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"The voice of one crying in the wilderness" - How to Prove Authenticity of the Gospels

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How to Prove Authenticity of the Gospels

How can we prove that the contents of the Gospels are correct and true?

But, first of all, the Vatican admitted that the contents of the Gospels were correct and true so that it chose these documents as the canonical Gospels in the 2nd century, though it was almost a century before that they had been written.

There are of course no records that have been left to date about how the Vatican reasoned the authenticity of these Gospels when it adopted them as the canonical Gospels.  Or at least, no clear explanation has been ever made why these Gospels were chosen as such, although it is said that these Gospels were chosen due to assumed proximity of the authors of these Gospels to Apostles.  Or no reasonable proof was given to prove the proximity.

In theory, there is a possibility that utterly different versions of Gospels that depicted very different living, behaviors, and preaching of Christ Jesus existed in the first and second centuries when the Vatican made the selection.

However, all the Apocryphal books so far discovered have no comparable volumes and contents with the four canonical Gospels.

It means that these four Gospels must have been the only books with the volume and richness of contents that could be worth evaluation by the Vatican in the second century or so.

So, we have to consider that these Gospels were from the beginning the only documents that depicted Christ Jesus in a reasonable manner with reasonable volume of contents.  The Vatican had no other choices at the time, and we have also no other choices now.

And, it looks more likely that these Gospels are based on one source document due to their similarity in selection of episodes of Christ Jesus.

What was the source document?

My theory is, as posted before, that the source document was a record or a memoir written by Jesus himself after his holy mission, probably, in Qumran where Paul visited and stayed for three years after he had encountered the spirit of Christ Jesus on his way to Damascus.

The canonical Gospels are based on a document written by Christ Jesus Himself.  This must be the proof.

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Luk 3:4 As it is written in the book of the words of Esaias the prophet, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.