Monday, September 17, 2007

Divine Comedy 2007 (XIII)

Tokyo Bus Trip

(Tokyo Bus-Reise)

Divine Comedy 2007 (XIII)
[Comédie Divin 2007 - XIII]

1. Tragedies at Phuket, Thailand
A jet plane crashed at an air port of the Phuket island.

Among 123 passengers on board, there were reportedly 79 foreigners, while 88 deaths were so far confirmed. I cannot help but feel so sorry for those real victims, especially since recently about 150 passengers might have been killed at a Japanese airport due to a failure in design by Boeing.

On the Great Sumatra Tsunami disaster in the Christmas season of 2004, more than a thousand Westerners were killed at the Phuket island.

When we look back at history that tells Westerners colonized Africa, Asia, and Americas, thus making local people unhappy and destroying local economy, culture, and ethics, I do not feel better at any news from a sightseeing area in Asia where half-naked Westerns are still buying services from poor local Asians.

When I heard the Great Sumatra Tsunami disaster in the Christmas season of 2004 that took lives of more than a thousand Westerners at the Phuket island, I really felt God's anger on those so-called Western Christians who are strolling half-naked and buying services from local poor people at a resort land.

Humble Muslims in Asia do not have to follow AlQaeda, since the God or Allah has been issuing warnings against so-called Western Christians, in my view.

(If they are ashamed of their past of colonizing certain regions in Asia, they should not come to Asia for sight seeing and recreation to walk half-naked on a street of any Asian country.

Thailand should stop inviting those so-called Western Christians to its resort land, since the God or Allah took lives of more than a thousand Westerners at the Phuket island, in addition to lives of more than 100,000 Muslims around the Indian Ocean, in the Christmas season of 2004.)

2. Japan's Next Prime Minister
A new Prime Minister of Japan will be decided virtually on Sept. 23, as the ruling party LDP plans to elect the new head of the party on the day who will be elected prime minister in the Diet (Parliament) soon after that.

Ronald Reagan and Mr. George H. W. Bush were elected on an inevitable current of history to put an end to the Soviet Union and to take up a challenge, such as Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, in the aftermath of the end of the Cold War.

Mr. Bill Clinton was elected also on a specific inevitable current of history as with Mr. George W. Bush.

In Japan, Mr. Junichiro Koizumi was elected prime minister of Japan also on a specific inevitable current of history in 2001.

The incumbent Prime Minister of Japan was elected also on a specific inevitable current of history just a year ago, which might be symbolized in his great accomplishments of promoting the Defense Agency to a fully functional Department, introducing a national referendum system for the amendment of the Constitution which had been missed for so long making the Japanese constitution system so incomplete, and stopping an immoral trend in schools that has been pushed under a slogan of gender equality by biased teachers.

Now, his role is over.

We need a new prime minister who can act properly and orderly on a specific inevitable current of history in the second half of fiscal 2007.

(However, if you have never heard of such names as Shigeru Yoshida and Takeo Fukuda, you do not know Japan very well, since their grandson and son, respectively, are now competing for the position of prime minister who is also the constitutional Commander in Chief of the Self-Defense Force of Japan.)

3. Japan's Lunar Probe Vehicle
It was said that the newly launched Japan's lunar probe vehicle is now flying to the moon. It will arrive there taking 19 days. But, it is this December that scientific exploration will begin on an orbit above the moon.

In Japan, they say that it is the world's first full-scale mission for studying the moon on site since the US Apollo program that was launched by then President John F. Kennedy in early 1960's but terminated in early 1970's.

4. JFK Jr. and His Wife
No one recently talks about the accidental death of JFK Jr. and his wife on July 16, 1999, though even Japanese media loves to deal with the mysterious death of Princess Diana.

However, there are many who love the Kennedies in Japan.

In my very personal view, the God took lives of JFK Jr. and his wife instead of assigning responsibility of immorality in the White House to the Clintons for a certain reason; it may be because the Clintons admire JFK so much or CIA was probably involved in something bad or was not involved in something mandatory.

But, why must it be an airplane crash on the sea instead of a fatal car accident in a tunnel of New York?

Anyway, two attractive ladies in the U.S. and the U.K. were killed before arrival of the 21st century, which might pave the way for emergence of a new heroine who must obey God more than the two deceased related to London, Paris, and the East Coast including New York.

Or are we yet to see another Queen of Sheba? Have you seen her in Baghdad, Kabul, New Orleans, Phuket, or Japan?

(If you have friends of Japanese politicians or political critics, they may say that EEE Reporter's adherence to the present Japanese Constitution is not good. They may say that the Constitution should be changed so that Japan can take back its abductees from North Korea by military force.

What I suggest is that at least as long as China, the key country to North Korea issues, keeps its Communist Constitution, Japan should even strategically keep the present Constitution as it is.

Moreover, as the U.S. rich men are becoming more and more immoral nowadays, Japan should adhere to a Christian Constitution regardless of being existing or new.

We should also adopt an unwritten constitution system in parallel with the existing one, since unwritten rules are customary for the Japanese race.

What's your saying?... Ce que votre dit?)

Matthew 12:42 The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.