Tuesday, May 03, 2016

"And he opened his mouth" - The Last Issue for the Mankind

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The Last Issue for the Mankind

As our scientific knowledge advances, the final issue for mankind should appear: Is there any super-intelligence that created this universe?

This universe is thought to have been created from the so-called vacuum energy.  This energy was transformed to time and space and further to elemental particles that constituted atoms, resulting in this material world in which we live.

Without specific design at the phase of the vacuum energy, this universe and the nature and further this material world are impossible.  So, this fact leads to recognition of God as the Creator.

But some unbelievers might claim that a spate of physical laws that contributed to the building of this nature must be generated only by chance.  However, as I mentioned, the possibility of the establishment of those physical conditions by chance is almost zero.  And the possibility that we were born and live in the universe is also almost zero.  It means that we are now living in this rare universe is almost a dream.  Our consciousness or self-recognition of our own existence must be a fantasy rather than reality.

So, those unbelievers of God should admit that there was a great designer of this universe at the beginning of the vacuum energy phase.

Somebody, almost 14 billion years ago, must have designed the vacuum energy so that it can develop to the universe and the nature we see around us today.

Therefore, the last issue for the mankind is to know who he was that designed this universe.  Though the answer is God, we have to prove it and we have to know how God designed it, so that we may have more confidence in God.

So, 1000 years later, the mankind may prove that this universe was created by God and how God created it.  And that is the last phase of development of the science of the mankind.

However, without modern science, those who believed in God were saved and allowed to enter Heaven.  We don't have to put the highest priority on the development of science.

Nonetheless, it is a mystery to solve why God created this universe for the mankind.

Figure 1. From inflation 13.8 billion years ago to the present. © 2015 The University of Tokyo.

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Mat 5:2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,
Mat 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.