Friday, June 09, 2006

Traveling Victim in Iraq from Japan

Traveling Victim in Iraq from Japan

Believe or not, God recently hinted me that something would be done to restore honor of a Japanese youth killed by an Al-Qaeda group in Iraq in 2004.
* * *

Specifically, the God recently gave me a report on a Japanese youth, Mr. Shosei Koda, who had been killed in Baghdad by members of a terrorist group associated with Al-Qaeda in October, 2004.

I was deeply impressed by the report in that he was depicted as a sincere inquirer, though so hastily interested in difficult political situations in the Middle East as to make light of danger waiting for him in Iraq. It was indeed just before the massive assault by the U.S. Army on Fallujah.

He had come to Iraq alone as a poor backpacker through Israel and Jordan after having learnt English in New Zealand.

He was killed, because Japan rejected a request by terrorists to withdraw its Self-Defense Force troops stationed in southern Iraq for humanitarian activities.
* * *

Then, that big news came in from Baghdad.

The leader of the group responsible for Mr. Shosei Koda's death was killed yesterday or so in a two U.S. F-16 fighter-planes attack.

A few months ago, an Arab youth who was more directly responsible for the death of Mr. Shosei Koda was also captured and televised, though being alive.
* * *

Mr. Shosei Koda is one of five Japanese victims who were killed by insurgents or terrorists in Iraq after the end of major combats in Iraq since 2003.

Two of the others were diplomats; and the last two were journalists.

Mr. Shosei Koda was officially categorized as a traveler in Japan.
* * *

Indeed, the news of the death of the Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq has been widely reported in Japan through the press and on TV.

However, what we should remember is the behavior and words of Mr. Shosei Koda in a video tape the terrorist group delivered to intimidate Japan in early November, 2004.

He said, "I am sorry, Koizumi-san. They said that they would kill me unless troops of the Japanese Self-Defense force were withdrawn. I want to come back to Japan alive."

Mr. Shosei Koda didn't cry, shout, or tremble while being surrounded by armed terrorists. He looked like trying to look well as much as he could.

Though I don't know exactly the reaction of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to this televised scene at that time, some Japanese must today reaffirm that Mr. Shosei Koda was not a coward at all by reviewing the tape delivered in 2004 in the wake of the recent big news of American Air Force's successful attack on the terrorist leader.
* * *

The War in Iraq may be memorized by some Japanese as a war with five victims as above mentioned.

But, we know nowadays tens of people are killed everyday in Iraq by bombs, bullets, and knives.

Japan may not be in a position to ask the God or Allah for any special consideration for Japanese victims, though not out of revenge or something like that.

The God Almighty has however responded.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Poorer, The More Blessed by The God Almighty

The Poorer, The More Blessed by The God Almighty

We know what was behind the large-scale American white-collar crimes, such as the Enron and WorldCom incidents.

It is ordinary workers of those companies whose benefits were directly (or through stock options) linked to stcok prices of the companies they were working in and for.

If they believe that earning as much as possible as an individual in the economic society is a right thing, it is no wonder that they have felt no sense of guilty even after the massive exposure of those frauds.
* * *

In Japan, Mr. Yoshiaki Murakami, former notorious fund manager and president of a Japanese investment company, has been identified as a behind-the-scene figure for part of the Livedoor incidents that hit the world money market several months ago when Tokyo district public prosecutors launched investigation on the company.

Recently Mr. Yoshiaki Murakami purchased many stocks of a company that controls a professional baseball team.

It is a scheme similar to the one where then Livedoor president had tried to purchase a professional baseball team.

They seem to have collided with a certain, identical behind-the-scene figure.
* * *

Many foreign funds have invested in Mr. Yoshiaki Murakami's fund; but as Mr. Yoshiaki Murakami had quit his professional posts before arrest by Tokyo district prosecutors, he cannot be involved in money operation any more.
* * *

Devils can catch a boy and set a path for big money, telling him that he has such a brilliant mind set for getting big money; and the poor boy might feel happy.

I would like to find such a talent in myself earlier than devils, in order to avoid a servile position to them, with help from the God Almighty.

What about you?