Saturday, August 15, 2015

"and the fever left her" - 70 Years since WWII

Around Tokyo

70 Years since WWII

This is the 70th year since the end of the Second World War.

However, what has happened in these 70 years is as important as what had happened during and before WWII, since we are living in the ear of 2000 years after the emergence of Christ.

As for Japan, every decade after 1945 has been so symbolic.

1945 - The End of WWII and the Empire of Japan with atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

1955 - Sony (then called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo) releases its first transistor radio; Toyota launches its symbolic upper-class car Crown.  The Liberal Democratic Part is established as the only major conservative/pro-American party to rule Japan till 1993.

1965 - The Anti-Vietnam War Peace Movement is launched in Japan; the Shinkansen bullet train, introduced in 1964, starts to connect Tokyo and Osaka (550 km) in 3 hours and 10 minutes; and the first full-scale inter-city expressway of Japan is completed between Nagoya and Kobe.

1975 - The Emperor and Empress of Japan officially visits the US; Sony release its first videotape recorder; and the Vietnam War ends.

1985 - A Tokyo-to-Osaka jumbo jet liner carrying more than 500 passengers (including major corporate employees) crashes in a mountainous area north of Tokyo; The Plaza Accord is reached among five major countries (the US, Japan, the UK, West Germany, and France) leading to the declining of the dollar value versus the yen by 51% from 1985 to 1987.

1995 - The Great Hanshin Earthquake occurs west of Osaka/Kyoto, sacrificing 6,000 people, while a cult launches a sarin gas attack in Tokyo subway lines, killing a dozen and injuring 6,000 commuters, etc.

The latter half of the 20th century of Japan started with some hope but ended with ominous incidents.

But in the 21st century a series of years to focus on may change.

2001 - The 9/11 Terror Attack in New York and Washington gravely affects Japan.

2005 - Large-scale anti-Japanese demonstrations erupt in major cities in China, since Beijing needs to make the Chinese people hate Japan to consolidate its domestic reign.

2008 - A large-scale financial crisis starts in Wall Street to gravely affect Japan, paving the way for Obama's winning in presidential election.

2011 - An M9.0 earthquake hits northeast Japan, killing almost 19,000 people, to trigger big tsunamis and the subsequent Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident.

2015 - The Abe Cabinet is trying to expand the scope of operations of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces beyond restriction of the Constitution for the first time after WWII, in order to allow for more aggressive activities of the Forces mainly to cope with the Chinese military expansion.

Japan and the world are all the more facing wars, economic crises, natural disasters, industrial disasters, and political/diplomatic crises.  Truly Japan and the world are still around the end of the world.

Prophecies of Christ Jesus must come true in Japan and the world.

Personally, I think I have been somewhat connected to most of those incidents.

Hiroshima, Japan   Before & After USA nuclear bomb

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Mat 8:15 And he touched her hand, and the fever left her: and she arose, and ministered unto them.