Saturday, January 19, 2008

M3, CIA, FBI, FRB, SEC, and New President

(Mt. Fuji 100km Far, in the middle of January 2008)

M3, CIA, FBI, FRB, SEC, and New President

(M3, CIA, le FBI, FRB, la SEC et du Nouveau président)

SECTION I: Crazy Increase in Money since 1995

As of September 2004, the total of money supply is as follows:

Currency (M1): $688.2 billion
Demand Deposits (M1): $321.0 billion
Other Checkable Deposits (M1): $319.5 billion

Savings Deposits (M2): $3,472.5 billion
Small-denomination time deposits (M2): $795.6 billion
Retail money funds (M2): $729.5 billion

Institutional money funds (M3): $1,071.6 billion
Large-denomination time deposits (M3): $1,018.2 billion
Repurchase Agreements (M3): $537.2 billion
Eurodollars (M3): $322.2 billion

Total Sum (M1+M2+M3): $9,311.7 billion

SECTION II: Power of IT and Productivity Leap

Here you can also confirm what PCs and the Internet brought about to the US society and the global money market.

Truly, the technical innovation led by Windows 95 OS and the Pentium Processors has made people twice crazy on money.

It is not because US workers suddenly started to work 16 hours per day in 1995. It is not because American poor people suddenly started to work twice more per day in 1995.

It is because high-paid businessmen and businesswomen suddenly got software and hardware based on Windows 95 OS and the Intel processors that enabled them to circulate money twice and more per day from their office in high-raised buildings, such as WTC towers, in New York.

Consequently, the number of millionaires in the U.S. got doubled since 1995 to today, accounting for 10% of all the American households.

However, 60% of Americans look unhappy and 50% of Americans are going to support "Hillary" or "Barack," both unthinkable Presidential candidates if in 1995.

SECTION III: CIA and FBI under Money Boom

It is said that even staff members of CIA and FBI were engulfed by this surge of money boom around 2000.

Inevitably, almost no one cared about a rumor about AlQaeda's movement toward probable terror in yet unidentified place in the summer of 2001, since even key members of law-enforcement agencies looked like chasing individual chances for becoming a millionaire in their connection with the financial market or on-line money transaction systems.

But, any frenzy could be halted someday.

The 9/11 terror gave the inevitable psychological shocks to financial sector workers as well as staff members of CIA and FBI.

Now, NYSE indexes have peaked around 13,000 dollar level for a length of time.

The abuse of computer power came to its worst peak with the sub-prime loan schemes applied to poor Americans.

It may be also telling that some members of CIA and FBI, in addition to FRB and SEC, have not fully come back to their right sense even after the 9/11 terror until the media coverage of the chain reaction of financial disasters triggered by the sub-prime loan problem.

Finally, the reason why no terror has occurred in the US since 2001 is apparent.

The staff members of the related departments and agencies are today less poisoned by the money boom, so that they are more faithfully performing their duties at least on national security than in the summer of 2001.

SECTION IV: Last Effect of Money Boom, "Hillary" or "Barack"

First of all, even Mr. Osama bin Laden had neither expected the total collapse of the WTC towers nor targeted specific US high-ranking officials, such as the President and the Vice-President.

(The scene in the underground shelter of the White House on the 9/11 attack a then high-ranking White House official described in his memoir tells true dismay among the Bush Administration, in addition to the wake the Air Force One made after leaving a Florida airport with the President with bemused expressions on board; it is bewilderment close to a kind of fear of a suddenly forced war.)

It was by accident from a human point of view.

If the two towers had stood against flying-in passenger planes, the things might have been different and very different.

There must not have been the invasion of Iraq and the reelection of Mr. George Bush.

Accordingly the US Presidential Election campaigns today must be very different with very different politicians running.

The War on Terror had once a narcotic effect on anybody with any stings of conscience in terms of unethical money chasing and failed terrorists chasing.

But, five years after the invasion of Iraq, people getting cool and cooler have come to think that something is wrong.

And, now they have found two superstars, a female candidate for the US President and a minority-origin candidate for the US President.

Whoever will be elected as the next US President, she or he must control and maintain discipline among staff members of FBI, CIA, FRB, and SEC to avoid the next terror and the next financial and loan crimes.

It is because people in power can do anything, including the setting up of any conspiracy theories, with a fraction of money the financial sector would provide for any justification and concealment of their illegal transactions.

And, that fraction of money can be a trillion dollars as you realize when checking the above chart and figures.

Can "Hillary" or "Barack" stand without losing composure a trillion dollar temptation?
* * *

Now whose love or faith has been boosted up as high as M3 in 1995 and later?

That is a true question and an issue here.

But, as even in Japan, still some people are arguing about conspiracy theories, in a dubious manner regardless of a percentage of truth contained there, and CIA's excessive covert interference in Japanese politics, no matter how deep in its background may be, I think I have to refer to the things since 1995, through 2001, and to 2008 Presidential Election in the above context.

(A conspiracy theory an organized crime has concocted taking in part of truth can be a kind of terror, since fear and hatred would arose from a mind haunted by a very superficially truthful theory so as to suppress effective thinking and constructive activities toward, say, true democracy, peace, and a true war against poverty.

With billion dollars, you can formulate and disseminate any conspiracy theory, since the fear and hatred is a key to the plot of hiding the core of truth by presenting some peripheral facts and evidences in a certain conspiracy theory.)

Nonetheless, everything has happened under the gaze of God or Allah.

What pleases Him is not the crazy surge of an amount of money and funds being circulated over the high-speed telecommunications links from computers in offices in buildings, such as, say, the WTC towers.

This is my message to both poor Americans and key figures in the US Government including the next President yet to be.

(Have your faith and love been boosted up so high, say, since this New Year Season?

I am telling this, since I have even taken the picture of Mt. Fuji on January 1, the holiest day in Japan.

I am truly telling this, since we are given a next day and a next week by the God Almighty.)


(Der wahre und der falsche Geist)


Friday, January 18, 2008

It Snowed in Kyoto and Tokyo

(The Kanto Plain toward east-northeast of Tokyo from its north)

It Snowed in Kyoto and Tokyo

(Il a neigé à Kyoto et Tokyo.)

Now, half of Japan is under snowing.

Regardless of the Sea of Japan's coats or the Pacific Ocean's coasts, the north half of the Japanese Archipelago is under the snowing conditions.

But, even in its south half, if faced with the Sea of Japan, it can be often snowing.

Especially Kyoto, 500km west-southwest of Tokyo, can have more snow than in Tokyo, since Kyoto Prefecture faces the Sea of Japan.

And Tokyo, blown by a sea wind, had the first snow of this year yesterday or a day before, though it was just humble spattering.

SECTION I: Spies from the Cold

Last night I got a once-in-a-decade kind of reports from a Japan's TV news program after my work late in the night.

A Russian spy bribed one of Cabinet Research Officers of the Japanese Government.

The Russian, working in the Russian Embassy in Tokyo, paid US$40,000 over several years to the Japanese officer to get some information.

It is very rare in Japan that such an incident is made public, though there are astonishingly no laws in Japan that punish a Japanese citizen for his act of treachery against Japan, which however is very Christian.

It is said that North Korea did, could and can still use, as a kind of spies, hundreds of thousands of North Korean residents in Japan who have been living in the Japanese society before and after WWII.

It is also said that any Chinese visiting Japan with any official titles, including a diplomat, a professor, and a researcher, are a kind of spies.

The issue is that politicians in democratic society are vulnerable to spies from the outside who would donate a big money to their political campaigns and activities.

But, Japanese laws never allow such public spending; the Government budget and political party payments are officially checked by its Parliament, the Board of Audit, tax offices, and so on.

Japan cannot bribe foreign politicians due to its basically Christian Constitution system.

Only what the Japanese Government, ruling parties, or pro-US politicians can do may be offer military bases on the territory of Japan almost free to the US Government.

Most of living costs of US soldiers in Japan are paid by the Japanese Government, though US voters and taxpayers as well as deans of Harvard do not seem to be informed well of this very important fact.

Anyway, once there were many conservative Japanese politicians with a strong tie with North Korea (some of whom lost their status during the era of premiership of Mr. Jyunichiro Koizumi).

Now, Chinese agents supported by huge funds seem to be enjoying free activities in the Japanese society, though they do not look very harmful, since China and the U.S. are in good terms together advancing to the success of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and huge financial mutual dependence.

In addition, winter in Beijing and Pyongyang is colder than in Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, or Warsaw.

SECTION II. A Poor Woman in Japan

I read a letter from a female reader to an agony column of a certain Japanese newspaper.

She wrote that she had been bullied by the late mother of her husband since she had married, though she was blessed with good children.

But, her husband never helped her.

Now, she is given a pain by a sister of her husband who often brings her children to her original home where the poster of the letter and her husband live.

Children of her sister-in-law are rude and violent, showing no respect to their aunt-in-law.

But, her husband has never helped her.

Once it was common in Japan that the eldest son of a family lived with their parents in the parent's home. Therefore, the wife of the eldest son was sometimes forced to serve her parents-in-law just like a servant.

This is an example of still one of the gravest social issues in Japan, since such a situation often leads to a tragic incident, if not spousal violence.

But, of course, spying out a secret of other family is a sin, a very grave sin, if not for imminent prevention of child abuse or something like that, in my view.

SECTION III. Divorced President

If a man or a woman who have married three times becomes the US President, we must be truly alerted, though we do not have to be against a madam President or a minority-origin President.

Though the Vatican does not seem to mind such a thing nowadays, US Christians and poor Americans should be really alerted.

US Christians and poor Americans should also remember that leaders of China and North Korea never respect Jesus Christ.

Their female spy might become the second or third wife of a US President someday.

US Christians and poor Americans should realize that the reason of their existence is to supersede the Vatican.

It is because the God allowed Columbus to discover the new continent America for that purpose.
* * *

And now, I hope you will have a happy weekend, though I don't recommend you Las Vegas, since espionage agents and mafias love such a world.

In that case, you had better be blown by the wind, since an answer is blown high over the Kanto Plain, the last reach of the General Winter from Siberia.

(This Sunday is January 20, isn't it?
Last year it was January 21.

Indeed, we have to change the calendar system.
We need no months but 365 days or 366 days in a yearly calendar.

The days corresponding to multiples of 7 should be Sunday.
We should call a day, say, "the 210th day of the year, Sunday" or so.)


(Erhalten Sie Ihre Freiheit!)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Indeed The Tower of Babel

(A City Around Tokyo)

Indeed The Tower of Babel
(En effet, la Tour de Babel)

SECTION I: "Hillary" vs. "Black" Voters

Last night in Japan a TV news caster looking like a remote cousin of Mona Lisa said that Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton has faced another tough challenge: "Black" voters.

Indeed, it is a deeply rooted issue, since they wrote: "So now Barack Hussein Obama and his supporters are playing the 'race card'. A desperate attempt at division and hate. I thought that was the Republican policy?"

Truly, an FEN radio reported that former Secretary of the Treasury Mr. Lawrence Summers said that this year the U.S. would get into a recession, not a matter of possibility but high probability.

If I were a Democratic candidate for the US President, I might address, "Black men have red blood. I have red blood. I am a kind of a black man, 100%, as so proven by my blood!"

And, I would conclude a financial peace treaty with Japan as we have already a kind of a military peace treaty between the U.S. and Japan, though I would not much trust in Harvard deans, since they don't know almost anything critical about history and culture of Japan, the second strongest country in the world and the number one Asian country all through the 20th century to today.

(However, I also recommend this idea to "Mitt," too, since we are all a kind of "black," including Israelite Americans.)

SECTION II: Tower of Bubble

The next US President to be must first look at the following chart:

For more accurate and authentic figure, refer to

This figure also corroborates my theory of "Windows 1995 Effect on US Economy."

And, remember since 1995 the number of Americans who have one million dollars or more assets is doubled up to this day, accounting 10% of all the households of the U.S.

(As 7.5 million US households are regarded as being a millionaire, 7.5 trillion dollars [= 7.5 million multiplied by one million dollars] must have been actually taken by these families in this period in proportion to the steep portion of the above graph, though 1500 billion dollars means 1.5 triilion dollars.)

The next US President to be, if he or she is one of such new millionaires, must address this crisis of the "Tower of Money Bubble."

My suggestion is that partial disassembly of the tower is better than total collapse of the tower.

At least it was proven in 2001 that if the amount of institutional monetary funds exceeded 500 billion dollars, staff members and officials of CIA and FBI would lose incentives to work hard, receive salary, and get content with it.

They would check financial charts and market information instead of terror report in their office in such a trend of the capitalist society.

SECTION III: Theory of Windows 1995 Effect on US Economy

The sequence of the effect is as follows:
Especially, software used in financial sectors is a key to multiplier effect in the stock exchange and the bond market as well as securitization handling.

SEC, all for fairness and security of the global market, should order all the related businesses to make public software products they are using to circulate money in the market.
* * *

To your astonishment, they just like to accumulate big money.

They like to see poor people suffering due to the lack of money.

That is why they love big money so much, while they cannot even use it for, say, the peace of the world or a victory over terror!

But, the new US President to be must not be such a person who holds the poor in derision, since the God or Allah loves the poor.

(A relatively young woman in Japan was yesterday awarded a notable literature prize.

But, she speaks a dialect: "Osaka-ben" or "Kanasi-ben."

The only dialect you can hear in Tokyo is this Osaka-ben, since Osaka is the strongest city next to Tokyo.

Yet, do you like to hear it, say, in the national assembly or in a TV studio?

I don't think, for another example, the British respect those South Asians or Africans speaking English with unique intonation.

Do the Mafias speak like candidates for the US Presidency?)

"...Babylon's idols are put to shame...."

(Babylon's Götzen werden zu schämen)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



(Vivre c'est le Christ)

SECTION 1: "Lisa, Wasn't Leonard Weird?"

They are reporting everywhere, from the late-night news program to New York Times Online, that the model of Leonard da Vinci's famous picture of a lady, 500 years ago, has been confirmed as "Lisa del Giocondo, wife of Florentine businessman Francesco del Giocondo."

I cannot feel any light of faithfulness to God in works of Leonard da Vinci. But, his touch of a pagan spirit, however, with modern exactness has really appealed to Europeans for centuries or 500 years to the extent that Leonard is regarded as anti-Christ.

I don't know what exchange of words or emotions was done between the painter and the sitter.

But what matters to an artist must be his talent, through which he can connect himself to God, but neither his work nor a model. If an artist sticks to a work portraying a certain model, it is no more a painting of art for the interest of society but a picture of his personal memory.

You had better stop to show a mean interest or curiosity in a remnant of emotional exchange between a faithless painter and a pious lady 500 years ago.


Leonard da Vinci did not respect Jesus Christ. But, he painted the Last Supper.

Mar 14:17 And in the evening he cometh with the twelve.

Mar 14:18 And as they sat and did eat, Jesus said, Verily I say unto you, One of you which eateth with me shall betray me.

Mar 14:19 And they began to be sorrowful, and to say unto him one by one, Is it I? and another said, Is it I?

Mar 14:20 And he answered and said unto them, It is one of the twelve, that dippeth with me in the dish.

Mar 14:21 The Son of man indeed goeth, as it is written of him: but woe to that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! good were it for that man if he had never been born.

Mar 14:22 And as they did eat, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and brake it, and gave to them, and said, Take, eat: this is my body.

Mar 14:23 And he took the cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them: and they all drank of it.

Mar 14:24 And he said unto them, This is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many.

Mar 14:25 Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God.

Mar 14:26 And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives.

Jesus Christ did not tell anybody not to betray Him, or tell others to hold and stop the betrayer.

Jesus Christ, however, completely suppressed their commotion at the last supper by performing a ritual with bread and wine and by singing a hymn.

The meaning of "betrayal" might have been misunderstood for 2000 years, since it is impossible to believe that He could not persuade one of His elite disciples having been trained and educated so much to follow God but not the Satan.

Then blame should be placed on the Church not on the painter of the "Last Supper," since it was almost 900 years after the emergence of Islam.

SECTION 3: Economics without Ethics

I checked a book containing writings by scores of Japanese economists and professors.

( )

It is clear that no experts in this field have the ability to argue ethics as the most important factor in human activities including economic performance and business life.

Just like I don't feel any sincere quest of ethics in works of art created by Leonard da Vinci, I feel a kind of flaw in intelligence or personality, which should be based on ethics, of most of those economists and scholars in terms of ethics, though the authors of texts in the book are all Japanese but not Europeans and Americans in this profession.

Economy is to make your neighbors, but not yourself, happy, according to a principle of Jesus' Economy.
* * *

What is reflected in the picture of Mona Lisa is the feeling the model had to the painter Leonard da Vinci. She must have understood him but not loved him at all, since he looked weird somehow, in my view. An angel must have been on her side but not on da Vinci's side.

Modern economists all look like da Vinci.

No ethics but technicality only.

While da Vinci was painting Mona Lisa, Columbus had discovered the new continent America where no one would feel like painting such pictures, though they might face great temptation of gold and oil which would take away such an expression of woman's emotion from the civilization, however, centuries later.

Conversely, it was the age when such an expression was getting rare even among Italian ladies, in my humble view; hence we could regard Mona Lisa as such a historical record.

(According to one theory, change in prices of some luxury goods might be correlated with a change in the stock market price index.

I suppose that a change in popularity of da Vinci's works might be correlated with a change in a kind of social trends, not so favorable to both believers and the Church.

Therefore, Mesdemoiselles, you had better be taken as an analogy of Mother Mary, Jean of Arc, or, say, Marie Curie, but not Mona Liza, since bad guys seem to have been all around Lisa del Giocondo for 500 years.)

"..worked with one hand and kept the weapon in another..."

(arbeitete mit einer Hand gehalten und die Waffe in einem anderen)


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty or More"

(The north-west end of the Kanto Plain toward the volcano Asama, 200km from Tokyo)

"Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty or More"

("Dix, vingt, trente, quarante, cinquante ou plus")

SECTION 1: Snoopy Challenged the German to a Real Dogfight

A Japan's late-night news program presented, last night, a very rare report on the training of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force with F-15s.

However, it is not a paradigm of the 21st century's air battles they are engaged in, in my view.

In this century, the air defense should not rely on fighter planes but surface-to-air missiles, air-to-air missiles, or antiaircraft laser guns.

You can fire an intelligent missile that can fly fast over a 100 km distance or so with a speed and a size that never allows itself to be shot by an enemy plane invading each of which will be targeted at by several missiles, since we will have plenty of them.

Another point is that a cost of one missile will be small, since we will deploy 10,000 missiles along the coast lines. If China, North Korea, Russia, and even South Korea know that Japan has 10,000 of such intelligent, high-precision, high-speed, and long-range anti-aircraft missiles, they will never challenge Japan.

With a budget for one F-15 jet fighter, 100 new missiles will be purchased if they tackle the cost reduction with a skill, a system and enthusiasm Toyota has exercised to compete with American car giants, since the core of the missile is electronics, a kind applied to cars.

(A large airship floating or halting in the air equipped with 100 missiles will be enough to turn enemy planes back at the distance of 150km, for example.)

Anyway, I think the era of Snoopy and Baron von Richthofen is over.

And, remember to have Air Self-Defense pilots wear a lucky charm for avoiding an accident.

SECTION 2: Financial Times Economists

A Japanese veteran engineer referred to a FT economist, Mr. Martin Wolf.
( )

So, I also checked his writing on Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, since this incident could be used to test economists.

Mr. Wolf wrote:
"As Nouriel Roubini of New York University’s Stern School of Business argues, the Asians did not learn the lessons most western economists thought they should..."

Financial Times looks very biased to the eye of some Japanese.

Financial Times lives in the paradigm of the era of colonization in the 20th and the 19th century.

They have no love and friendship to Asians and Asian countries.

Any Western economist who never focuses on Japan's contribution to relief and rescue of Asian countries that faced the catastrophic economic and financial plight in late 1990's are a kind of colonists who do not love Asians but are still trying to exploit Asia and holding Asians in derision, since they cannot even respect and admire Japan.

(They like China, since there are no problems for them about China, specifically, as to respecting or admiring.)

In this context, even English Wikipedia is not sound.

"Another longer-term result was the changing relationship between the U.S. and Japan, with the U.S. no longer openly supporting the highly artificial trade environment and exchange rates that governed economic relations between the two countries for almost five decades after World War II. "

As it writes such a way without understanding the truth of the Plaza Accord in 1985, the writer shows that he/she doesn't understand it was Japan that supported the U.S. through adjustment of the Yen/Dollar exchange rate, while Japan helped Asian countries in the crisis in terms of not only money supply but also restructuring their economic and social structure to cope with another attack from US and UK financial mafias.

You had better translate and read the Japanese version of Wikipedia on the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis:

Anyway, Snoopy should shoot down such economists in the sky of the Indochina Peninsula.

SECTION 3: John Maynard Keynes

What is the difference between spending on "measures to deal with unemployment" and "implementation of public-works projects" when a nation is in recession or depression?

Keynes said that there is a big difference in a multiplier effect (which is not Keynes' original idea), so that a government should spend the budget for public-works projects instead of direct financial support for the unemployed.

But, Mr. Yoshiyasu Ono, Osaka University, clearly argued that the Keynes' claim based on the multiplier effect of public-works projects is immature and misleading, which I agree on.

( )

The issue is that what matters is not the quantity of the public-works budget but the quality and contents of public works, since effectiveness of the multiplier effect depends on the quality and contents.

But, to check or plan effective public works of high quality requires hard work of officials and politicians as well as businesses all concerned.

Keynes said that if the public work was just digging holes not for any purposes, the budget should be used for the work, since it would have the multiplier effect on the whole economy of the nation.

Keynes does not seem to have loved poor people; he also looks like having held poor people in derision, since an increase in the amount of circulated money without improvement of the society in terms of quality is just making some more people richer while making some more people poorer.

(That may be rather called "anti-Christ.")

We need economists who can do away with Keynes like a new artist who can do away with Leonardo da Vinci. In other words, we need another Snoopy the hero in every field.

Snoopy should shoot down such economists in the sky over the Ministry of Finance.
* * *

Of course, the sin of economy is in interest.

If you lend something or some money to somebody, you must not claim it back, as Jesus Christ has ordered so.

Anyway, giving is happier than receiving. This must be a basic principle of a new theory of economy.

(See you, soon, high in the aerial domain or on the territorial sea, since our men are so trained with EEE Report.

Or, do we still have to deal with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 80 daredevil rivals in economy or, say, in love?)

"Be on Watch and Pray that You will Have the Strength..."

(Seien Sie auf der Watch und beten, dass Sie Haben die Stärke)

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Baby You Can Drive My Car"

( a sunset in Japan)

"Baby You Can Drive My Car"

(Baby! Vous pouvez conduire ma voiture.)

SECTION 1: Toyota

New York Times reported on rivalry between Toyota and GM around plug-in hybrid cars:

"...Nonetheless, G.M., Toyota and Ford Motor, the world’s three biggest car companies, all are developing plug-in hybrid vehicles.

... Toyota has sold more than one million hybrids worldwide, including more than 800,000 Prius cars.

... Each charge, which takes about four hours, uses the equivalent of 2.7 kilowatt hours of electricity, said Jaycie Chitwood, a senior strategic planner in Toyota’s advanced technologies group.

... But it cannot go very far: the plug-in hybrid’s two batteries hold enough power for only seven miles, said Saúl Ibarra, a product specialist with Toyota who worked on developing the Prius.

By contrast, G.M. claims that the Volt will be able to hold a charge equal to 40 miles, after a six-hour charge.

... The plug-in Prius can stay in electric mode until 62 miles per hour, versus around 30 miles per hour for the conventional Prius, Mr. Iba- rra said...."

Toyota is just a car manufacturer. A sort of commodity maker. Besides, cars are killing tens of thousands of people on roads and streets in Japan, the U.S., and other countries every year. Cars are causing environmental pollution and global warming.

I am sorry to say that I have never respected car makers very much.

When I was young, they said that the best students would find employment in the electric/electronic industry, including a computer division, the building industry, or heavy industries, but not so much in car manufactures.

So, it is no wonder that Sony and Panasonic (or Matsushita) have succeeded so much globally; but it is a big surprise that Japanese workers in plants, who have no university diploma, have made Toyota the leading company in Japan and the U.S.

Yet, I have to say that Toyota should still more than ever focus on road fatalities, environmental pollution and global warming as well as dignity of workers without a university diploma.

In addition, Toyota should make the Philippines rich as the company have earned so much money in the U.S.

SECTION 2: A US Politician against War-Based Foreign Policy

"...It has been proven time and time again that troop surges don't work. The fruitless war in Afghanistan is not being won militarily.

Under our watch corruption and chaos in Afghanistan has developed and flourished. As the United States seeks to abate terrorism we must also learn from the consequences of a war-based foreign policy."

This is not a statement issued by a Japanese liberal critic or a Japanese politician of the Opposition.

Mr. Dennis Kucinich, a Representative of the U.S., wrote so.

The point of issue is that the U.S. President is requested always to look strong.

So, when attacked physically or personally, he would send troops; when lost in election, he would send troops; and when abused or laughed at by the media, he would send troops.

It is mainly to fulfill the need for the US President to look always strong, in my personal view.

SECTION 3: Three Dog Night

Now the FEN radio has played a 1971 song, "Joy to the World," by Three-Dog Night.

It goes:
"Jeremiah was a bullfrog
he was a good friend of mine
never understand a single word he said...

If I were the king of the world
i tell you what i do
i throw away the cars and the bars and the wars..."

It also sings: "joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea!"

In 1971, everybody heard the Three-Dog Night, the bullfrog, and fishes in the deep blue sea, even in Texas.
* * *

If you had been told in 1971 that Toyota would build its factory in the Soviet Union some of these days, you might have thought that the U.S. military would at last invade North Vietnam, China, and the USSR to occupy the nations and convert their societies to democratic ones based on capitalist market economy.

And you might have wondered how many missiles with a nuclear warhead would be used.

The fact is that the U.S. lost the war in Vietnam due to their poor definition of the war; China was hugely supported financially and technically by Japan so as to produce and export toys and other commodities to the U.S. through Wal-Mart Stores or so on; and Russians have survived the cold war, the debacle of the social and economic systems, and the great confusions on introducing new economy just to succeed in developing its oil and gas fields.

Now, in Russia and the U.S., you can drive a Japanese car alike.

In near future, in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will be probably able to drive Japanese cars alike without fuels made of oil.

What I want to say may be that the US military does not have to invade and stay in Iraq and Afghanistan just like the case in Vietnam, China, and the USSR decades ago.

(Indeed, cars, gasoline, wars, politics, and business are all so tough and still going to last long since the godless century of the 20th.

Truly, it is said in Japan that a wife and a tatami mat should be tough and last long.

Maybe, you are going to be a star if you can drive my car, since it may have a good license plate number, such as "MM-MM" with M supposed to be the number above infinity, namely where your life belonged before its birth through the "M - n" rule.)

"Let None of Them Look Down on You"

(Niemand darf deine Autoritat anzweifeln)


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bread and a Fish or a Stone and a Serpent

Bread and a Fish or a Stone and a Serpent

(Pain et un poisson ou une pierre et un serpent)

Mat 7:9
Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?

Mat 7:10
Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?

Mat 7:11
If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

Mat 7:12
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

So then, I suppose if a ratio of kind people among the whole population in a nation gets less than 10%, the nation would face any tragedy.

And, if you are kind to other people, you cannot get rich in this material world.

It is said that the number of American households that have one million dollars or more assets increased twice between 1995 and 2004, reaching and exceeding nine million.

Such households, namely nine million rich families, account for almost 10% of all the American households.

Now, you know that the U.S. has a possibility to have kind persons that account 90% of all the population.

For example, in Japan, the ratio of such households is said to be 4%; and thus the possibility is about 96%.

Indeed, we have to live on bread and fish.

Truly, we should not live on money and weapons.

(By the way, which do you like bread or rice, since white bread is so rare but white rice is so common?

And, we have even red rice from ancient days.)

"...Keep your conscience clear..."

(Halten Sie Ihr Gewissen klar)