Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birds on the Flood so Hustling(Vögel auf der Flut so drängend)
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Know EU, Know this Era, and Know Your Enemy
(Connaître l'UE, savoir cette ère, et connaître votre ennemi)

As there are so many states and so much vast and varied nature, it is said that Americans are not much interested in the outer world, though viewed from Japan, America looks one single and rather uniform entity all over its national territory due to dominance of American material life and unholy faith in American Dream, while Asia has more nations and vaster and more varied nature and cultures.

But, poor Americans may be interested in some information on Europe.
( [Japanese])

- In France, 3 million people in an age range from 18 to 65 can't read and write. These unfortunate people account for 10% of French working power.

- There are more than 12 million Muslim inhabitants in EU while 12 million Hispanic immigrants in the U.S.
(6 million in France; 3 million in Germany; 1.5 million in the U.K.; 1.4 million in Italy; 0.9 million in Holland; 0.5 million in Spain; 0.4 million in Belgium; 0.3 million in Sweden, etc.)

- Employees in foreign companies in France account for 14% of all the French workers in 2003.

- The ranking of cities where people work for less hours per year is as follows:
#1 - Paris (1481 hours); #2 - Lyon (1572 hours); #3 - Helsinki (1603 hours); #4 - Berlin (1611 hours); #5 - Oslo (1627 hours)

- The ranking of cities where people work for more hours per year is as follows:
#1 - Seoul (2317 hours); #2 - Mexico City (2266 hours); #3 - Hong Kong (2230 hours); #4 - Mumbai (2205 hours); #5 - Taipei (2143 hours)

- The U.K. is the country that has the largest number of poor children among EU countries. Specifically, 4.4 million children in the U.K. are regarded as the poor or the needy. Their number is on the increase in this decade.

- In 2002, French people who took psychotropic drugs account for 24.5% of the whole population.

* * *

One notable data is that there are many incidents in France that the Israelite French are even today violently attacked by the right-wing French and the Muslim French.

The number of incidents is 932 in 2002 and 588 in 2003.
* * *

In the 22nd century, the EU may become Islamic dominant while the US Hispanic dominant and Asia completely free from European/American dominance.

But, before this revolution, Christianity must be decisively reformed and Islam should enter a new phase; Of course, China and India should undergo another revolution respectively.

Japan will become a holy country in the world, in my best wish, in the 22nd century with significance more than that current Vatican, Jerusalem, and Mecca have.

In the 23rd century, however, Africans may be buying real estates in Europe, the dark skin may become a norm in the U.S., and all the ladies in Asia may be wearing a scarf each; Only God knows.

Poor Europeans and poor Americans had better read EEE Reporter.

(The issue is, of course, that poor people are not loved by the rich all over the world.

However, everybody knows that Jesus Christ came to this world to love and save the poor.

Therefore, EU and the U.S. are more sinful than any other regions in the world, since they call themselves Christians and love the Vatican.)

"...Do not think I have come to the world to bring peace..."