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"Get thee behind me, Satan" - The Final Mystery about God

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The Final Mystery about God

Judaism has no myths like those in ancient Greece or Egypt.  Judaists have not been interested in life after death.  Ancient Judaists concentrated on their living in this world.  They did not create stories about gods.  However they magnified their god, so that it would save them from surrounding enemies.

Ancient Israelites believed in only one god.  This is unique among various tribes in the ancient world.  And this concept of God was transferred to Christians and Muslims.  Early Christians and Muslims assumed various angels and imagined Heaven and the hell, but their god was only one, following the tradition of Judaism.

Today none believes existence of the world of gods above the human world like in the Greek myth.  However, it seems that all the people think that God is only one if He exists.  With advancement of science, modern people do not think that gods are behind various natural phenomena, but still most of people think that there is God who created this universe.

Put simply, with development of science, people have not come to believe various myths based on various religions and cultures and existence of the world of gods.  However, only the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam has remained.

But there is still a unique character in the concept of God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: God can set a fate of each individual or can interfere with it as His will.  God is not only the creator of the universe, the galaxy, the sun, the earth, and the mankind, but also the lord of the mankind who can set and change a fate of each man.  That God has these two aspects is so mysterious.

In addition to these features of God, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam teach that God loves goodness and justice.  This third aspect becomes the critical condition for anyone to truly believe in God.  You many believe God as the creator of the universe and also as the master of human fate.  But you may be afraid that God judges people based on His request for goodness and justice, so that you may decide not to believe in God, since you cannot be good and righteous.

Indeed, the final judgment is the common concept of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  It means that God created this universe and the mankind and sometimes interfered with fates of the human beings while expecting people to live good and righteous life.  But why does God act in such a manner without just being content with only creating Heaven where angels live according to the will of God?  Why did God create human beings so weak to Satan's temptation?

This is the final mystery about God.

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Luk 4:8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.