Monday, February 20, 2017

"before the great and notable day of the Lord" - Oswald Duped by True Assassins


Oswald Duped by True Assassins

North  Koreans espionage agents used one Indonesian woman and another Vietnamese woman to assassinate, in Malaysia, Kim Jon-Nam, a half older brother of the dictator Kim Jon-Un.

Those agents left the Kuala Lumpur airport taking a jet liner soon after the assassination leaving the two women behind.   The two women were arrested by the Malaysian police but they said they had been duped by North Koreans who had told them that the attack on Kim Jon-Nam was for a funny TV show or something like that.
So, the JFK Assassination in 1963 might have been similar, since it looks like Oswald had been duped and left on the assassination scene alone.

How would you behave after you had shot a US president to death with your rifle from a window of your workshop?

You must know that you will be surely identified as the assassin because of too much circumstantial evidence.  And you must know that you cannot run away, since all the American police should look after you if you run away.

So, you have to kill yourself or boldly accept arrest by the police to be famous all over the world.  Otherwise, you have to beforehand carefully make up a genius plan to run away.  But Oswald did not act following any of these scenarios.

He acted as if he had been a complete idiot who could not foresee what would happen after he shot Kennedy to death.  He was buying a drink bottle from a vending machine in the eating place of the school textbook depository building when a policeman got into the building to search for an assassin.  Then he went back to his boarding house as the day's work was cancelled in the building due to the assassination turmoil.  Oswald picked up a handgun in his room and started to walk around nearby streets.  He eventually got into a movie theater a few miles away from his boarding house without buying a ticket to be arrested after hard resistance.

It was a behavior of someone that was duped by true culprits.

This is not a behavior of an assassin of a US president.  Psychologically it is impossible that Oswald was the sole assassin of JFK, since Oswald had an intellectual level enough to work in the Marines as U2 spy jet operator in a US air base around Tokyo, learn Russian, travel to the USSR like a secret CIA agent, work in Minsk, and marry a Russian girl with whom he returned to the US.  He was also under a kind of surveillance by FBI when he came back to the US, while he made pro-Castro demonstration in New Orleans and made a TV appearance in the summer of 1963.  Oswald was not a complete idiot.

So, the issue is how Oswald was duped, since it is apparent that he had some connection with true assassins because Oswald himself was killed by a Mafia-associated strip club owner in the Dallas Police building two days after he was arrested in the Texas Movie Theater.

In addition, Oswald had family members, friends, and acquaintances around Dallas, New Orleans, etc. who were linked to CIA, FBI, and the Mafia.  There were many who could dupe Oswald.

Oswald cannot be a complete idiot who shot a US president with his rifle from his workshop, left the rifle there, went back to his boarding house, picked up a handgun, and walked around the streets near his boarding house to be arrested in a movie theater after hard resistance.

Indeed, it was a behavior of someone that was duped by true culprits.

Oswald must have been duped.

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Act 2:20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:
Act 2:21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.