Tuesday, September 05, 2017

"I am the light of the world" - God's Judgment More Likely Coming Soon


God's Judgment More Likely Coming Soon

Suppose that God created this universe and the mankind, how could He leave the mankind without recognition of, respect for, and faith in Him?

Since the beginning of the history of the mankind, the God must have been carefully watching the mankind in terms of when the mankind realized God, how and how much it showed respect for God, and what religion it would establish to practice its faith in God.

There have been various religions since the beginning of the establishment of the human species.  The mankind believed various gods in the past.  However, it looks true that today most members of the mankind have come to believe that it is the God of Judaists, Christians, and Muslims if true God should ever exist.  But does the spiritual situation of the mankind today look satisfactory to God?

Judaism/Christianity belief miraculously started from the very connecting point between Africa, Europe, and Asia, which is today called Palestine.  And, people who believed God of Judaists and Christians eventually came to build dominant civilization called the western civilization.  But, there is one important factor for this civilization to conquer the world: America that came to emerge in the human history 500 years ago.

Before Columbus reached the new world, America, around 1500, the superiority of the western civilization had not been  evident, while Africans had nothing to do with any advanced material civilization, Muslims were controlling the areas around the Mediterranean and the Middle East, Hindus were active in India and around South Asia, and China and Japan were far from Europe, although the Vatican had established its authority in the post-Roman Europe.

Since around 1500, Christianity started to fully spread outside Europe along with Europeans' colonization of Americas, Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, part of China, and the Pacific region, including Australia.  So, if Europeans' conquest of the world had been perfect in these 500 years, all Africans, Asians, and other peoples, even including Muslims, must have had one common faith in God as God must have wished when he had created the universe and the mankind.

But in 500 years since 1500 when America was discovered by European Christians; the Vatican started to build the Saint Peter's Basilica; Protestantism was launched by Martin Luther; and the printing technology started to contribute to wider diffusion of the Bible in the general public, full and complete integrity of religions and common faith in God have not been realized in the world.

Today, Judaists do not accept Christianity; Muslims even deny some aspects of the western civilization, sticking to their religion; Hinduism is prevalent in India even after centuries of British colonization; most of South East Asians are practicing Buddhism after centuries of Europeans' colonization; China is actually suppressing Christianity; and Japanese are not interested in Christian churches while Africans are actually influenced more negatively than positively by Europeans.
Put simply, the mankind with various religions and faith has not yet consolidated its religion for only and one God.  If this universe and the mankind were created by only and one God, how can He allow the mankind to believe in other gods than Himself?

The people whoever have true faith in this God must have been expected or allowed by the God to establish the most advanced, powerful, and effective civilization with which they could spread their religion and faith in the world.  So, Europeans and Americans built the modern western civilization that spread in these 500 years based on their religion and thus are obliged to promote faith in God in other peoples.  However, without realizing their holy duty or understanding this divine will, Europeans and Americans have pursued their own interest, but not God's interest, by sacrificing other peoples through cruel enslavement of Africans, brutal colonization of Asia, cultural destruction of native Americans and the Pacific people as well as economic exploitation of Muslims most of whom live oil-rich nations.      

In 2000 years after the birth of Christ Jesus or 500 years after the start of the modern era, the mankind has shown its failure before God's expectation as above stated.   Will God give another 2000 years or 500 years for the mankind to achieve realization of the common faith in God?  Or isn't it more likely that God judges the mankind soon or later and finally put an end to material prosperity without true faith of the mankind that is no use for God, the Creator of the universe and the mankind?

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Joh 9:5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.