Friday, February 12, 2016

"being warned of God in a dream" - Waves in the Universe and the Human Minds


Waves in the Universe and the Human Minds

Gravitational waves fill the entire space around us.  Or gravitational force always works on us.

You cannot shield the force anywhere in this universal.  But isn't an entity emitting force losing its energy?  Gravity or electromagnetic force is incessantly emitted from elementary particles, such as electrons.  But they never lose all the energy they have and eventually turn to nothing.

An elementary particle that composes an atom has mass and thus gravitational force that works to the space around it and to other particles through the space.  But an energy source of its gravity is never depleted.  Therefor atoms and molecules around us do not collapse to nothing after emitting all of their energy in the forma of gravity or electromagnetic force.  They never get weathered.

However, this phenomenon might be only assured within a certain time frame.  In, say, trillions of trillion years, all these elementary particles might lose their existence energy as they use the energy for emitting gravity force, electromagnetic force, etc.  Their existence in the universe might be allowed only for trillions of trillion years but not forever.

To God, eternity is a tiny little thing.  God is a concept that is linked with any types of infinity.  If in trillions of trillion years all the elementary particles collapse in this world and the universe and thus every star, molecule, atom. and substance in this universe lose their shape and mass, God will think it is a matter of moment for Him.

Anyway, gravity did not exist in the beginning of the universe, and there will be no substances that have gravity in the far and far future in the universe and thus there will be no gravity eventually in the universe.

However, the words of God remain in the universe forever, since this universe was born according to His words.

Now you may like to study spiritual waves emitted through the universe or directly to human heats and minds from Heaven and the hell.

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Mat 2:12 And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.