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To America from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Oman with Extravagant Money

Don't worry...Don't worry baby....

('Cause pebbles more than for Newton and Shakespeare...;
refer to EEE Reporter on Monday, April 17, 2006, or )

To America from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Oman with Extravagant Money

(Pour l'Amérique d'Arabie saoudite, Koweït, Bahreïn, Qatar, les Émirats arabes unis et Oman avec extravagantes argent)

The following facts should be first taken heed of:
1. A high level of oil prices is now pushing up prices of other commodities in Japan, manufacturing of which needs a great amount of crude oil and derivative petrochemical products.

2. A liter (about a quarter of a gallon) of gasoline is sold at 140 yen (1.2 dollars) in Japan today, which is fairly high even in this non-oil-producing second largest economy in the world, since it is more than double-priced than in the U.S.

3. The current balance of Saudi Arabia in 2006 reached its record high.

4. The current-account surplus of Saudi Arabia in 2006 is estimated to become 95.5 billion US dollars, up 6% on year-to-year basis.

5. The trade surplus of Saudi Arabia in 2006 was 148 billion US dollars , up 17.5% on year-to-year basis.

6. Saudi Arabia is the second largest financial resources next to the U.S. for poor nations in the world that send their laborers on a massive scale to foreign countries as guest workers.

Foreign laborers working in Saudi Arabia sent total 15.5 billion US dollars to their home countries. They are mostly from South Asia and the Philippines.

7. Main exporters to Saudi Arabia are the U.S., Japan, Germany, and China in order of export value. Notably, import from China to Saudi Arabia has been increasing drastically.

8. The total amount of possible invest funds, that is, money available for investment, accumulated in the Arab world is now estimated to reach 4.1 trillion dollars.

9. The total amount of overseas assets of the GCC states (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, and Oman) is 434 billion US dollars, 20% of which is invested in the US stock market, another 20% of which is invested in the long-term US Treasury bonds, and 7.9% of which is invested in the short-term US Treasury bonds.

In short, 50% of money available for investing abroad by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Oman is now directed to the U.S.

(Source: )

Then, in a non-emotional manner, we must judge the significance of the threat from AlQaeda and the true meaning of the War on Terror, which cannot be in principle addressed fully without determined cooperation from Islamic countries including the GCC states as well as Iran, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

In addition to almost 8,000 deaths of Americans related to the 9/11 terror and the US military campaign in the Middle East, you have to also take into account, for example, the following data:

You have to remember also that almost one million Iraqis were killed or injured since the launching of US military invasion of Iraq in early 2003.

The inevitable conclusion is that the U.S. can be regarded as continuing the War on Terror in Iraq to secure huge investment in US financial sector from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, and Oman, while sacrificing so many lives of US citizens and soldiers, which might be plausibly justified in comparison with the death toll in murder cases happening every year inside the U.S., but cannot be in fact so when taking into account lost Iraqi lives including so many children killed haplessly though under the gaze of Allah.

The subsequent moral conclusion is that the U.S. should find another way to secure huge investment from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, and Oman, without which a living standard of US rich people will be lowered probably by 10%, even if they want to continue bountiful life.

At least, next US Administration should find another way, except war, to save lives and living standards of poor US citizens.

As the time goes by, the more crude oil is used and the less its reserves will become, the more war and military operations may be adopted as a means to secure oil and money by the U.S. and other countries.

Japanese Government and politicians should tackle this issue in all seriousness, though they cannot still address the argument about propriety of free supply of fuels and water to naval ships of the U.S., the U.K., Pakistan and so on on the Indian Ocean as a proof of Japan's engagement in the War on Terror in Afghanistan, though the operation has cost more than 200 million US dollars for Japanese tax payers in these four years.

(Crude oil, remrakably looking like black blood of lives and organisms in geological ages, and human blood, red for every race, are now being exchanged with dollars that make rich Muslims and rich Americans richer.

That is why I am telling you that you should not be part of this prosperity.

It is for you not to be held responsible for this global tragedy by the God or Allah.

For example, look at Japan that has become so less sinfully prosperous in comparison with those rich Muslims and rich Americans.

Indeed, you should have been born in Japan instead of the USA.

Truly, you should have been so, if you were born in New York or, say, Paris.)

"...'and whoever lives and believes in me will never die'..."

(...und wer lebt und sich auf mich verlasst, wird niemals sterben...)


Friday, October 12, 2007

Divine Comedy 2007 (XIX)

Divine Comedy 2007 (XIX)
[Comédie Divin 2007 - XIX]

1. L'Assommoir and Human-Beings
Last night an NHK satellite channel presented the French movie "L'Assommoir" based on Emile Zola's novel written in 1876.

The night before, on a cable TV channel, I happened to see a Japanese movie, titled "Nin-gen (human beings)," directed by Kaneto Shindo in 1962.

I could not enjoy them in full hours, since I had to turn the channel for various reasons.

The two are both monochrome movies.

The both dealt with poor people falling down into madness and ruin in daily life or on edge of life, which without love should not be handled even by an artist.

2. Tokyo-Area Train Stations Malfunctioned
This morning, in many railroad stations around Tokyo, there were big troubles on automatic checkers of tickets and electronic train-pass (IC) cards.

(Though different makers provide the checking gate systems for railroad companies such as JR East, it is one maker that has installed and operated the failed systems.)

The automatic tickets/pass checking systems in each station are all connected to a central system through communications lines. If the central system located somewhere in Tokyo rejected data being sent from each automated checking gate, the gate can be disabled.

Conversely, if computer software used in the central system got malfunction and rejected every correct data sent from each entrance machine of every station connected online, all the electronically operated gates might get an order to close them from the central computer or a local computer attached to the gates.

Anyway, 2.6 million commuters at almost 700 stations in and around Tokyo have suffered the trouble this Friday morning due to malfunction of station-admission control systems.

3. Mrs. Tanaka vs. Prime Minister Mr. Fukuda
This morning I was watching Diet proceeding on TV, probably like so many people still being attracted by the legendary name "Kakuei Tanaka" or his daughter often simply called "Makiko."

In a committee of the Lower House, former Foreign Minister Mrs. Makiko Tanaka questioned Prime Minister Mr. Yasuo Fukuda on several issues, such as Japan-North Korea diplomatic relationships including the abduction case.

Several years ago, a majority of voters expected Mrs. Tanaka to become prime minister, which has not been realized, though she helped Mr. Junichiro Koizumi chosen as prime minister.

Indeed, a decade ago, nobody predicted that Mr. Fukuda would assume the premiership someday, though he is the son of Takeo Fukuda inaugurated as prime minister in late 1970's.

Interestingly, the father of Mrs. Tanaka, Kakuei Tanaka with abundant financial resources took over the leadership position of the Liberal Democratic Party in early 1970's to become prime minister of Japan, defeating Takeo Fukuda, a mainstream politician in a traditional sense, through fierce intra-party struggles.

More interestingly, Mrs. Makiko Tanaka and Prime Minister Mr. Yasuo Fukuda were once in the same cabinet under then prime minister Mr. Koizumi.

They are now in competing parties. But, the two politicians look very normal and balanced, while Japan's political sector has experienced a kind of seismic changes since 1970's.

4. Japanese Politician in Myanmar
A Diet member of the Democratic Party of Japan, Mr. Katsuya Okada made his campaign poster showing himself holding a little Myanmar boy.

He visited Myanmar a month ago or so and reported that a price of gasoline went up five to seven times higher than before in the Southeast Asia country under military administration.

The current leader of the Democratic Party of Japan Mr. Ichiro Ozawa was once a faithful follower of the father of Mrs. Makiko Tanaka.

As Japanese politicians today in general look so docile and less wild, Mr. Ichiro Ozawa looks like standing out with an old flavor, good or bad, rooted in 1970's.

Maybe, Mr. Okada, always trying to be serious and even traveling to Myanmar in contradiction to ordinary politician's career strategy, made Mr. Ozawa's classical stance so standing out.

We need politicians or leaders who never go mad or get insane in any situations and in any longer period of time in their career.

(If you follow Jesus Christ, you never get mad or insane.

But, with what degree of human tragedy or social tragedy, should we show our normalcy so as to prove our faith?

However, skipping the process of insanity and directly jumping into evil seems to be a modern mode of devil's operation on human beings nowadays.

If your life has nothing to do with insanity and evil, you are truly blessed.)

"...So he threw off his cloak, jumped up, and came to Jesus..."
(Da sprang der Blinder auf, warf seinen Mantel ab und kam zu Jesus)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One of the Titles Most Difficult to Buy in Japan

School of Japanese killifish? Jonathan Livingston Seagull & Co.!

One of the Titles Most Difficult to Buy in Japan
(Un titre le plus difficile à acheter au Japon)

You can buy almost any books in Japan (though law forbids some). I meant that you can buy books which are even forbidden in Israel, Saudi Arabia, or China.

Every year, the total value of sales of printed books in Japan is, roughly speaking, about one trillion yen (8.7 billion dollars); the total value of monthly magazines is also about one trillion yen (8.7 billion dollars); and weekly magazines about 300 billion yen (2.6 billion dollars).

In the U.S., the total value of sales of printed books is estimated to be about 23.4 billion dollars in 2003.

However, if a book is titled "University of Tokyo Faculty of Law," almost every Japanese will have a complex feeling whether he or she buys it or not.

Yet, I happened to buy it.

If a foreigner learns Japan or the Japanese language for real, he or she must understand this complex feeling every Japanese will have when facing the word "University of Tokyo Faculty of Law."

It was once an absolute symbol of elites in Japan in various fields, including judiciary, politics, administration, economy, industry, culture, social science, and so on.

But, nowadays, its face value has drastically declined.

It is said that professors are not providing excellent education and training to students.

There, reportedly, are no noteworthy academic results from research activities of the faculty.

Students are still just trying to be elite bureaucrats or lawyers or judges if they are not dreaming of becoming billionaires in the financial sector or highly-paid workers in successful foreign companies.

I think that what University of Tokyo Faculty of Law fatally lacks is its sincere efforts to learn God or Allah or the world religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and so on.

In addition, there are many graduates of the faculty who do not look like having sufficient common sense to serve the people as a prime minister, a minister, a deputy minister, a vice minister, or an assistant minister of any Governmental department or agency of Japan.

I am afraid that University of Tokyo Faculty of Law cannot yet surpass the Vatican in terms of cultural and political ability as well as intellectual power.

Then what blog should they read?

(Jesus Christ has not graduated from any college or university.

In principle, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you do not have to be involved in a talk about schools.

A college or a university that does not pay the utmost or maximum respect to Jesus Christ may fall into a gang of fools.

Now, who do you respect or despise? Blindly a graduate of University of Tokyo Faculty of Law?)

"...For God sends His son not to be a judge, but to be a savior in this world ...."

(ein Richter nicht zu sein, aber ein Retter zu sein)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What US Secretary of the Treasury Should Learn

The sky, the sea, and...The sky, the sea, and...The sky, the sea, and... the Sagami Bay!
(Der Himmel, das Meer und die Sagami Bucht!)

What US Secretary of the Treasury Should Learn
(Quel secrétaire des USA du trésor devrait apprendre)

In India, electric power stolen during transmission accounts for 50% of all the power generated and supplied to market, to a big surprise of poor Americans.

A certain Japanese TV station introduced how power is being stolen on a street of cities, towns, and villages in India. They just use a long metal wire formed in a shape of a hook at one end to hook the wire over an overhead electric cable on a street.

In India, a majority of poor people still claim that water and electricity must be free; otherwise they cannot subsist, which central and local government officials seem to well understand.

This is a sad fact and truth of rising and emerging economic power in the world. China has also its own similar problems, while American elites never stop showing their expectation for expanded business chances in India and China while advertising that the era of Japan is almost over.

What should be over is their ignorance and arrogance, since they are dangerous to Japan and poor Americans as well as Muslims.
* * *

Two Indian economists, Mr. Mukesh Eswaran and Mr. Ashok Kotwal, wrote in 1994 a book titled "Why Poverty Persists in India - A Framework for Understanding the Indian Economy."

This book is very useful especially for young Americans dreaming of his future, say, in a position such as the US Secretary of the Treasury or a Chairman of a powerful financial company in the Wall Street.

If you master a skill to move money and credits in the market domestic or global and get unforgiving profits, you should not become the US Secretary of the Treasury or a Chairman of a powerful financial institute in the Wall Street, since your lack of insight in world history, culture, and religions as well as humanity would lead the world to a dangerous direction.
* * *

Until the 19th century, Western European countries had established hegemony all over the world, leveraging their industrial power, including modern weapons, based on intelligence cultivated by Christianity (which means abuse of teachings of Jesus Christ).

Then, there were four major regions having decisive relationships with Western European countries: North America and Australia, Latin America, India, and Japan.

Except Japan, the three regions offered and provided agriculture products in large quantity for Western European countries while importing modern industrial products in a large amount.

India as a colony of the U.K. immediately got poorer; Latin America as half colonies by Spanish and Portuguese thrived for a while but eventually got poorer; but North America and Australia as members of the Anglo-Saxon cultural sphere could sustain boom and succeed in founding its industrial base.

Trade with Western European countries devastated India, put Latin America to a stand, but helped North America and Australia advance to their own industrial revolution leveraging profits earned through export of agricultural products to Western European countries.

But, Japan had an agricultural capacity only sufficient for sustaining itself. Japan had to from the beginning tackle the industrialization.
* * *

Here emerges a very important aspect concerning the limit of intellectual power of Europeans and some American elites.

Traditionally, as they leveraged or abused intellectual power they had obtained from traditions of Christianity, Europeans and some American elites though that Asians, indigenous Americans, and Africans without traditions of Christianity could not understand philosophies, science, engineering, and systems of the Western Civilization.

So, they commonly thought that Asians, indigenous Americans, and Africans had no way for survival except becoming a colony or a half colony of a European country.

(But, a class of Europeans, such as Francisco de Xavier, Schliemann, Einstein, and even Chaplin, all admired excellency of humanity of Japanese and a higher cultural level of Japan when they visited Japan.)

In fact, Japan proved that traditions based on Buddhism, ancient Chinese philosophies, and unique Japanese culture give the Japanese race ability and capability equal to, or more than, that Europeans had acquired through their traditions of Christianity.

Indeed, Japan rapidly got industrialized and became an exporter of industrial goods, including traditional craft products of higher quality.

Consequently, in the first half of the 20th century, Japan only succeeded, among nations without Christian traditions, in the international arena in terms of sustainable modernization and growth of national strength.

(China had fallen into chaos since the fall of the Qing dynasty. China could only start to fully advance to the right direction after Japan started to prop up and invest in China for real in 1970's.)
* * *

Therefore, young Americans dreaming of his future, say, in a position such as the US Secretary of the Treasury or a Chairman of a powerful financial company in the Wall Street should understand that Japan proved that traditions based on Buddhism, ancient Chinese philosophies, and unique Japanese culture give ability and capability equal to, or more than, that Europeans had acquired through their traditions of Christianity.

That is why while Latin American countries failed, Japan succeeded in these centuries, which most of US Secretaries of the Treasury or Chairmen of powerful financial companies in the Wall Street could not understand.
* * *

The book "Why Poverty Persists in India - A Framework for Understanding the Indian Economy" was translated into Japanese in 2000.

If American elites had had a correct view on Asia and Japan, they would have respected Japanese more, which might have led to improvement of their attitudes to other people in Asia in general so as to avoid causing personal grudge and hatred among some Muslims against certain Americans.

As they failed, I am now expecting poor Americans to have a correct view on Asia and Japan so as to avoid another 9/11 terror eventually.

(Poor Americans include of course African Americans. As long as they are African Americans, each of them, such as Ms. Marion Jones, is of course regarded as one of poor Americans, since they truly need the Messiah.

As for Japanese Americans, I cannot tell if they think they are becoming part of the American elite society.

Conversely, do you want to be part of the elite society in Japan, as they love Western European culture so much except Christianity?)



Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Miracles so Apparent

Miracles so Apparent
(Les miracles si évidents)

Recently EEE Reporter has been found to be prophetic, which can be regarded as a kind of miracles.

On August 30, 2007, I wrote "A Town Difficult to Find In Europe" in which I reported on a Japanese traveler around Modena in Italy.

Then on September 9, the celebrated Italian tenor in operatic music Luciano Pavarotti died in Modena.

On September 26, 2007, I wrote "Too Many Murder Cases" in which I suggested that contribution to elimination of murders is more important than, say, wining a Nobel Prize.

Then on September 27, the Japanese photojournalist Kenji Nagai was shot to death. It is also well known that Myanmar heroine Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

Statistics of fallen journalists in the world:
* * *

But the miracle should be essentially for revealing the glory of God or Allah to mankind.

The biggest miracle for you should be the very fact that a certain human being, namely you, was born and be living now with self-consciousness of being yourself in addition to a unique mind and heart in this specific era.

That is why how far your mind is now from the love of God is at stake.
* * *

One wonder I am always amazed at is that fact that the moon looks the same as the sun, in terms of apparent size, from the ground of the earth.

Mankind has taken it for granted. Mankind has thought it is a norm that a satellite appears in the same size as a fixed star from its parent planet.

But it is almost impossible for a civilized species on any planet to observe such a satellite during its period of allowed existence on a planet.

Especially when thinking about the origin of our moon, I wonder how rare it would be that the moon created in a hugely rough manner looks the same as the sun in terms of apparent size from the ground of the earth.

* * *

Nonetheless, most of mankind would laugh at such a thought, saying that it all happened by chance.

But, when you look up at the sky to confirm that the moon and the sun look the same in terms of size, you must know that there is no such a physical rule that the moon should look like so from the earth.

The moon can be smaller or larger. The possibility that the moon can be smaller or larger, thus appearing smaller or larger than the sun, is extremely high.

(The proportion of the moon's size to the earth's [one to four in the diameter] is also very large when compared with that of other ordinary satellite to its parent planet.)

The angular diameter of the moon is between 29 to 33 arc-minutes while the sun's is 32 arc-minutes.

That is why solar eclipse and annular eclipse can happen.
* * *

What's more, as the moon was formed initially nearer to the earth and then has been receding away from the earth since then (actually 3.8cm or an inch per year), the apparent size of the moon has been also changing.

If intellectual life, namely mankind, was established on the earth earlier or later than the real history, we must have seen a smaller or a larger moon today. There might be no annular eclipse in the sky above.

Put simply, that fact that mankind sees the moon in the same apparent size as the sun is a true miracle, since such a chance or a probability is almost nil, especially in terms of the historical timing of evolution of mankind.
* * *

The fact that the moon and the sun look like the same in terms of apparent size to mankind must have had a very profound and great influence on development of mentality and spirituality of mankind.

In the human history, the sun and the moon were treated in a pair or in parallel, though in contrast, when human philosophies, religions, and myths were conceived, developed and deepened.

I really think it can be found even in development of dualism:

Conversely, mankind could not have sufficiently developed the concept of good and bad, Heaven and the hell, or love and coldness unless the moon and the sun look like the same in terms of apparent size to mankind.

If aliens in the outer space or from other planet happened to emerge and evolve in a different planet-satellite system, they might not have the same ethics as mankind on the earth has.

From a different point of view, whenever we look up at the sky, we have to see the love and intention of God to mankind, since the moon is the gift from God.
* * *

If the above said earth-moon system was planned and designed by the God from the beginning of the universe, it is really amazing.

Indeed, the God is almighty and omnipotent, the proof of which has been always there in the sky!

Truly, the God has not only created the earth and mankind but also prepared the moon that looks the same as the sun in terms of apparent size to the eyes of evolving mankind, in order to promote development of philosophy, religion, and culture, by taking such a slight chance for the superb creation and alignment of the moon!

Therefore, the God not only created you but also must have prepared somebody in order for you to develop your love to God or Allah as well as neighbors.

That somebody might be very easy to find, just like for you to find the moon in the sky in most of nights and days, since it is apparently as large as the sun.

(As a reference for how a thing would happen and settle down, using an example of the creation of the moon: )

"...because he is my follower and will certainly have a reward..."

(weil er mein Nachfolger ist und zweifellos eine Belohnung haben wird)


Monday, October 08, 2007

Autumn Sporting

Autumn Sporting
(sport d'automne)

Ms. Marion Jones admitted that she did not deserve honors she had won in various races due to her fatal mistakes:
In October of 2007 Jones admitted to having taken steroids before the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. This may result in the loss of her three gold and two bronze 2000 Olympic medals.

Mr. Naoto Amaki, a Japanese ex-diplomat and critic, has praised her for her courage in admitting her past fault (though he has also added that what she did could not be overlooked), while Japanese politicians and high-ranking bureaucrats will not admit their lies on various political issues, especially concerning a bill that allows Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force to supply fuels and water for free to the naval ships of the U.S., the U.K., Pakistan, and so on.

Yet, his argument on Ms. Marion Jones includes a view that she had a splendor potential without which no drugs would lead her to gold medals.

Of course, I think that Jesus Christ does not blame Ms. Marion Jones.

I hope that she will contribute to improvement of the world of mankind.
* * *

As for Japanese professional athletes, when they have become global players, I suppose, they must experience a kind of culture shock. In addition, one mistake at a global stage will be fatal, though, not because a whole ability of an athlete is correctly judged on the occasion but as a kind of rules of gamble as the nature of professional sports.

In soccer, Shunsuke Nakamura may be an interesting example. He dose not look like a worrier type or a tough-guy type, but he is a kind of typical Japanese geniuses who look of slight build and less aggressive but accurate in control and judgment though they sometimes have strong likes or dislikes.

Another star player in soccer, Hidetoshi Nakata is of a quite different type. However, if I were a coach of a team, I would prefer Nakamura's talent to Nakata's toughness and honest play in addition to his ruling passion.

In last night's Fuji TV's program presenting Mr. Hidetoshi Nakata traveling in the Middle East, I found an answer as to why he did not look like exerting his physical power more flexibly on running on a pitch.

He cannot eat vegetables.

It is a problem beyond having strong likes or dislikes. It can be fatal. It is nice for him to be considering his second career now on the desert under the gaze of Allah.
* * *

For example, former Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Naoto Amaki once made right-about-face in his career to criticize the Government as a citizen, specifically for example, on a secret pact between Japan and the U.S. on U.S. nuclear weapons brought in Okinawa.

Being a pious and humble citizen, with whatever political likes and dislikes, is more blessed than being materially blessed as a celebrity without any critical ability.

It is because what matters is not individual success but improvement of the world of mankind.

(But, what once truly moved Japanese was Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi's saving of so many powerful and skillful kicks in a soccer match against Brazil at Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, which led to confidence in Japan's hosting of the World Cup Soccer Games in 2002 in Japan [and Korea]. .

Finally, I wish success of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 as well as the possible first Olympic Games in India and second Olympic Games in Tokyo...)



Sunday, October 07, 2007

This Morning on the Pacific Coast

This morning on the Pacific coast
(Heute morgen auf der Pazifikküste)

Maybe the teaching for the summer:
Mar 7:27 But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.

Mar 7:28 And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs.

Mar 7:29 And he said unto her, For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter.

Mar 7:30 And when she was come to her house, she found the devil gone out, and her daughter laid upon the bed.

Mar 7:31 And again, departing from the coasts of Tyre and Sidon, he came unto the sea of Galilee, through the midst of the coasts of Decapolis.

(Peut-être l'enseignement pour l'été)