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"But Jesus stooped down" - A Look-alike of Oswald

National Diet Bldg. and Tokyo Metropolitan Police Dept. Bldg, around the Imperial Palace

A Look-alike of Oswald

If you plan to kill JFK and set up Oswald as the sole assassin, how would you build up the whole scheme?

It is not difficult to shoot and kill JFK as proven in the RFK and Rev. King cases.  But it is not easy to set someone up for a murderer of a big guy such as JFK, RFK, or King.  However, if you had known Oswald since he had been stationed in Atsugi, Japan, as a marine, or he had defected to the Soviet Union to live there for a few years (as a CIA agent), the final element for the planned assassination would be just in your hand.

You persuade Oswald to set a sniper's nest in the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository building after sending him to the workshop through a network of secret agents. And you also tell Oswald to stay at the entrance to the 6th floor so as to prevent anybody from entering the room till the JFK motorcade passes the Dealey Plaza.  You can take alibi from Oswald this way.  In addition, you surely make him leave three shell casings and a rifle around the sniper's nest, though Oswald might forget to place the rifle at a proper location.

Then, you tell Oswald to leave the TSBD building and return to his rooming house to fetch a revolver.  A car will come around the house to pick Oswald up and send him to the Texas Theater.  Now you have Oswald in the movie theater, but you have to lead the police there and kill him.  But how?

If the police is informed that police officer Tippit has been killed by a man like Oswald who is now in the Texas Theater, they would surely rush to the theater.  And, if Oswald resisted with his gun, he must be shot to death by some police officers.

But why do you have to choose officer Tippit?  Maybe it is a recommendation of Jack Ruby.  Ruby is the only guy who actually and openly killed a man in the JFK case.  He is a dangerous guy.  If Ruby could kill Oswald, an alleged assassin of a US President, he could most probably recommend killing of Tippit.  Indeed, Ruby had a direct connection with the Mafia, and Tippit was shot four times and he received the fatal bullet at his temple, which looks like a Mafia shooting.

But to complete this scheme, you need a look-alike of Oswald who is supposed to shoot Tippit (probably with another killer with an automatic gun).

Even if Oswald arrested had been true Oswald, an Oswald whose shooting Tipit was witnessed must have been a look-alike.

This scenario is based on the following analysis:
Killing Tippit and Capturing Oswald,

But your plan fails as the fact was:
After searching two other theater patrons, Patrolman M.N. McDonald reached Oswald and told him to get on his feet:
Oswald rose from his seat, bringing up both hands. As McDonald started to search Oswald's waist for a gun ... Oswald then struck McDonald between the eyes with his left fist; with his right hand he drew a gun from his waist. McDonald struck back with his right hand and grabbed the gun with his left hand. They both fell into the seats.
Three other officers, moving toward the scuffle, grabbed Oswald from the front, rear and side. As McDonald fell into the seat with his left hand on the gun, he felt something graze across his hand and heard what sounded like the snap of the hammer. McDonald felt the pistol scratch his cheek as he wrenched it away from Oswald. Detective Bob K. Carroll, who was standing beside McDonald, seized the gun from him.
... As Oswald, handcuffed, was led from the theatre, he was, according to McDonald, 'cursing a little bit and hollering police brutality.' 
This photograph depicts Oswald on his way to the police car:
At 1:51 p.m., police car 2 reported by radio that it was on the way to headquarters with the suspect [for the murder of Officer Tippit, not for the assassination of the President].

Oswald was arrested alive.  You have to use Ruby, though some people should realize that it is a large-scale conspiracy, involving the Mafia, and Ruby might betray you later.

Apart from numerous conspiracy theories presented by various people after the assassination of Oswald by Ruby, Ruby conveniently died in a jail.
Ruby died of a pulmonary embolism, secondary to bronchogenic carcinoma (lung cancer), on January 3, 1967, at Parkland Hospital, where Oswald had died and where President Kennedy had been pronounced dead after his assassination. He was buried beside his parents in the Westlawn Cemetery in Norridge, Illinois.

And in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy were assassinated.  You might well apply a lesson learned from the JFK case in 1963 to these cases in 1968, since you were clean now with the death of Jack Ruby in 1967.  Nobody could refer to Ruby anymore.

(It seems that Oswald under tension was rushing to the Texas Theater by taxi, but he realized that he had to retrieve a pistol from his residential room.   He got off the taxi to walk back to the rooming house.  And then a car having watched the house appeared to pick him up.)

To make sure, there seems to be a chain of conspiracies in some part of US elite communities that has stretched from the Pearl Harbor of 1941 to the JFK Assassination in 1963 and further to the 2001 9/11 Terror.  In my view, to cope with the dark force behind these conspiracies without clearly being aware, Americans finally chose Barack Obama as US President in 2008.

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Joh 8:6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.