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"all the region round about Galilee" - Who Can Identify God

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Who Can Identify God

The Bible teaches that what is seen is made of what cannot be seen.

From a viewpoint of natural science, it is quite right.  The human body is made of cells, which cannot be seen, that are made of molecules and atoms which cannot be seen, either, with the human eyes.

More importantly, a man's living is controlled by his mind which cannot be seen.  A society is controlled by law and order which cannot be seen.  A nation is governed by the constitution, laws, regulations, and order which cannot be seen.  Therefore, generally speaking, the human world is made of human minds which cannot be seen.

The human mind is shaped, formed, and cultivated, taking years after birth of a man.  It is not a simple mechanism to control and preserve the human body and the physical existence of the human being.  It can judge, think, wish, and pray for something based on its intelligence beyond the limit of a living thing.  It finally admits existence of the spiritual world above the nature and the human mind.

If we admit that God created this universe and the spiritual world, it is easy to understand what we are.  We are not alone in the vast universe, but we were created by God who always watches us.  This connection to God can be called love from and to God.

Whether you are an atheist or not, if you are absorbed in a daily life involving money and desire, you have no time to think of God, the Creator of your body and soul.  Your connection to God becomes weak and weaker.  In such living, finally you will think and behave like an atheist with your own desire, pride, and happiness placed at the center of your world.  Then you are out of the grand law and order of the universe and the spiritual world that were created by God.  You will not be admitted to Heaven.

What you can see you can easily believe.  But what you can see is made of what you cannot see.  And, no man can see God fully, since God is spirit.

In the age of Christ Jesus, namely 2000 years ago, people saw Satan, devils, and ill spirits.  They saw some sick men or mad men being controlled by ill spirits.  So, Christ Jesus and His disciples could drive them out, since they could see ill spirits and devils.  It means that they could also see angels and holy ghosts.

But today, most people have lost ability to identify ill spirits, devils, and Satan (since they become so friendly to them to be their relatives).  It means that they have also lost the ability to see angels, holy ghosts, and Christ Jesus.

That is why we had better think that the Advent of Christ Jesus has been already realized in these years, but people have already lost ability to identify Him.

But, due to the origin of mankind, anybody will recognize and know God the moment he sees Him, since even Satan knows God very well.

(Then what are such people that cannot identify God?)

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Mar 1:28 And immediately his fame spread abroad throughout all the region round about Galilee.