Monday, August 22, 2016

"let the dead bury their dead" - Western Societies and Islamic Societies in Parallel?

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Western Societies and Islamic Societies in Parallel

There are many parables and teaching Christ Jesus delivered 2000 years ago.  But remarkably, most of them are still effective and meaningful.

Likewise, teachings of the Buddha and Confucius who lived 500 years earlier than Christ Jesus do not lose meanings today.  It should be also noted that the Book of Exodus that contains the commandments given through Moses was written 500 years before Christ Jesus.

And these teachings and the commandments are all related to humanity that did not change for thousands of years.  But today, this paradigm of human ethics and morals are going to change drastically.

Indeed, with advancement of the modern society and development of commercialism, people are exposed to the social trend where economy and business are given the highest priority.  Expansion of economy and business gives riches to a great majority of people who are hired by businesses or trading with them.  And, expansion of economy and business are promoted by a great majority of people who spend money to buy goods.  And to make a great number of consumers buy goods and services, businesses and industries are arousing lust in them through TV commercials, Internet advisement, etc.

In enkindling desire of consumers, those businesses and industries neglect teachings of Christ Jesus, Confucius, the Buddha, and Moses.  Modern science helps attach little importance to old religions and those teachings.

In the era of global economy, this trend of neglecting old teachings of ancient saints is being intensified especially in countries and regions under strong influence of Western culture and Western monetary/financial systems.   Not only the E.U. and the Anglo-Saxon dominant nations, but also Japan, China, India and most of non-Islamic Asian countries are being influenced by this trend.

However, Islamic nations have different conditions.  The Islamic society of each Islamic nation is still under strong rule of the religion Islam that does not allow Muslims to neglect teachings of the Koran and pursue modern commercialism.

However, there are more than 20 million Muslims living in the EU.  It means there are so many Muslims living in rotten Western societies without resistance and insurgence, though they do not abandon their religion.  If those Muslims are truly following the teaching of the Koran, they probably cannot live in rotten Europe.  Or, there might be still room in the capitalistic and commercial E.U. for Muslims to live without being critically offended.

Although Islamic nations in the Middle East do not actively adopt Western systems and culture, some other Islamic nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia are looking like accepting Western style of business though with some strong restriction on factors that can have critical influence on their Islamic societies.  These countries have not been geographically in direct contact with European powers.  Their societies also include more various types of people in culture and religion than the Middle East Islamic nations.  

Therefore, only Muslims in the Middle East Islamic countries might have reasons to stand against Western nations for religious reasons.  In this context, Islamic terrorists have gained bases and home grounds in these countries.

Such terrorists are worse than rotten Westerners or Europeans and Americans.  But, they are parallel with expansion of negligence of old teachings of saints in Western Europe and East Asia.  Or from a different viewpoint, evil force working in Europe, America, the Anglo-Saxon dominant nations, and East Asia to make peoples corrupt and degraded is working in the Middle-East Islamic nations to make some Muslims allured to use of violence and terror.  

States of rotten and degraded societies are not so easily and clearly felt.  But, states of violence and terror of countries can be easily and clearly realized.  The sate of terror in the Middle East might be indication of how rotten and degraded the Western societies are.

Put simply, we have to see how corrupt and degraded the Western countries are when we see how cruelly and madly Islamic terrorists are harming people and damaging societies in the Middle East.

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Mat 8:22 But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.