Thursday, September 29, 2016

"but by prayer and fasting" - Prayer to God to be Free From Ill Spirits

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Prayer to God to be Free From Ill Spirits

If nobody wants to be richer than others, there will be no crimes.

But there is another factor for evil deeds and crimes, ill spirits or Satan.  In the era when Christ Jesus was living, people believed existence of ill spirits and Satan.  They thought that if a person was haunted by an ill spirit or Satan, he or she would have acted like a mad or evil man or woman.

To cope with ill spirits or Satan, people have to always try to follow teaching of God, according to Christ Jesus.  Without receiving a decisive influence from an external world, minds of people can be captured by an ill spirit.  Bur today, commercialism is sending messages and images via TV broadcasting and the Internet that are intended to invoke and amplify material desire among the audience and consumers who will consequently have less resistance to influences of ill spirits and Satan.

Today, there must be more people, than we suppose, who are under influence of ill spirits and Satan.  Accordingly, tens of millions of people are neglected while they are suffering hardships and tragic fates, and news about such people in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, etc. are reaching all over the world.   So, in this modern era, people who are controlled by ill spirits are not simply acting like mad men, but working coolly and rationally in Wall Street businesses, companies in the financial sectors in advanced countries, and big businesses all over the world.  However, on the other hand, tens of millions of people in some parts of the world are living very dangerous life.

So, people under control of ill spirits and Satan must look just ordinary people with some wealth.  They may not be violent at all in their behaviors.  They may look like observing laws and rules.  They must be living like normal citizens.   But they neglect tens of millions of poor people in the world while they know the fact.

We had better doubt common sense.  The society in which we live must be controlled by wealthy people, politicians, other elite members of the society who behave like honest men but actually whose minds are controlled by ill spirits and Satan.

Even Islam teaches that for Muslims to get free from ill spirits, they have to pray to Allah at least five times a day.

We need incessant prayer to Christ Jesus and God to be completely free from ill spirits and Satan.  

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Mar 9:29 And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.