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"the word of God came unto John" - Total Revision of Gospels Needed

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Total Revision of Gospels Needed

Christ Jesus said to be kind to foreigners since your ancestors had been once foreigners in foreign countries.

Or it must mean to Judaists that they have to be kind to refugees since they were once refugees.  However, no Judaists in the world today, including Judaists living in the US and Israel, do not welcome Muslim refugees now fleeing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.  That is why this refugee issue is critical to the mankind.

From the beginning, Christianity was created as a kind of derivative of Judaism.  But, as time went by, Christianity prevailed in whole Europe along with religious and political authority of the Vatican expanding.  Emperors and kings in Europe also became Christians.  And the, oppression and persecution of Juadaists began.  It is apparent if the Vatican had not consolidated its power base to influence whole Europe, Judaiats should not have been so badly treated in Europe in these 1500 years.

On the other hand, Islam is also a kind of derivative of Judaism and Christianity.  But Muslims did not oppress or persecute Judaists and Christians, in a way that Christians did to Judaists, only because they are as they are.

Even among Christians in Europe, factional fighting was intensified.  Between Catholics and Protestants and among Protestants, Europeans fought fierce battles.  And, one denomination fled from England to America to become part of founders of America.  Especially their descendants formed Congregational churches that today have some influences on the Democratic Party.

So, Europeans or the Europeans race has strong features that they opt for making distinction clear between their friends and enemies rather than promoting harmony and integration.  In contrast, Buddhists, who have been mostly Asians, have been also separated in many different schools, but fights between different schools only for differences in creeds have been rare.  But, the issue might be deeper than racial characteristics.

One of the major reasons for Christians' oppression of Judaists is the Gospels.  Christ Jesus preached among Judaists and His disciples were all Judaists.  But it was also Judaists who betrayed Him and delivered Him to the Roman authority for His execution.  People learnt these things from the Gospels or priests who read the Gospels.  The Gospels can be used as proof that Judaists are enemies of Christ Jesus and Christians, if they don't believe in Him.  In this context, the most responsible thing for discrimination of Judaists is the Gospels.

Put simply, the ultimate solution to the discrimination of Judaists is total revision of the Gospels.  Now, it is the 21st century, so it must be time to totally revise the Gospels.  But who can be authorized by Christ Jesus to rewrite the Gospels?

And then, after the total renewal of the contents of the Gospels, the new Gospels and the Koran should be integrated.  A unified holy book should be formulated and adopted by Judaists, Christians and Muslims.  Then eventually no Islamic terror will continue to prevail.

And, finally with unification of Buddhist creeds into the unified holy book, the mankind will have the one and only Holy Book.  One religion for one species is very natural and reasonable for complete peace among the species.

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Luk 3:2 Annas and Caiaphas being the high priests, the word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness.
Luk 3:3 And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins;