Monday, September 21, 2015

"who hath opened his eyes, we know not" - Christ Jesus as God

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Christ Jesus as God

The most important part of Christianity is that it can stand alone without traditions of Judaism.

If it is required to learn and understand contents of the Old Testament, with about 1,200 pages in an English version, for people to be saved by Christianity, who can be saved?  Accordingly Christ Jesus did not request such heavy work.  Christ Jesus just taught loving God with all of one's ability.

It is a matter of recognition of God.  True Christianity should not have anything to do with other things than God.  God is the central issue of Christianity, but the historical backgrounds of the religion are not.  Indeed Christ Jesus is said to have sent His disciples to the world most parts of which had nothing to do with Judaism.

Though Christ Jesus referred to God in various contexts His followers could easily comprehend, ultimately God of Christ Jesus is God of mankind.

But He did not explain God or prove existence of God in a scientific manner.  He introduced God through relationships between God and human beings.  God in Heaven is the father of all the human beings, and human beings must obey God. This teaching does not need any knowledge of the Old Testament.  Any man in any tribe in the world can understand the meaning.

Though Christianity is usually positioned with Judaism and Islam side by side, it is different from the two religions in that it doesn't essentially request any conditions to follow it.  You don't have to be born as Judaists or admit superiority of the clan of the founder of the religion and the language they use.  Originally, to follow Christ Jesus you need any conditions but admit that God in Heaven is the father of all the human beings, and human beings must obey God.

You don't even need the Bible to follow Christ Jesus, since even the Gospels were not written when Christ Jesus preached in Palestine 2000 years ago.  Christ Jesus came to save people who were poor, ignorant, and illiterate.  So, His teaching was very simple: Love your God with all of your ability and love your neighbors as you love yourself.

If any man stands before God, he or she must soon recognize that the one before him or her is God.  Without referring to any holy books, they must discern God.

It might not be DNA in the human body, but DNA in our souls must be coded so that our spiritual eyes can recognize God.

But how many people have ever seen God?  Even Moses saw God only in the form of fire.  Therefore, the meaning of Christ Jesus as God is profound.  Yet, today, do people think that they are watching God when they see pictures and images of Christ Jesus in churches, books, works of art, etc.?

But what would Judaists or Muslims do when they find God in those images of Christ Jesus?

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Joh 9:21 But by what means he now seeth, we know not; or who hath opened his eyes, we know not: he is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.