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"the Father loveth the Son" - What the Churches Request of People

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What the Churches Request of People

If God had come to this world as a human being named Jesus, He should have appeared in Galilee out of nowhere.

He must not have had the parents, brothers, and sisters.   He must have just come to appear before Israelites, calling Himself God, preaching His teaching, healing every sick, reviving every dead, driving out every priest, and defeating Roman soldiers to make Israelites get independent again.  And then He might disappear to nowhere.  All the Israelites must have acknowledged that God had just come to save them from every evil.  They would have all the more believed in God.

However, Christ Jesus was born from a human mother.  His life till He started His mission at an age of 30 years or more was unknown.  Christ Jesus lived like a normal man and was arrested and executed like a normal man.  And He vanished from the tomb like a mysterious man.  When He disappeared completely from people, some people claimed that He ascended to Heaven.  And, 300 years later believers decided a creed that Christ Jesus was God.

So, it is natural to think that God sent part of His spirit to Jesus of Nazareth who then acted as God wished.

When Christ Jesus was acting being guided by God's spirit, He must have been acting as God, which however does not mean Christ Jesus was God.

From the beginning, nobody had seen God before the appearance of Christ Jesus.  So, why could they identify Christ Jesus as God?  Could they make any distinction between God and some human being to whom God gave part of His spirit?  It is said that even Satan could perform miracles.

Christ Jesus did not claim that He was God.  He even forbade arguing about who He was.  Because His mission was to teach the words of God but not to be revered as God.  He must have a concern that People might call Christ Jesus God to show their superficial faith in God but might not follow God's teaching, if they thought that to admit Jesus' being God was more important than anything He preached.

In Christian churches, what they request of people is to admit that Christ Jesus is God.  If you do, you can be recognized  as Christians no matter how little you follow the words of Christ Jesus and the teaching of God.   If you don't admit that Christ Jesus is God, Christian churches do not admit that you are Christians no matter how much you follow the words of Christ Jesus and the teaching of God.  It is because the Vatican and other churches were established on the creed that Christ Jesus was God.

It is absurd and does not meet God's intention of having sent His Son to the world.  To avoid this stupidity, Christ Jesus did not call Himself God, even if He should be God, since God is almighty or anything is possible for God.

So, to be a true follower of Christ Jesus, you should not call Him God, in my view.

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Joh 5:20 For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth him all things that himself doeth: and he will shew him greater works than these, that ye may marvel.