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"Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee" - The Bible and My Struggle

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The Bible and My Struggle

When poor men get very rich by chance, they would usually buy many articles of luxury.  They don't find time to read many books to learn something about the life and the world.  Instead they spend time to exhibit their riches to the world.

Such poor men-turned very rich men would not learn about the life and the world by reading books.  Their experiences as poor men living difficult lives in this world have already taught them about the life and the world.  And, they think that books only provide views on the life and the world of rich men.  But those views do not cover the reality such poor men have experienced.  Such poor men think that views presented in books are biased.  Authors of books are not poor men.  They do not know or understand hash reality of poor men living in the world.  Poor men don't trust authors of books.

For example, no matter how much an expert of religion argues religious matters in his book in a detailed manner, it is just poor or remote reflection of hash reality poor men know.  But those books written by rich authors constitute common sense of the public.  To be trusted in the society, people are requested to have similar views to those expressed in books written by rich men.  But rich men who were once very poor men cannot accept those views expressed in such books.  They rather think that they know truth of the life and the world better than those rich authors, though they cannot express their views in a systematic manner or in a form of art.

But Hitler who had been a very poor young man wrote his book to dictation while he was put in a jail after the Munich Putsch, a revolt in Munich launched by early Nazis but doomed to fail in 1923. In the book he expressed his view on the life and Germany. At the time, Hitler was no more a poor man. He was becoming rich as a political leader. But Hitler must have still kept his view on the life and the world he had cultivated when he had been a poor youth. So, the book provided truth and reality for poor Hitler. Therefore, it had power of influence that could compete with any other books rich men wrote.  Hitler must have written the book My Struggle with passion rooted in his recognition of the life and the world cultivated while he had been very poor.

At that time, namely in 1920s, some poor Germans might like to read My Struggle, because the book presented a view on the life and the world they could understand.

In this context, the Bible offers a view on the life and the world any poor men can understand.  From the beginning, the Bible must have been a book written for poor men who would not read any books written by rich authors.

Accordingly, the poorer a reader is, the more he can understand the Bible.

So, rich priests cannot understand the view on the life and the world presented in the Bible.  To understand the Bible, you have to be poor.

After Hitler became more successful and richer than he had been at the time when he wrote My Struggles, he did not write any other books.  He must not have read any books, either.  Because Hitler became a very rich man who had been once very poor.  All he wanted to do is to exhibit his success.

However, the Bible prevents poor men from becoming rich men, if it should be read honestly and correctly.  The Bible presents what should be developed from views on the life and the world poor men have.  The Bible tells true meaning of truth and reality poor men have learnt through their difficult lives in this world.

So, it is very doubtful that Hitler read the Bible when he was a very poor young man.

Anyway that is why Germany forbade re-publishing of copies of My Struggle after WWII till very recently.  Indeed, truth and reality poor men acknowledge and understand through their harsh living in the world can be sometimes so powerful and influential like the Bible.

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Mar 1:9 And it came to pass in those days, that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan.