeal by Joe Kennedy's ex-wife Sheila Rauch, an Episcopalian, was another blow to the Kennedy image in Catholic circles.

In what may mark the final flicker of Kennedy influence in American Catholicism, reports circulated last spring that Obama was considering JFK's daughter Caroline Kennedy as the possible next U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican. That was not to be. Indeed, in the wake of Uncle Ted's death came word Thursday that Obama's final choice had arrived in Rome to take up the diplomatic post at the Holy See. He is Miguel Diaz, a little-known Cuban-born professor of theology firmly on the record as prolife.,8599,1919064,00.html?iid=tsmodule

Maybe, as in America Judaism and Christianity, including Catholicism, are getting so closer to each other, the Vatican cannot admit many American Catholics as its members.

Or, especially, the American Democratic Party is full of Catholics and Judaists, which might be liberty in excess for the Vatican.

For the Vatican, good Judaists may be those in Israel; good Catholics are those outside America.

*** *** *** ***

Once I saw a young Japanese nun in a certain town of Tokyo.

She was working as a member of an aid group helping poor people in the town.

But, she never used respect language to old daily workers and old homeless men who received some aid from the group.

To my surprise, a senior nun never even tried to correct the manners of the young nun.

Now I wonder whether or how they respected Mother Teresa or whether or how Mother Teresa would accept their respect, since those were the days when Mother Teresa was alive.

I do not belong to any Christian church, as you know, Your Eminences...

Joh 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Joh 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

Joh 10:29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.

Joh 10:30 I and my Father are one.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"That Preach Ye upon the Housetops"

(Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo Station!)

Far from Jerusalem, Rome, or Tokyo?

It is apparent that there were some each called "Jesus, son of Joseph" in Jerusalem in the first century but before the fall of Jerusalem.

There must have been some that really looked like Jesus Christ in the first century but before the fall of Jerusalem.

Yet, if time or space is different, no two entities can be identical, including one's emotions.

SECTION I: A Holocaust Movie "SHOAH"

"Shoah" is a nine-hour film Mr. Claude Lanzmann started to make in 1974 and completed in 1985, since the subject is the so-called Holocaust (or Shoah meaning annihilation in Hebrew).

(It was in 1978 that the American TV series, "Holocaust" was publicized all over the Western World.)

This movie was presented first in Japan in 1995, since Mr. Claude Lanzmann so wished to put SHOAH on the screen in Japan.

In Part 2, Franz Schalling describes the workings of Chełmno where he served as a security guard.

In Parts 1, 2 and 3, Franz Suchomel talks about the workings of Treblinka where he was an SS officer.

In Part 3, Walter Stier, a former Nazi bureaucrat, describes the workings of the railways.

Sometimes their testimony becomes more personal. Schalling expresses sympathy for his Jewish victims, but Lanzmann moves him on. Lanzmann is also concerned with establishing their knowledge of the Holocaust. Many of his perpetrators assert their ignorance of what was going on. Suchomel claims that he did not know about extermination at Treblinka until he arrived there. Stier claims to have been too busy to find out that his trains were transporting Jews to their deaths. In each case, Lanzmann challenges their assertions of ignorance with relentless questions.

However, some Japanese who watched the movie felt distrust in a manner they presented the ex-SS officer.

They had promised to the ex-SS officer that he would be allowed to stay anonymous but actually opened his identity clear on the screen so conspicuously.

But, the Japanese viewer admitted the tremendous value of the film and understood endless anger of Mr. Claude Lanzmann.


So, which is better to use officially or religiously the Holocaust or the Shoah?

SECTION II: Embassy of Israel to the Holy See

There is a really nice picture of the Wailing Wall at the Web site of the Embassy of Israel to the Vatican.

This Web site also includes information for Pilgrimage to Israel. The information advertises services Israel provides for Christian tourists:
The Service:
Pilgrimage Certificates

Pilgrimage Certificates
signed by the Minister of Tourism and the Mayor of Jerusalem
, in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch and Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian.

Intended for:
Christian pilgrims


Israel in fact admits that Christianity is a right religion; Jesus Christ is God.

SECTION III: The Vatican

The Rockefeller-supported Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) posts some reports on the Vatican and Israel on its Web site:

Vatican-Israel Relations
Author: Toni Johnson, Staff Writer

Updated: May 12, 2009

The relationship between Catholics and Jews is marred by centuries of troubles, including doctrinal polemics, Crusade-era massacres, and forced exiles of Jews. The Vatican moved to improve relations with Jews in 1965, although it did not formally recognize Israel until 1993. Today experts say relations between the Vatican and Israel have never been better. Still, trouble spots remain. Lingering Jewish bitterness over the Vatican's posture during the Holocaust, the uncertain legal status of church property in Israel, and outstanding concerns about Christian religious sites in the Holy Land continue to be diplomatic sticking points....

In response to Iseali's de-facto recognition of Christianity as an authentic religion, the Vatican should:
- Declare that Judaism is the original or another form of Christianity, and

- Declare that Judaists are the original or other type of Christians.

*** *** *** ***

Jesus Christ said that truth would be known to the world by the grace of God.

If a nameless, poor, and pious person continues to be nameless, poor, and pious following his faith in God, his value among mankind will be known to the world.

Only a devil-haunted man would try to kill such a valuable person.

However, mankind would opt for driving out such a devil-haunted man from community as long as mankind as a whole is sane.

After death, the soul of a nameless, poor, and pious person will be given eternal life, but that of a devil-haunted man will not, according to the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Mat 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Mat 10:27 What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

Mat 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"The Eye of a Needle"

Martyrdom or Death Surrounded by Families

If you meet 100 ordinary people, you may still assume 3% of them is exceptional in the situation, 7% of them is highly troubled or confused, but 90% of them can be comparatively categorized into well known types, say, specified in your manual at hand or in the brain.

So, among 100 persons you are going to be consulted by or deal with, 90% of them will not be dangerous to you or you are not dangerous to them.

Therefore, logically and moralistically you have to put a higher priority to the 10% people out of the norm if looking inconspicuous.

It is because it is the most exceptional, troubled, or confused people that Jesus Christ tried to help and save. And, most of them are usually poor, very poor, or super-poor.

If you made a TV or movie appearance, you have to expect that composition of your audience is as such.

SECTION I: Tomb of the Family of "Jesus of Jerusalem"

You might see a Discovery TV program in 2007 reporting the discovery of the possible tomb of Jesus Christ and His family in the southern area of Jerusalem.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus

In 1980 a tomb was found in south Jerusalem that had ten ossuaries in it. It was one of hundreds of tombs that have been uncovered since the 1970s. Yet only now has it been identified as the Jesus tomb.

Of all the thousands of ossuaries pulled from those tombs, only about 20% bear inscriptions. In the case of the Talpiot tomb, six of them—60%--had inscriptions. This was an elite family. Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, even Latin, were all represented in the burial cave.

Every inscription has been corroborated by the world’s leading scholars in the field, including professors Amos Kloner, Tal Ilan, Frank Moore Cross and the legendary L.Y. Rahmani. The inscriptions appear in Rahmani’s A Catalogue of Jewish Ossuaries in the Collection of the State of Israel published by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

And every inscription bears a relationship to the Gospels. While the names themselves range from the most common to the fairly rare, it is the cluster of names that is unique.

The first inscription, written in Aramaic (an ancient dialect of Hebrew), states: "Yeshua bar Yosef." Translated, it reads "Jesus son of Joseph." This is very rare. Out of all the inscriptions catalogued, only one other "Jesus, son of Joseph" inscription has ever been uncovered.

However academically it is denied.

In religious terms, it is close to a blasphemy.

But, it is definitely a miracle.

So, check the ossuaries and hear what experts say if you do not have the book, The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

SECTION II: Implication

In 1979 the Soviet Union decided to send troops into Afghanistan, resulting in 10-years' war.

In 1980, Iraq and Iran started to exchange fires, resulting in an almost 10-years' war.

In Japan, Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira, a Christian politician, fell to serious illness during a general election campaign, and died within two weeks, while still being in prime ministership, a very rare and drastic incident in the history of Japan.

And then in the same year 1980, the so-called ossuary of Jesus, son of Joseph, was uncovered in the southern part of Jerusalem, though it was 2007 that the fact was widely known to to the world owning to hard work by some people concerned.

It is as if it had taken 27 years since His birth for Jesus Christ to get prepared for His mission, since 2007 - 1980 = 27, holily.


I think there is a chance that true relics of Jesus Christ should be excavated in Palestine sometime soon.

The Israeli Government would probably interfere with how to handle them, since such a discovery would affect the relationship between Israelis and American Judaists and American Christians in an unpredictable manner.

So, I have been requesting the Pope to go back to Jerusalem and stay there as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Pope must be the first person to confirm and protect such relics in Israel, since Christianity started around Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

*** *** *** ***

Just like today, Israelis thought that money would protect them from any danger.

But, Jesus Christ denied it with holy authority.

Indeed, if you want to protect your one million dollars completely, you need one million more dollars.

To protect your two million dollars completely, you need eight million more dollars.

To protect your 10 million dollars completely, you need 100 million more dollars.

And in all this process, you cannot protect yourself from any significant danger at all, though you may happen to be safe until the last day of your rich life, which might happen to be death in bed surrounded by families.

Mar 10:25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Mar 10:26 And they were astonished out of measure, saying among themselves, Who then can be saved?

Mar 10:27 And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.