Friday, March 09, 2007

Jesus Christ, the Roman Governor, and Judas

Jesus Christ, the Roman Governor, and Judas

Judas might have been a spy more critically working for the Roman Governor than for leaders of Israelites in power 2000 years ago.

(If Judas had not worked for Romans, he might have been executed by Roman soldiers, which Jesus Christ must have well realized, in my personal interpretation.)

Romans were more sophisticated than Israelites at the time.
(Even today, Vatican is famous for its excellent intelligence work.)

What's more, even Cleopatra could not achieve remarkable political maneuvering in Rome where she stayed when Caesar was assassinated.
* * *

When the Roman Governor interrogated Jesus Christ asking whether He was the King of Israelites, Jesus Christ answered, "So you said."

It means that Jesus Christ knew that the Roman Governor had known, through his spies, that He had been called so by some of His followers.

Jesus Christ must have known who was whose spy assigned to Him.
(The meaning of His words "he should not have been born" is also deeper, and probably, more compassionate.)

One of such spies might have been Judas who might have also offered cooperation with leaders of Israelites in power, following an order by Romans.
* * *

When everybody in Judea came to know, or heard of a rumor of, Jesus Christ, a brilliant elite of the Roman Empire, that is, the Roman Governor, should have tried to see who and what Jesus Christ was.

(A centurion of the Roman military whose family had been saved by Jesus Christ must have reported it to his superior officer and probably the Roman Governor later.)

It is natural. And, who could blame Judas if he had been forced to work as a spy for the Roman Governor?

Today, you cannot blame any Arab who is forced to work for the United States of America, the sole superpower in the world, for the purpose of maintaining peace and stability under its control.
* * *

A spy and an assassin are two different matters.

Interestingly the Roman Governor did not send an assassin to Jesus Christ. There might have been a plan for compromise.

Anyway, Jesus Christ had never pronounced a curse on the Roman Empire, which made possible His followers to take possession of the Empire peacefully a few centuries later.

In addition, if the Roman Governor was acting on the issue, though behind a scene, there must not have been any room for leaders of Israelites in power to act decisively on their own initiatives.

The major players were Jesus Christ, the Roman Governor, and Judas.
* * *

I do not blame spies if any in Japan.

Only I can say to them is to follow the Messiah.

(From the beginning, God knows everything. It is His plan. If He chooses some people and the nation Japan, mankind, including foreign spy masters, cannot do anything effective, if they try to change the course He has set.

Though I do not assume that Pope reads this report, Vatican, the nominal successor of the last remnants of the Roman Empire, may need a kind of business talk with EE(E)-Reporter for a reason Cleopatra might have had in Rome some 2050 years ago. They do not need a spy but an attractive negotiator, in my very personal view.)


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Thursday, March 08, 2007

400,000 Dollars for Spy; One Dollar for Follower

400,000 Dollars for Spy; One Dollar for Follower

A dialogue between a former officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and a former chief correspondent in Washington D.C. of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) was published recently.

The former officer, a specialist in intelligence on Russia, told that every reasonable country stations elite intelligence officers in Tokyo.

Tokyo has been famous as a key city for international information gathering among people in this profession, one instance of which was a situation in Tokyo on and after September 11, 2001, according to them.

An elite spy should take on a residence in a prime location in Tokyo. It must have a space enough to have a party and invite VIPs. Such a residence will monthly cost US$10,000. The total costs for operating one elite spy in Tokyo would be 400,000 dollars per year, according to their dialogue.

(The President of NHK gets a salary of 300,000 dollars per year, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan gets a salary of 250,000 dollars per year.)
* * *

For a very long time, there have been no lows in Japan to ban espionage conducted by foreign agents and arrest or expatriate them. Tokyo has been a paradise for spy rings.

But, it has been a very costly paradise.
* * *

Jesus Christ was bothered by spies 2000 years ago.

I suppose that not only leaders of Israelites in power but also the Roman Governor in Judea might send spies around Jesus Christ.

In theory, espionage is not necessary for a holy mission.

If they use intelligence men, they are not engaged in a holy mission.
* * *

How much will it cost to carry out a holy mission in Tokyo?

The Messiah would tell you to follow Him for free.

You do not have to bring your own assets from your home to Tokyo to participate in a holy mission.

And, just for your information, it usually costs a dollar or so for a one-stop ticket in Tokyo.

(Be a King or a Queen of the poor rather than the rich!)


Shinkansen Fondly Remembered


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fujisan: The Highest Mountain in Japan (60 miles far)


Follow the Messiah and Abandon All

Follow the Messiah and Abandon All

Jesus Christ did not call any woman to follow Him as long as the Bible says.

On the other hand, if they had not been called directly and individually to follow Him, those men to be revered later as Apostles might not have spontaneously followed Him.
* * *

According to one theory, there were 40,000 residents in Jerusalem when Jesus Christ lived.

(Another theory claims that there were two million Israelites in Palestine around the first century A.D.)

There might have been 400,000 Israelites in the region near Jerusalem and Galilee.

(For instance, today 10 percent of the Japan's population lives in Tokyo Pref.)

Jesus Christ might have spoken to two men in the morning and two other men in the afternoon in average; then he could directly preach about 4 men per day the gospel. Then 1,460 men per year. About 4,000 men during His mission. Or 2,000 men and 2,000 women.

It accounts for 1% of the population. However, as it includes minors and infants, all the grown-ups must have heard a rumor of Jesus Christ in the region near Jerusalem and Galilee 2000 years ago.

But, records about his face-to-face preaching are not many in the Bible. Only scores of direct conversations are recorded.

There must be about 4,000 independent conversations, between Jesus Christ and a man or a woman, which are unfortunately not covered in the Bible.

Besides, while there are "four independent reports" about Jesus Christ, their contents are very similar, leaving 4,000 encounters untold.

If you think I got one figure too many, there are 400 encounters untold, which still makes the identical contents of the "four independent reports" impossible.

This is a big mystery. However, it might tell how the "four Gospels" were edited and compiled.
* * *

Would you follow Jesus Christ if you are called by Him?

If you are a rich and happy woman, probably you might not.

But, even if you are a rich and happy man, still you might think you have to.

(Buddha was a rich and happy prince, but he abandoned all.)
* * *

I think I will admire a believer who would swear to God that she or he would surely follow Jesus Christ if so called by Him

In that case, please try to record your conversation with Him and report it for future generations.

If I am, I will do so.

(Telling somebody to follow me or being told to follow somebody is a critical situation. You must be prepared well beforehand for the situation whether consciously or unconsciously. But, any woman or man should not try to master a skill or a magic just to make others follow her or him for her/his own profits.)


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Health and Responsibility

Health and Responsibility

As reported and discussed in the CNN program viewed this morning in Japan, the US Vice-President Mr. Dick Cheney was hospitalized for a blood clot in his left leg.

It was also reported by Japanese media.

I am awfully sorry for his situations while he has heavy responsibility to people relying on him.

I hope, as the same mankind, that all of you in a hard professional life will not become ill and suffer physically and psychologically.
* * *

This morning, a question and answer session in the budget committee of Japan's Parliament (Diet) was broadcast, though I just checked it partly; the live coverage from the Diet Building is also planned in the afternoon.

A Japan's fiscal year begins in April when the fresh from college start to work in a new business suit.

Everybody is busy nowadays in Japan to make the end meet or process backlogs.

However, we have to keep up the pace in our holy mission.


A Kind of Sakura


Monday, March 05, 2007

The Governor of Tokyo

The Governor of Tokyo

Governor of Tokyo Mr. Shintaro Ishihara was reelected in 2003, winning three million votes or more specifically 3,080,000 votes.

(New York Mayor Mr. Michael Bloomberg received 753,089 votes in 2005.)

Mr. Ishihara is going to run for his third term in the highest public position in Tokyo Prefecture this spring.

(There is no such a post as is officially called the Mayor of Tokyo. More correctly, there is no such a city as is officially called the Tokyo City. The Governor of Tokyo Prefecture presides over all the 23 wards located in the center of Tokyo Prefecture as well as other cities, towns, and villages in the prefecture. Anyway, Tokyo has been the capital of Japan for 400 years.)
* * *

Mr. Ishihara is not only the most popular politician in Japan with a strong tie with the central Government, but also a prominent author and an elder brother of the deceased, prominent actor.

He is regarded as being a more nationalist than Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe whose deceased father had been a friend of Mr. Ishihara's.

Mr. Ishihara is sometimes accused, by liberal people, of expressing a sense of too much superiority to Koreans, Chinese, and even French.

On the other hand, though he has many friends in the U.S. and seems to be highly trusted by the US Government, he has sometimes candidly manifested his displeasure at Americans' arrogance.

(He once wrote that he had clearly pointed at America's racism like a man or samurai, when he had been interviewed in the U.S. by a young beautiful American female TV reporter without surrendering himself to her charm.)
* * *

Mr. Ishihara, when he was 12-years old or so at the end of WWII, experienced an air raid by the US Navy. One of US carrier-based fighter planes, from a sky of a Pacific coast near Tokyo, swooped down and fired at him running and trying to hide in a farmland.

He survived in a whole skin, and later won a prominent literary award, when he was a university student learning French literature after WWII, which paved the way for his success in politics. He was elected as a Diet lawmaker and also became a Cabinet minister.
* * *

On September 11, 2001, the Tokyo Governor was in Washington DC and about to move to New York.

He did not especially articulate his opinions about the War on Terror, but as a political ally of former Prime Minister Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, he seems to be not against the US military operations against terror at all.
* * *

Only God knows if Mr. Ishihara wins the coming election for the Governor of Tokyo, taking up challenges of younger candidates.

But, unlike Mr. Bloomberg who has a brilliant record of success in information business, Mr. Ishihara with a backbone of an author has to be honest to his idea, instinct, and literary style.

He is a type of leaders very different from aggressive military-oriented ones in and before WWII.
* * *

To understand Japan may be to understand the Governor of Tokyo who is directly elected by voters in the largest constituency for an official post in Japan.

I am not so sure about how much helpful this introduction is for you.

But, peace begins with understanding personality of others; and you should not fail in understanding a person such as the Governor of Tokyo, two of whose sons are also Diet lawmakers.

(I have no personal relation with the Governor of Tokyo. I seldom read what he writes. But, I admit that he represents one of powerful groups in our society.

Do you have such personal connections, for example, in New York? But, then, for what? To get fast financial information such as Bloomberg U.S. Internet Index?)


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Defense of the Defense Minister 

Defense of the Defense Minister 

Last month, the US Vice-President visited Japan.

However, he did not meet, to surprise of many concerned, the Japan's Defense Minister who has occupied the position of chief of defense twice in this decade.

It aroused various arguments and suspicions among Japanese political communities and media, though no one has asked the Defense Minister to resign.

It is true that Japan's Defense Minister expressed, in various occasions since he took up the post again last September, plain-spoken opinions against US policies regarding US Marines bases in Okinawa and the War in Iraq.
* * *

The incumbent Japan's Defense Minister, when he was first in the post in the era of the Bill Clinton's Administration, met with Ms. Madeleine Albright, then US Secretary of State, while she was actively working in the Far East.

In my view, though I am afraid of being very subjective, the relationships between the two were not good. I suspect that the Japan's Defense Minister could not well cope with the US Secretary, probably psychologically.

(However, it is interesting that our Minister looked like feeling easy, when he met current US Secretary Condoleezza Rice in Tokyo.)

It may be an underlying cause for his critical comments on the U.S. defense policies today, probably based on his personal experiences that have nothing to do with world strategies of the two allied countries, the U.S. and Japan.
* * *

This is one example. Misunderstanding can happen anywhere. We need a principle that supersedes temporary judgment on emotion and behaviors.

Especially, when the U.S. engages in battles in Iraq and Afghanistan, it will be important to dispel any misapprehension that may happen mysteriously even between the U.S. and Japan.

One thing US citizens should know is that as so many Japanese politicians and top businessmen are very nice and unbelievably friendly to the US Government, sometimes Japanese voters and media support reasonable criticism against US policies which is candidly expressed by Japanese elites.
* * *

It is well known that the former teacher of US Secretary Ms. Condoleezza Rice is the deceased father of former US Secretary Ms. Madeleine Albright, an exiled professor.

I wonder if our Defense Minister and I could pass an exam conducted by any exiled professor who might have still regarded Japanese as friends of Nazis.

(The Empire of Japan had not joined the Nazis' policies on Israelites.)
* * *

Probably, some of you can win the favor of such other influential professors today in active service.

Then, our Defense Minister and I had better try to win your favor, while taking extra consideration on US female high-level government officials and politicians.