Tuesday, October 04, 2016

"Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement" - In Hopes for Three Years

Fukushima City, Japan

In Hopes for Three Years

Suppose that there are particles of the same type in a limited space.  They freely move around, so that two particles collide with each other sometimes.  But there is also a chance that three particles collide simultaneously.  

In a certain condition, according to an analysis, the probability of three particle collision is one thousandth of that of two particle collision.

For a man to behave good as taught by God, three conditions must be met: recognition of value of behaving good in principle, personal conditions for behaving good, and the will to behave good.  If any two of the three factors are realized simultaneously every day, it is only once in 1,000 days or almost three years that all these conditions are met.

So, we can only expect an ordinary man to behave good as taught by God once in three years.

Conversely, something very bad might happen once in three years in the human world due to accumulation of evil actions of people.

For example, Christ Jesus is said to have preached in almost only three years.  The worst conditions must have met at the third year of His preaching.  However, on the third day from His crucifixion, Christ Jesus resurrected.

In Japan, there is a saying that if you live even on a rock for three years, you can achieve something.

So, entertain hopes for at least three years if you are in a difficult situation.

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Mar 10:3 And he answered and said unto them, What did Moses command you?
Mar 10:4 And they said, Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away.
Mar 10:5 And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept.