Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hidden Buddhist Scriptures Found in Bamiyan

Hidden Buddhist Scriptures Found in Bamiyan

Thousands of cars and motorcycles were running.

Yet, I could spot specific license numbers such as "6666," "8888," "8800," "3838," "100," "3," etc. in a short period of time, while encountering different cars with the license number of "X 1717" three times though the Hirakana character "X" at the head of the numbers was different.

It is just almost a 10 minutes run, but I could not miss those so-called good license numbers.

It is no more a matter of probability. It is belief.
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Information I got today is on the demolished, huge statutes of Buddha in Bamiyan of Afghanistan.

Researchers found part of certain Buddhist scriptures, believed to have been hidden in the body the statutes, among debris of the statutes bombed by the Taliban in early 2001.

The sheet of paper was also damaged but some Sanskritic sentences could be read on it.

The letters used are of the sixth to seventh century's standard. Their contents are just those Hsuan Tsang, famous Buddhist priest (602 - 664), translated into Chinese during and after his long journey from China to India.
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Though there might be a more important thing today for me, I suppose this information must be reported anyhow.

The Taliban as a group of Muslims destroyed the historic statutes, but they could not succeed in completely disappointing Buddhists.

As a human being before being allowed to enjoy any true religion, even a Muslim had better learn some teachings of Buddha.

It is my opinion.

A Muslim has various knowledge and ideas on this world and their lives in addition to those of Islam.

All of them cannot be necessarily better than any teachings of Buddha.
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Buddhism and Islam might be very different things; each of them may belong to a different sphere of human spirit.

Perhaps, it is wrong to regard them as religion of the same meaning.

They must be so different that they should be able to co-exist in a human soul.

Judaism and Christianity can be applied to this idea in the same manner.
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Religion cannot be a reason for attacking others.

Religion can be the only reason for stopping attack to others in a certain case.

Now, I suppose this information and notion should be very important to some of you, as God gave such suggestions.