Wednesday, November 04, 2015

"every one that is indebted to us" - Living Poor is Very Correct

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Living Poor is Very Correct

If we admit the existence of God, it naturally leads to a question: what is the relationship between God and mankind?

We cannot believe that God created mankind without a purpose.  There must be a clear and concrete reason for the creation of mankind by God.  The Bible does not give a direct answer.  But Christ Jesus said that God loves mankind so much and thus we must love God as much as possible.

From this teaching of Christ Jesus, we may conclude that God wants love from mankind so that He created this material universe, the solar system, and the earth to generate the human species.  No matter how complicated and difficult this process looks to human beings, it must be a very easy task for God.

According to the teaching of Christ Jesus, our souls, hearts, and minds are linked to the spiritual universe and Heaven.  For instance, Christ Jesus told us to accumulate wealth in Heaven but not in this world that makes any wealth rotten eventually.  Therefore, our love must be reflected in Heaven or accumulated there.  Each time we express and prove our love to God, it must be reflected or recorded in Heaven.  Our love to God might work in Heaven in a manner that makes God happy.

No matter how much mankind has developed and advanced its civilization, God will not be rejoiced.  But, an increase of the number of people who show their love everyday must rejoice God.  In this context, the level of the civilization of mankind may as well be kept at that observed 2000 years ago when Christ Jesus appeared in Palestine.  Growth of material civilization in these 2000 years must be nothing in God's judgment on mankind.  But an increase in a percentage of believers among all must count.

Indeed, the more men accumulate wealth and material knowledge of this world and the nature, the less they have righteous faith in God.  Among very successful wealthy people and very successful scientists, we find rarely true belief in God.  If they attribute their success to God superficially, they most often celebrate their own good lucks but not God.

Science and technology continue to develop.  And, one day somebody might obtain a means to destroy mankind scientifically or financially.  And, Satan will surely seduce such a lucky man or a genius into a catastrophic act for mankind.

The only solution to prevent future annihilation of mankind must be for them to keep the living standard observed 2000 years ago when Christ Jesus appeared on the earth.  In other word, for the human species to survive until the end of the universe it is necessary for them to be as poor as Christ Jesus was 2000 years ago.

It applies to each individual.  Living poor is a very correct thing if you believe the existence of God.

Therefore we have to respect and love poor people if they are refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

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Luk 11:4 And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.