Wednesday, September 07, 2016

"This is my beloved Son: hear him" - True Target of Satan

Fukushima City

True Target of Satan

There is a story, an American detective story, that a police detective was killed by a man who was so persuaded by the detective's wife.

But to confuse the police, the wife and her lover planned to kill other two police detectives before killing her husband, so that the police would suspect that the killer was a crazy criminal who had a grudge on all of the three detectives.  They thought that then the incident would remain unsolved.

This is an example to carry out a task without letting others know the intention.  Such a tactics can be seen in everyday business.  To hide a true motivation, some people sacrifice innocent parties or launch other operation in different directions to draw attention of people concerned.  It is all to hide their ill motivation.

In the human history, Judaists were attacked, sacrificed, and executed so many times.  The most tragic case of such persecution was carried out by  Nazi Germany before 1945 or the end of WWII.  It was Satan, of course, that was behind the scene.  Satan occupied the minds and hearts of Germans at the time to have them terminate Judaists.

However, Satan hates Christians and Muslims as much as he hates Judaists.  And the populations of Christians and Muslims are far larger than that of Judaists.  Satan must have targeted Christians and Muslims while he was using Nazi Germans to mass-murder Judaists.  Especially, Christianity was based on the teaching of the Son of God, Christ Jesus.  Termination of Christianity must be put the highest priority on.

In fact, after WWII, faith of Christians in Europe and the US has changed drastically.  Commercialism and the market economy have eroded the minds and hearts of Christians.  After WWII, ethics in the European and American societies have deteriorated so much.  They saw the Holocaust and doubted power of God and Christ Jesus, so that they have become less pious and righteous.  The effect of the Holocaust was so devastating in faith of Christians.

Historically, there was no proof that the more Judaists were persecuted, the more Christian faith was exalted.  In Pogroms in Russia, many Judaists were persecuted, but as a result, anti-Christ communists took over power in Russia. After the purge of Judaists from Spain in the late 15th century, the Inquisition  was intensified to persecute those suspected  to be anti-Christ in Europe, damaging faith of Christians.

Put simply, anti-Judaist movement was planned and guided by Satan.  By doing so, Satan was weakening Christian faith secretly.  The more Christians have attacked Judaists, the weaker the faith among Christians has become.

In other words, Satan who wanted to destroy Christianity had occupy the minds and hearts of some Christians to have them hate and persecute Judaists as an effective  means to erode, weaken, and demolish Christianity.

Now Satan seems to be working to have Europeans and Americans hate Muslims.  He must think that the more European and American Christians hate Muslims, the more Christianity will be damaged eventually.

For Satan, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam must be not so different as these religions follow the only one common God.   He must be pretending as if he were not targeting Christianity when he was persuading Christians to attack Judaists and Muslims.

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Mar 9:7 And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.