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"they should be tormented five months" - History, a Kind of God

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History, a Kind of God

When Christ Jesus came to this world, ancient Israel was not in glory at all.

Palestine was ruled by Romans at the time, though there was a king of Israelites who was subject to Rome.  Elite Judaists spoke Greek while Judaist priests were around the great tabernacle in Jerusalem.

Ancient Israel was then a tributary state of the Roman Empire.  After having observed organizational mighty and pragmatic efficiency of troops of Alexander the Great and Caesar, Israelites came not to have a dream of defeating Greeks and Romans to make Israel a glorious leading nation in the world.  Judaists were then living unlike descendants of Abraham, Moses, and even King David.  What is worse, they were living as sinful as Romans.

Then Christ Jesus appeared to make them turn their hearts to God.

As the history tells, owing to the great and holy work of Christ Jesus, the tribe of Judaists has been secured to this day.  They were not lost in history but could survive.  Descendants of Abraham, Moses, and even King David have not perished but established their base for survival most firmly after WWII.

But, as the crisis of the tribe of Judaists was so grave 2000 years ago, Christ Jesus had to take a special strategy for survival of Judaists.  Specifically, Christ Jesus created a new religion today called Christianity.  In order to make it possible for Judaists to live next 2000 years, Christ Jesus must have thought that He had to formulate a new religion, Christianity, as an extension of Judaism.

This is one view of the history, a Judaism-centric view.

In another view, we may think that God created Judaism and Christianity as precursors of Islam.  The true aim of God is the creation of Islam, so that Judaism and Christianity are now useless.

Or at least, we should not accept a view that God created Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as precursors for present globalization of money economy and commercialism.  Look at the wealthy class Judaists, Christians, and Muslims, and then you may think they are closer to one another than to poor people of the same religion, respectively.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam and finally Global Money Economy!  It is outrageous!

Judaism, Christianity, Islam and finally the Kingdom of God!  It is very truthful.  And, this must be the history, since history is a kind of God.

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Rev 9:5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.