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"the prayer of faith shall save the sick" - The Holocaust and Islamic Wars

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The Holocaust and Islamic Wars

Pious Muslims pray to God five times or so a day.  Muslim women covered their hair and skins with veils or so.  They don't even drink alcohol, at least, so openly.

But contemporary Christian Europeans and Americans do not pray to God so often and their women love to expose their skins.  They have no restriction on drinking alcohol and some of them are drug addicts.

What is worse, under the slogan of liberal or progressive today's Western culture accept abnormal men and women, which Muslims cannot accept.

So, it seems reasonable that God loves Muslims and hates Europeans and Americans.  Accordingly, Satan is attacking Muslims, which can be seen in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  The more Muslims suffer, the more Satan with corrupt Europeans and Americans is rejoiced.

This is one way of interpretation of the global situation of today from a viewpoint of true religion.

Put simply, the core of Judaism and Christianity has been contaminated by Western material civilization that produced capitalism, commercialism, and worship of money.  But why don't they perish and get terminated, while Europeans and Americans are so rotten and corrupt, being brainwashed by Satan?

The answer is the Holocaust that occurred in WWIII with six million Judaists executed by Nazis.  The aftershock was so grave among Europeans and Americans.  This grave trauma was engraved in the minds and hearts of Europeans and Americans.  It has had effect of protecting them from Satan who wanted to make Europeans and Americans make more wars and kill one another as much as possible.  The reason why the Third World War has not occurred to date is the remaining aftershock of the Holocaust.

No matter how much corrupt and rotten Europeans and Americans, they are still under effect of the Holocaust.  That is why order and law are observed, and total destruction of morals and ethics are prevented in Europe, America and other nations ruled by mostly by the European race.
Today's wars, civil wars, and armed conflicts in the Islamic world must work like the Holocaust.  Its aftershock will be so grave and deep that future Muslims would be prevented from getting corrupt and rotten like the European race.  Of course, this discussion is based on the assumption that the Islamic world will be also modernized and industrialized, getting under influence of capitalism, commercialism, and worship of money as we see in Dubai.
Economies of the ummah
The most authentic list comes from the seminal 2010 study by the Pew Research centre, which lists Muslim-majority countries at 49. Including the Muslim population of countries that have a large Muslim minority cohort, such as India and Nigeria among others, the combined total of adherents to Islam is around 1.62 billion, or roughly 23pc of the world population. 
Muslim countries account for 21.7pc of the world’s land mass, with the largest Muslim country in terms of geographic size being Kazakhstan. It is followed by Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. 
Nearly 22pc of the Muslim population of the world resides in the Arab countries, while almost 1.3 billion Muslims are residents of the remaining Muslim-majority countries.
The aggregate size of the economies of all Muslim countries put together is around $5.7 trillion — or 8.1pc of the world total. The largest economy in the Islamic world is Indonesia with a size of $846 billion, followed by Turkey ($775bn) and Saudi Arabia ($577bn). Iran is the only other Muslim country with a GDP larger than $500bn.

At least there is potential for economic success in the Islamic world.  The key to success must be a change of the Islamic paradigm.  For example, if Muslims are given another Koran that recommends them to import the essence of the Western civilization, apart from religious aspects, future Muslims might leverage science and technology developed in the Western world more smoothly.

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Jam 5:15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he hath committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.