Monday, September 14, 2015

"Make them sit down by fifties" - Laws of the Mind and Spirit

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Laws of the Mind and Spirit

The issue is that there is a kind of absolute law for human mind work.

For example, in the nature and the material world, there are some laws that work absolutely exactly among elements of the universe.  No one doubts that the speed of light is constant at about 300,000 km/h (186,000 miles per hour).  But are there such laws in the space of the human mind or in the world, though unseen, built up by mind work..

It might be a matter of philosophy or religion rather than psychology.

Every non-nonsense religion puts the highest value in goodness and never praises evil.  Love, mercy, and compassion are encouraged and hate, cruelty, and enmity are abhorred.  Common contents of ethics are observed across non-nonsense religions of mankind.

Accordingly, we have to think that there are some laws that work absolutely exactly in the spiritual world that is reflected in non-nonsense religions.  Buddhism is directly directed to these laws.  Though this religion lacks the concept of the sole Creator of the whole universe, material and spiritual, it handles how phenomena in the spiritual world work and what relationships exist between conceptual entities.

The truth the Buddha and sincere Buddhists have discovered can be likened to physics while Judaism, Christianity, and the Islam to biology.  The holy books of these religions express human meanings, values, and emotions in communications with God, but such work of minds is possible only on the laws of the spiritual space.

Indeed, even if we master the truth of laws in the spiritual space like true Buddhists, it would not solve our pains, suffering, and sins so easily.  The Buddha even told that salvation is realized when we abandon everything to be free from negative effects of the laws of the spiritual space.  When we become a kind of nothing, our pains, suffering, and sins should also turn to be nothing.

But, Christianity tells that love solves our pains, suffering, and sins.  We don't have to abandon everything to become nothing, but if we love God fully and our neighbors as much as ourselves.  It is because God created both the material universe and the spiritual space with love to mankind, love is the only way for us to be saved by God.

However, if you don't admit that God is the sole Creator of the material universe and the spiritual space, you have to delve into the meaning of existence of everything, including the universe, spirits, and ourselves.  The most likely conclusion is that everything that exists is meaningless or dangerous for man, as man cannot control them all.

If we cannot control existence of everything, we have to delete our existence that exists in relationships with all the other elements in the world by denying the relationships.  Then we can be really free from everything that exists.  Accordingly, no more pains, suffering, and sins.

However, Christianity teaches that God is almighty and above all.  We don't have to deny our existence if we can establish a holy linkage with God.

God is above the Buddha, since God created the Buddha.

However it does not negate the laws of the mind and spirit.  God is most probably not against our learning Buddhism.

"There are reasons for its existence with everything."  by The Buddha

But for what reasons does God exist?

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Luk 9:14 For they were about five thousand men. And he said to his disciples, Make them sit down by fifties in a company.