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"called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda" - Another Theory on the JFK Assassination

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Another Theory on the JFK Assassination

There is a Japanese theory about the assassination of JFK.

A Japanese professor who had studied the JFK Assassination for decades wrote a book about the secret of the JFK Assassination in 2003.  His conclusion is that a US Navy high-ranking officer planned for himself to assassinate President Kennedy in the summer of 1962.

It was not initiated by an initiative of Vice President Johnson, ex-Vice President Nixon, FBI Director Hoover, Mafia bosses such as Carlos Marcello and Salvatore "Sam" Giancana, or ex-CIA Director Allen Welsh Dulles.  But the assassination plan was made by a single US Navy officer.

This officer was ranked so high that he had daily contact with leading officers in the State Department, CIA, FBI, and other governmental agencies in addition to the Department of Defense.  Through communications with top bureaucrats and chiefs of those agencies, the US Navy officer found that there were many who wanted to kill JFK.  And if they should find that he put into practice the JFK assassination plan, they would rather help and support him.  They would rather help him hide from investigations.

With this notion and confidence, the US Navy officer ventured into forming a plan, contacting Mafia bosses, manipulating some CIA agents, and mobilizing some of his men.  In this process, he picked up Oswald as a decoy.

One interesting line is that this US Navy officer had known Oswald when two of them happened to be stationed in Japan in the late 1950s.  The US Navy officer was working in an intelligence section in a US base in Japan.  Oswald was in charge of helping operation of the spy jet U2 that was flying from a US air base in Japan to the sky of the Soviet Union.

Though Oswald was conveniently pulled into this assassination scheme, he was not told that he was now a member of the JFK hit team.  Oswald was just doing as he was ordered to do.  Oswald did not carry his rifle to the Texas School Book Depository, though he brought a curtain rail in a paper bag to the Depository in the morning of November 22, 1963, as he was so instructed.  Oswald was not in the sixth floor of the Depository when total four hit men fired at JFK.  Oswald happened to leave the Depository after the JFK assassination, which had not been planned, since Oswald was expected to be arrested and shot at by the police in the Depository.  Oswald went to the movie theater by his own thought as the place had been used as a contact place with his handler.  Oswald who had realized that he was truly involved in the terrible JFK assassination must have been a little upset.  So, he entered the movie theater without buying a ticket.  However, Oswald did not lose his confidence in his handlers or manipulators.  So, Oswald kept silence about his association with his handlers or manipulators.

The Dallas police officer Tippit was beforehand hired for some role such as helping real Kennedy shooters run away.  But along with a proceeding of the assassination plan, the problem about evacuation of real shooters was solved in a different way.  Tippit was of no use.  He was ordered to stay in his house as he was off duty on the assassination day.  It was a mystery why Tippit put on the police uniform and was driving an old patrol car.  Anyway, when the US Navy officer was informed by one of his men immediately after the shooting at JFK that Tippit was driving around districts where Oswald and Ruby lived, he ordered to shoot and kill Tippit, which was so executed.

Jack Ruby was really a convenient guy. He had connections with Mafia boss Marcello, who provided two shooters, and Santo Trafficante Jr. of Florida, who also sent two gun men.  Ruby happened to become a key person for success in this assassination plan.  But, he carried it out by shooting Oswald in the corridor leading to a garage inside the Dallas Police Department.

Subsequently, every key person, such as Johnson and Hoover, helped cover the US Navy officer though how much those power elites knew the whole scheme of the JFK Assassination was unclear.  And, it was also unclear who actually worked under direct order from the US Navy officer.  Probably, ex-CIA/FBI agents involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion must have been acting for this assassination plan, since Oswald's pro-Castro activities in New Orleans were a key element in this plan and it needed cooperation from CIA/FBI guys who had been in charge of anti-Cuban activities in New Orleans.

However, the most important point of this theory is that the JFK Assassination was planned and pushed forward by a single US Navy officer who was highly ranked and had various connections with key figures in various governmental organizations.  He could even make financing of this plan by himself.  He could divert some of the Navy budget to this plan.  He paid big money to the four shooters of JFK by stealing a US defense budget.  It was well covered as the US Government increased a budget for the Vietnam War after the death of JFK.        

Believe or not, there is still a mystery about what happened on the dead body of President Kennedy in the navy hospital in Washington DC.  It is so strange that we have only a few photographs and vague reports about the remains of JFK.

Anyway, there was a possibility that one individual US Navy officer could plan and carry out the assassination of JFK using Mafia supplied hit men, Oswald, Ruby, etc., though he would be in Washington DC on November 22, 1963.

The reason why the US Navy officer wanted to kill JFK seems to have been a little complicated.  He himself might have been secretly manipulated by some others.  But one of decisive factors was his opposition to JFK's support for African Americans, according to the Japanese theory.

So, the African American issue is very dangerous.  Probably President Obama cannot reveal the truth of the JFK Assassination.

FILE - In this May 1958 file photo, Lee Harvey Oswald, poses for the camera while stationed at Atsuge, Japan as a U.S. Marine. In early phases of his service at U.S. bases he got good performance evaluations and qualified as a sharpshooter after marksmanship training. But he was court-martialed twice while stationed in Japan, first after wounding himself with an unauthorized pistol and later after a bar fight. (AP Photo)

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