Tuesday, August 07, 2012

"some fell among thorns" - Truth of Globalization of Economy

Prime Minister's Official Residence, Tokyo

Truth of Globalization of Economy

There are no countries where everybody is rich.

However, there are some countries, especially in Europe, where poor people do not live a very miserable life.  In such countries, even the poorest people can enjoy some types of social benefits so as not to become homeless or insurgents.

But not all the countries can be such European nations blessed with rich natural resources, moderate population, advantageous geographical conditions of being closer to major advanced Western European countries, etc.

Those European countries with a smaller gap between the rich and the poor are exceptional.  Their merit is based on advantages of Western Europe to other regions such as Africa.

And as a whole Western European countries enjoy a higher level of living standards with a relatively smaller gap between the rich and the poor.  It is because Western Europe has accumulated great wealth by colonizing Africa, Asia, and America in the past to take various natural resources at lower costs or for free and also by developing advanced technology through the Industrial Revolution.  The economic advantages of Western Europe relies on these conditions.  And based on these advantages of Western Europe, those blessed European countries can enjoy a small gap between the rich and the poor.

Turning to the US, we find a combination of a kind of Western Europe and colonized regions in one nation.  There are two types of Americans: those who can enjoy a rich life like rich Western Europeans and others who have to live like poor Africans, Asians, or Latin Americans though they live in an environment far better than that in Africa, etc.  The high living standards of Americans are also supported by poor Latin Americans.

Indeed, in the US the gap between the poor and the rich must be far smaller in some states, especially those on the East Coast.  If they are independent nations, they would look liker those blessed North European countries supported by poor people and regions within the US and Latin American countries.

Put simply, this economic system that is prevailing in Western Europe and the US cannot make all the world rich.  It will not eradicate the gap between the rich and the poor.  So, it is unlikely that G20 countries will become like those blessed European countries.  There will be many rich men in every country, like those in Western Europe and the US, but they still need their own poor "African, Asian, or Latin American people" for them to enjoy a rich life.  They need victims.

So, the issue is the globalization of economy.  And, the old question "Will the globalization make all the people on the earth rich?" must be addressed.


From the beginning, this globalization was not intended to make all the people in the world rich.

It is just like the great success of the modern Western European/American Civilization was not intended to make all the people in the world rich.

Nonetheless, European colonialists did not intend to make all the colonized people poor.  They just wanted to make themselves richer by keeping and administrating their colonies.  So, if it was necessary to make some colonized people rich for European colonists to be richer, they would accept existence such rich local Africans, Asians, or Latin Americans.

The globalization of economy is intended to make rich Western Europeans and Americans richer by diffusing and expanding advanced industry and market to developing countries, such as China, India, Brazil, etc. as a new form of acquiring wealth.  So, those rich people in advanced countries do not mind whether or not the globalization of economy would make some Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans rich so long as they can be richer due to globalization of economy.

Those very and super-rich people in New York and London have never worked on the planning of globalization of economy to make all the Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans rich while there are many poor people in the US and the UK.  But those people with wealth and power in the US and the UK or any other advanced countries would not mind if some Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans become rich so long as those rich people in America and Europe can win them in competition and keep their dominance over Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

And it is unlikely that this globalization of economy would make all the people in the world rich by chance against expectations of those rich Americans and Europeans who have promoted this globalization of economy.

In addition, it is the economic success of Taiwan, South Korea, and China that those rich Americans and Europeans came to realize that the era of globalization came.  And it is Japan that allowed Taiwan, South Korea, and China to economically succeed by offering Japanese technology and funds.  And this provision of Japanese technology and funds was done so efficiently due to great development and application of the advanced computer and telecommunications technologies.

The origin of this globalization of economy is Japan.  And, Japan itself did not intend to make all the people in the world rich, though it has not been against making all the Chinese, South Koreans, and Taiwanese rich.      

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Luk 8:7 And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.