Saturday, February 03, 2007

King Kong

King Kong

In 1976, the movie "King Kong" was released. In its last scene, the gigantic ape-man King Kong was climbing a World Trade Center tower in New York to protect a human woman he loves. However, US jet fighters flew in to fire at him. King Kong got fatally shot and fell from the rooftop of the WTC tower to the ground.

It is said that this movie depicts arrogance of human beings in a pathetic manner.

King Kong loves a human beauty and climbs a WTC tower trying to save her despite attacks by US Air Forces, which may be a laughingstock; but it is the WTC tower that actually fell down to the ground in 2001 (with so many ultimate sacrifices - Amen!).
* * *

I am not so sure if this episode is very appropriate or not.

But, a certain notable Japanese author who studied racism, money scandals, political scandals, and scandals in the War on Terror of the U.S. included this episode in his book.

So, what is a good lesson? Do not be a King Kong? Do not fall in love with a beauty in New York? Do not climb a WTC tower? Do not lose to US Air Forces?
* * *

The producer of "King Kong" is the one who also produced "The Bible: in the Beginning" in 1966.

The lesson given seems to surpass the intention of the producer (as with a Japanese American architect who designed the WTC towers).
* * *

Now, apart from an episode between mankind and other primates, focusing on the human race, our only resort is the Messiah.

It may look strange, but Jesus Christ did not order his disciples to go and preach specifically in Africa to strengthen people there to cope with invasion by Europeans expected to happen 1500 years later.

However, my interpretation about the Civil War in the U.S. is that it must have been fought with ultimate sacrifices of 620,000, in order to atone for the sin and crime of slavery.
* * *

If my son is white, I will tell him to be white as much as possible until he becomes proud of being white.

If my son is black, I will tell him to be black as much as possible until he becomes proud of being black.

If my son is yellow, I will tell him to be golden as much as possible until he becomes proud of being golden just like ears of rice plants (even Marco Polo reported on Japan as a country of Gold around 1300).

(Colors in the Heaven must be very different from those on the earth due to glorious light of God.)

Anyway, it is a family matter; only God should interfere.

So then, what about your respectable father?


Friday, February 02, 2007

Japan's Staple: Rice Plant

China's First and Last Madam Emperor

China's First and Last Madam Emperor

Wu Hou is the only Chinese Empress who rose to an imperial throne several years after the death of her husband, an Emperor. In other words, she is the only Madam Emperor in Chinese history, though debatable for some.

("Wu" means force of arms; "Hou" means a queen or an empress.)

She reigned from A.D. 690 to 705 in the Tang dynasty.
* * *

There are many reports on cruelty conducted under her reign. But, Chinese imperial history had been and was full of atrocities. She was not the worst Emperor at all.

On the contrary, she was nice to Japan. As she was so nice to Japan, it looks as though God set a lady at the Chinese throne when Japan was in its testing time.

In 663, Japan and China made their first full-scale war in the history on the Korean Peninsula for hegemony over a certain country therein. And Japan was defeated. Since then, for decades, Japan faced various serious situations, though Tang military did not advance to occupy Japan.

(In those days, the samurai class was not yet established in Japan.)

Even during this war, Wo Hou was actually in charge of Tang's politics, because her husband was ill.
* * *

It is during her reign and de facto reign in Tang that Japan changed its name from "Wa" to "Nippon" (Japan) and its chief's title from "Dai-ou" (great king) to "Ten-nou" (emperor), in order to gain more respect both domestically and internationally and thus recover from the lost war against Tang, while keeping complete independence from Tang.

As the only super-power in East Asia then, China could have rejected official recognition of such changes in the name of the country and its leader's title. However, the changes were remarkably smoothly accepted.

Unless China's Emperor was a lady who was especially pleased with sophiscated envoys sent off by the Imperial (Yamato) Court of Japan in 702, things might have gone wrong for Japan.

But, the fact is that China had at that age a Madam Emperor as the first and the last case in its long history.
* * *

For this reason based on the historic experience, Japan is not against a lady taking up any high position in the world politics.

I am not against you even trying to be a queen in a certain country, neither (, if you are not yet).


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Plants (introduced from the U.S.)

Chance and Certainty

Chance and Certainty

No one thinks it is a mystery that Jesus Christ was born in a specific place at a certain time of history; they think it is by chance.

If you believe in accidentalism and fatalism, while neglecting causality and logicality, a question such as why the Messiah was born at a certain time may not be your concern. However, you may still live under holy certainty supported by holy causality and logicality.
* * *

Specifically, in a generation after the well-known episodes centered on relationships between Cleopatra, Caesar, and Antonio, Jesus Christ was born.

(Why was not Jesus Christ born in Rome or Egypt to make things settled at one dash, for example, by taking charge of the Roman Empire and Cleopatra at the same time?)
* * *

King Herod's father went out to see Caesar and got his support for governing Judea.

King Herod himself after assassination of Caesar went out to see Antonio and Cleopatra in Alexandria and further went to Rome to get Rome's support for governing Judea.

King Herod himself after death of Antonio and Cleopatra swore loyalty to Octavius (Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus) who became the First Emperor of the Roman Empire.

And then, during the last years of King Herod of ancient Israel, Jesus Christ was born among Israelites according to prophets of Daniel or God's promise to descendants of Abraham.
* * *

I do not think that God chose that time by chance.

1) King Herod, as a representative of descendants of Abraham, completely forgot glory of his tribe, more than fully surrendering to the Roman Empire.

2) The Roman Empire had its first Emperor, which indicated a change in a certain character of the empire that could not make the world any safer. An Emperor in Rome vs. the Messiah in Jerusalem seemed to well match, though from a human point of view.

3) As Jesus Christ never mentioned Pyramid, Cleopatra, and those drastic wars fought in the eastern Mediterranean just preceding His birth, it is apparent that He did not like those historic events and monument.

You have to explain an implicit relationship betweeen Cleopatra and Jesus Christ, not between Mary of Magdala and Jesus Christ, as the sequence of events was clearly connected around true A.D. 0 or the so-called 1 minus.
* * *

For Jesus Christ to be born at the age itself saved the world under the threat of destructive civilization of the Roman Empire.

It even paved the great way for future birth of Islam 600 years later which succedded in suppressing mighty Persia.

It even enabled Japan, the only Imperial country in the world today, though nominally, to emerge 1900 years later.

It might even make possible your success where Cleopatra failed.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Corner of Imperial Palace (Ex-Edo Castle of Shogun)

(picture omitted)

Will She Win and If Not

Will She Win and If Not

I was embarrassed to see Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN get embarrassed on his interview with Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It was more embarrassing to see Mr. Cooper remain embarrassed after the interview.

Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton's being a future President of the U.S. is, of course, one possibility at present.

What I am afraid is that if Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton is defeated in the coming presidential election, dignity of America might be influenced, though partly, negatively.

Terrorists hiding in the Islamic world might further lose respect to their archrival, the U.S., if an ex-First Lady looses her face in real politics.
* * *

Ms. Maria Sharapova was recently defeated by Ms. Serena Williams in Australia, though Maria, an inhabitant in the U.S., has kept her ranking, No.1 among female tennis players in the world.

Maria is now in Tokyo, preparing herself for matches including one against, probably, Ms. Martina Hingis.

Maria has had many interviews by Japanese media who love her popularity in Japan.

Though she hinted, in an interview, that she thought she was more matured than other 19 years old girls due to her endeavor to be a top athlete, she carries a kind of a felling idyllic.
* * *

Mr. Michael Moore once enthusiastically wrote that he wished Ms. Oprah Winfrey to run for a U.S. Presidential election.

The only billionaire African American lady, Ms. Winfrey, is said however to have gone to South Africa to establish a girls' school.

Has he had an interview with her; or has she had ever an interview with him?
* * *

An autocracy, including the USSR, seldom allows women to lead the society, since armed forces are a core of the establishment.

But, will the fact that a lady can be the president of a nation or a billionaire appeal to Muslims?

However, a system in which young ladies can enjoy sports freely must appeal to young Muslims.

I mean the background that allows for a female President in the U.S. might be more profound than ordinary Democrats and Republicans domestically consider.
* * *

In Japan, the issue of admitting a female Emperor (or an Empress on a throne) has been a social issue for some time, though we had actually some in the long imperial history lasting almost 2000 years.

In this context, the position of the Pope in Rome might be the last challenge for ladies.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vicinal Plants

Top Creditor to the U.S.

Top Creditor to the U.S.

To: Outcasts in the World and Benevolent Women
Not-To: Respectable People Regardless of Races, Ages, and Weights
From: EE(E)Reporter
Date: January 30, 2007 (Japan), the forenoon

It was said, when the current-account deficit in the U.S. was larger than its GDP (gross national product) by 5%, that the U.S. needed more than 60 million dollars per hour as cash infusion to sustain its economy.

Now, it is said that the current-account deficit in the U.S. is larger than its GDP by 6%.
* * *

The main financing sources for U.S. economy are Japan and China who are actively purchasing U.S. treasury bonds.

As of August 2006, Japan, as the top creditor to the U.S., has US bonds worth US$672.8 billion.

China, in the second place, holds US bonds worth US$339 billion.

If Japan and China stop buying U.S. bonds and money flow is stopped, U.S. long-term interest rates will increase due to shortage of financial resources needed in every sector of its various industries.

Then, land prices will fall, business will be declining, and jobs will be lost in the U.S.
* * *

Japan has been for a very long time buying the U.S. bonds as a tested and proven financial ally.

But, China is new in this circle of money flow.

You may trust in China due to its economic success; but there are some points to be considered.

According to a source, Chinese earnings from selling counterfeits account for 8% of its GDP. Chinese counterfeits account for 60% of products produced and exported by the autocratic country.

Japan is estimated to have already lost 80 billion dollars due to Chinese counterfeits and patent infringements, or copies of Japanese original designs and idea.
* * *

Chinese economy is not tested yet (including its 1.2 billion people).

U.S. economy will face another test (including its 0.3 billion people).

Japanese economy will continue to be challenged (including its 0.12 billion people)

(However those who ask God for help will be saved.)
* * *

Jesus Christ said, "Those giving more are blessed more than those receiving more."

Now, we know that Japan is more blessed than the U.S. and China.

What really shows a majestic appearance is wealth accumulated in the Heaven but not a powerful "City" and a "Street" as well as a "Square", isn't it?

Best regards,


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Reading a Saudi Arabian Editorial

Reading a Saudi Arabian Editorial

In a certain newspaper released today in Japan, a summarized editorial of a certain newspaper of Saudi Arabia was introduced.

It argued that the U.S. had invaded Iraq on false grounds; the U.S. should have had effective plans to administrate and police Iraq after its surrender; and immediate pull-out of U.S. troops would extend conflicts and battles to the entire Arab regions.
* * *

North Korea was supported by China and the USSR in the Korean War in 1950's; and thus the U.S. could not win a complete victory.

North Vietnam was supported by China and the USSR, while being linked in various negative ways with the adjacent turmoil country Cambodia, in 1960's and early 70's; and thus the U.S. could not gain victory at all.

Iraq is directly surrounded by Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc., each of which seems to support different party in Iraq; and thus U.S. might not be able to get any kind of victories it wishes.
* * *

Nonetheless, this time, Saudi Arabia along with Kuwait, etc. is, unlike China and the USSR in the past, actually an allied country for the U.S.

More specifically, it seems to be Saudi Arabia along with Kuwait, etc. that will decide the ultimate fate and outcome of the U.S. military operations and presence in Iraq.

It seems that the U.S. cannot withdraw its troops from Iraq, leaving Saudi Arabia along with Kuwait, etc. vulnerable under military threat of hostile parties, without mentioning crude oil to be secured against the hostile parties.
* * *

There are many opinions on this issue in the U.S. as well as in the world.

But, if the surrounding countries and warring parties in Iraq do not mind possibility of the continuation of the present situation, with scores of civilian casualties per day, further for a decade or more, I am afraid that situations would follow their will despite wish of U.S. voters, taxpayers, and consumers.

But, will U.S. citizens really accept it, as long as Saudi Arabia along with Kuwait, etc. cooperates with the U.S. in preventing occurrence of another 9/11 terror on the mainland of the U.S.?
* * *

As I happened to read a reference to an editorial of a Saudi Arabian newspaper, I have decided to leave my memo here as God wishes.

(Today, it is actually Sunday in Japan. Yet, newsapapers are delivered, programs of politics are on air, and the Internet is busy. Yes, even if I live in the country, I will have to check these out, though with half a heart on Sunday.)