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"into a desert place belonging to the city called Bethsaida" - Uniqueness of Okinawa, Japan


Uniqueness of Okinawa, Japan

It is said in a city with population less than 300,000, you can be easily identified by others such as the police if a certain incident occurs and you might surely encounter your acquaintances in a place where you do not expect such an encounter in the long run.

Accordingly, some smart guys, including some criminals, want to live or work in a big city with population of more than one million.

In Japanese villages in old times, there was an untold rule of ostracism.  If a villager did something that gravely provoked others, if not a criminal, and did not compensate damage, the person would be treated as if  he or she did not exist in the village.  Every human relation and  companionship would be rejected except in the cases of funerals and fires.  Then, in some cases, a  villager ostracized had to leave the village because the person could not live normally any more.

This kind of social customs can be seen any small communities in the world.  Villagers envy others, have a grudge against one another,  and have their prides hurt and neglected.  If there were no rules and authority to govern villagers, a village can be easily fallen apart.  If villagers got their revenge on one another without restriction, no order and peace could be maintained in a village.

Accordingly, people would behave cautiously and get sensitive to others' moods in local villages everywhere in the world.  It is because every member of a village knows every other member.

To avoid such evil, one has to leave his village  and come to a big city.  Then, he would be freed from close censorship by other villagers.  But, in a big city, there are too many temptations in addition to too many criminals.

Traditionally, Asians were living in such local communities with various restrictions.  Even in capitals and big cities of their countries were under strong control of their native rulers who also controlled religions of their countries.  Then since the 16th century, Westerners started to invade and colonize Asian regions.  And, if native rulers of those Asian regions could not cope with Western military power and surrender, local people in the regions had to just follow their rulers.  It is because Western colonialists used old systems and regimes of regions to effectively control their-colonized territories.  So, if a local villager who wanted to be free from old customs in his village fled from the village to a capital, they had to face another cruel rule by Western colonialists who mostly set their colonial bases in big cities.

Especially in Islamic nations, restriction imposed on villagers was strong.  Even if they came to live in their capitals, still religious restriction was strong.  And Western countries have strong influences on their governments in their capitals.  It would be very difficult for them to be free, if they ever wished to be free.

In Japan, the ratio of urban population against its whole population is 92.49% while the UK 82.09%, Canada 81.47%, the US 81.28%, France 79.06%, Germany 74.89%, Italy 68.69%, China 53.17%, Thailand 47.94%,  and India 31.99%.

Japan is a highly urbanized Asian nation; most of Japanese are free from old or traditional social restriction as have been found in local villages in older days.  But, in Japan, Okinawa Prefecture, an island province in the East China Sea with population 1.4 million, seems to be still under conditions of close relationship and strong restriction in terms of social life of people.  It might have unique influence on the fact that Okinawa has more US military bases since the end of WWII than any other prefectures in Japan.
Okinawa Prefecture in Japan today might somewhat look like an old Western colony, though there are more human empathy in Okinawa that cannot be frequently seen in Tokyo and other big Japanese cities outside Okinawa.

Note: Okinawa prefecture constitutes 0.6% of Japan's land surface, yet as of 2006, 75% of all United States Forces Japan (USFJ) bases were located on Okinawa, and U.S. military bases occupied 18% of the main island.

singapore to okinawa via Tokyo

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Luk 9:10 And the apostles, when they were returned, told him all that they had done. And he took them, and went aside privately into a desert place belonging to the city called Bethsaida.
Luk 9:11 And the people, when they knew it, followed him: and he received them, and spake unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing.

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"he saith unto him, Follow me" - What Japanese Chess Implies

Tokyo Bay

What Japanese Chess Implies

In Japanese chess (shogi), there are possible 80 moves in a given stage on average, but chess has only 35 possible moves on average.

It took 16 years for computers to defeat a professional shogi player after they had beaten a professional chess player.  Shogi is far more complicated than chess.

It is thought that shogi was imported to Japan from China around the 6th or 7th century, though this game was originated in  ancient India.   Incidentally, Western chess was also from the same origin in ancient India.

So, Japanese have trained their brains through this game, shogi, in addition to go play for more than 1300 years.  It might imply that Japanese have been traditionally more clever than Westerners whose brains have been trained through chess whose complexity is less that that of shogi.

Indeed, Japanese are good at manipulating matters in strategic ways.  That is why Japan could become a country well industrialized and modernized even before WWII, unlike any other Asian nations.  Since the abolition of its closed-door policy  in the middle of the 19th century, Japan rapidly caught up with Western nations in terms of science, technology,  industry, and culture.  Indeed without Japan's success in its industrial revolution since the middle of the 19th century, most of Asian countries, including China, India, and Korea, should be under colonial rule by Western nations even today.

However, Japan had not been influenced by ancient Greek civilization till its start of Westernization after its Meiji Restoration or a drastic regime change from the rule of samurai to the imperial government.  Therefore, underlying philosophy, rooted in the ancient Greek Civilization, that allowed Europeans to develop their scientific study was so remote from the traditional Japanese culture.  So, contribution by Japanese to development of the global history of modern ideas and thoughts is so little as compared with Japan's contribution to global science and technologies.

Moreover, Japan led by samurai leaders closed its door to Western countries, except the Netherlands, from the early 17th century to the middle of the 19th century for the purpose of preventing influx of Christianity into the Japanese society.  So, even today most of Japanese do not become Christians and are not not familiar with ideas and thoughts based on Christianity.  Only, 1.5% of the Japanese population go to church.

In China, it is said that there are more than 60 million Christians, accounting for only about 5% of the Chinese population, though its communist government does not allow full freedom of religion.  China has also never been under influence of the ancient Greek civilization in its history of ideas.  But, Chinese love complicated games more than Japanese.  They are strategists as good as Japanese.  But, there is a big difference between Japan and China in terms of their views on humanity and society.

After WWII, a new Japanese Constitution  was formulated along with advice from General MacArthur who led the US and allied forces that occupied Japan.  And, the framework of the Constitution was set by young US officers who believed in Christian virtue.  Therefore, the Japanese Constitution was basically influenced by Christianity.  The success of Japan after WWII was made possible partly owing to this Constitution.  There are many articles and provisions that pure Japanese cannot even come up with in drafting a constitution.  But, with this Constitution, Japan came to be regarded as fully modernized to be a member of developed Western countries after WWII.  In other word, Japan shares some basic cultural value with Europe and America.

However, China is different.  Though it is governed by those who nominally believe in communism, a product of modern European civilization, China is not under influence of Christian virtue.  Leaders in the Chinese politics and industries do not share basic cultural value with Europe and America.  

As Japan has succeeded in development of technology and economy, it is no wonder that China has also succeeded in these fields, because they are strategists as good as Japanese.  But, China looks being short of some important elements of civilization Japan has sufficiently and Europe and America have fully.

Anyway, as Japanese chess, imported from China, is more complicated than Western chess, Japanese and Chinese can well play with Westerners.

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Mat 9:9 And as Jesus passed forth from thence, he saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he saith unto him, Follow me. And he arose, and followed him.

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"they marvelled, and glorified God" - Women and Criminals

Around the National Diet Bldg., Tokyo

Women and Criminals

European women and American women are so mean and rotten to the eyes of Muslims.

However, Muslims never laugh at European and American women for their indecent looking.  It is because Europe and America have more economic, political, and military power than Islamic nations.  But since no Islamic women try to look so indecent as European/American women, it is apparent that Muslims despise the European and American culture

Even from a viewpoint of Christianity, today's European and American cultures are rotten;  European and American women expose their skins too much.  It is completely against the teaching of Christ Jesus and God.  Satan controls Europe and America more than Islamic nations.

It is because the Western or global main economic system promotes such indecency among European and American women.  Wealth in European and America is obtained through activities of businesses.  And, businesses earn profits by selling more goods and services.  And the strongest motivation for consumers buy such goods and services is not only needs but also desire.  So, businesses are making consumers' desire increase.  They present advertisement that arouse lust in consumers.  This mood is reflected in behaviors of women.   European and American women are. like businesses, trying to arouse lust among men.  This is completely anti-Christ and also anti-Islam.
Surge in number of female inmates takes world prison population above 10 MILLION
The female prison population has jumped by 50% since the start of the century, according to the report published by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research at Birkbeck, University of London. 
This compared with an 18% increase in the number of male inmates. 
As a result, the proportion of women and girls in the total world prison population has risen from 5.4% in around 2000 to 6.8%.

One bad man can sacrifice a few women or a few female victims on average.  But one bad woman must surely turn one man to a criminal and one child to a future criminal on average.

Put simply, unless all the women in the world become Muslims, God will not bless the mankind with so many criminal records in the past history.

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Mat 9:8 But when the multitudes saw it, they marvelled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men.

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"This is my beloved Son: hear him" - True Target of Satan

Fukushima City

True Target of Satan

There is a story, an American detective story, that a police detective was killed by a man who was so persuaded by the detective's wife.

But to confuse the police, the wife and her lover planned to kill other two police detectives before killing her husband, so that the police would suspect that the killer was a crazy criminal who had a grudge on all of the three detectives.  They thought that then the incident would remain unsolved.

This is an example to carry out a task without letting others know the intention.  Such a tactics can be seen in everyday business.  To hide a true motivation, some people sacrifice innocent parties or launch other operation in different directions to draw attention of people concerned.  It is all to hide their ill motivation.

In the human history, Judaists were attacked, sacrificed, and executed so many times.  The most tragic case of such persecution was carried out by  Nazi Germany before 1945 or the end of WWII.  It was Satan, of course, that was behind the scene.  Satan occupied the minds and hearts of Germans at the time to have them terminate Judaists.

However, Satan hates Christians and Muslims as much as he hates Judaists.  And the populations of Christians and Muslims are far larger than that of Judaists.  Satan must have targeted Christians and Muslims while he was using Nazi Germans to mass-murder Judaists.  Especially, Christianity was based on the teaching of the Son of God, Christ Jesus.  Termination of Christianity must be put the highest priority on.

In fact, after WWII, faith of Christians in Europe and the US has changed drastically.  Commercialism and the market economy have eroded the minds and hearts of Christians.  After WWII, ethics in the European and American societies have deteriorated so much.  They saw the Holocaust and doubted power of God and Christ Jesus, so that they have become less pious and righteous.  The effect of the Holocaust was so devastating in faith of Christians.

Historically, there was no proof that the more Judaists were persecuted, the more Christian faith was exalted.  In Pogroms in Russia, many Judaists were persecuted, but as a result, anti-Christ communists took over power in Russia. After the purge of Judaists from Spain in the late 15th century, the Inquisition  was intensified to persecute those suspected  to be anti-Christ in Europe, damaging faith of Christians.

Put simply, anti-Judaist movement was planned and guided by Satan.  By doing so, Satan was weakening Christian faith secretly.  The more Christians have attacked Judaists, the weaker the faith among Christians has become.

In other words, Satan who wanted to destroy Christianity had occupy the minds and hearts of some Christians to have them hate and persecute Judaists as an effective  means to erode, weaken, and demolish Christianity.

Now Satan seems to be working to have Europeans and Americans hate Muslims.  He must think that the more European and American Christians hate Muslims, the more Christianity will be damaged eventually.

For Satan, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam must be not so different as these religions follow the only one common God.   He must be pretending as if he were not targeting Christianity when he was persuading Christians to attack Judaists and Muslims.

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Mar 9:7 And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.

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"through the towns, preaching the gospel" - About Animation People

The Tokyo Station

About Animation People

Walt Disney (1901-1966) was once betrayed by Ub lwerks (1901-971) who contributed to creation of various animation characters such as Mickey Mouse.

Iwerks one day left Disney due to some controversy with Walt Disney to establish his own business but failed.  Iwerks was a good  character designer but lacked a sense to cope with the trend of the society.  But, later Iwerks returned to Disney to be specialized in technical aspects of animation creation.

Walt Disney was sometimes betrayed and duped while his business was expanding before WWII by New York-based business men some of whom even hired some staff out of Disney to cut the ground out from under. The case of Iwerks was one of such examples. However, Walt Disney accepted Iwerks back to the Disney studio.  Iwerks contributed to Disney films such as Mary Poppins of 1964.

The success of Walt Disney was mainly made possible by his passion in creating animation films and other works, including the Disney Lands.  However, if he could not forgive Iwerks, such feeling must have been reflected in his works with negative effects.  Then his works must not have become so popular especially among children.

Anyway, the most impressive thing about Walt Disney is this episode involving Iwerks who had betrayed Walt Diseney to leave him but was later allowed to return to Disney.

By the way, John Alan Lasseter who contributed to Toy Story, Frozen, and other recent Disney works was highly influenced by Hayao Miyazaki's wotk Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro of 1979.  Miyazaki is a Japanese artist globally popular for his animation works.

Miyazaki once criticized Disney works for their lack of respect for the audience from a standpoint of professional in the same trade.  But nowadays Miyazaki changed his view on Disney, praising high quality of their works.

In the field of animation, people need to have generous minds and tolerance even to their rivals.

Luke 17:1-10 New International Version
“If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them. 4 Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.”

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Luk 9:6 And they departed, and went through the towns, preaching the gospel, and healing every where.

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"shake off the very dust" - God-Believing Japanese Politician before WWII

Around the Tokyo Station

God-Believing Japanese Politician before WWII

In Japan, Korekiyo Takahashi (1854-1936) is even today respected as one of the most successful and competent politicians before WWII.

He was well know for his remarkable work as the Vice Governor of the Bank of Japan to get investment from European countries and the US during the Japan-Russo War (1904-1905) and also as the Minister of Finance during the financial crisis in 1927.

He became a friend of the Rothschild family and kept good relationships with some financial leaders in Europe and the US.  So, Takahashi was a pro-Anglo-Saxon politician in the Empire of Japan before WWII.  Takahashi also delivered criticism to the expansion of excessive armament of the Imperial Army and Navy.

In 1921, he was appointed to the prime minister of the Imperial Government.  In that era, the Imperial Army stationed many troops in Manchuria.  Takahashi said at the time that the Empire sent troops to Manchuria to defend the Empire (including Korea) from aggressive invasion by Russians.  He stressed that the Empire of Japan should not have territorial ambitions in Manchuria and China.  He was critical of attitudes of some Japanese against Chinese, because Takahashi thought there had been a mood in Japan of despising China since the First Japanese-Sino War (1894-1895) where the Empire defeated the military of the Qing dynasty.

Korekiyo Takahashi wrote some essays where he admitted that he believed in God, though he did not mind the form of worship.  Though Takahashi was taught Christianity by an American priest when he was a teenager, he did not openly confess that he was a Christian but he thought that God was above any religions.  However, as militarism and nationalism came to gather momentum in Japan in 1930s, Takahshi became a target of radical military officers as an enemy of the Japanese race.

Accordingly, in the February 26 Incident of 1936 where some young Army officers tried to take over power from the Cabinet with full of "rotten" ministers, as they claimed,  Takahsahi was shot to death.  This semi-coup d'etat finally failed as the Emperor was strongly against insurgent officers and troops, because they killed or attacked Takahashi and other ministers the Emperor trusted.

However, the Imperial Army could not solve its problem involving many young officers who had strong criticism toward and complaints to the Japanese political system at the time.  And, after the February 26 Incident of 1936, the leaders of the Imperial Army intensified their operation in Manchuria and China as if they had been trying to divert the brunt of criticism from unsatisfactory officers to oversea military operation.  On this trend, the second Sino-Japanese War started and eventually the Pearl Harbor attack was carried out.

So, the assassination of Korekiyo Takahashi in 1936 became a foreboding of the tragedy of the Imperial Japan joining WWII, since Takahashi was a kind of Christian, pro-Anglo-Saxon, and compassionate with Chinese.  The Empire of Japan in WWII was almost totally against the Christian world, the Anglo-Saxon nations, and China.    

Anyway, Korekiyo Takahashi has been the only Japanese prime minister, to date, who wrote in an essay that he believed in God.

Korekiyo Takahashi with Rothschild in Tokyo in 1934

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Luk 9:5 And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them.