Monday, March 21, 2016

"neither cometh to the light" - Ability to Sense God

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Ability to Sense God

Above the all-out clouds, there is always the sun in daytime as everybody knows.  But only a few believe that above the human world there is always God night and day.

In any country or community, men work to earn money that buys them commodities and luxuries.  And money is provided though social systems.  Men are obliged to accept the systems.  But the systems are not built on faith in God.  They are built just to control and regulate people.  In addition, there is competition among people, producing human conflicts.  So, the minds and hearts of most men are occupied by matters related to the systems and human conflicts.  They come to forget that there is God above the human world.

Some people become very successful in handling the systems and human conflicts, so that they become rich and super rich or they enjoy high and higher status in society.  But they may completely lose a sense to feel God above the human world.

If you think that there is nothing above the human world, you will lose the absolute code of conduct and the absolute criteria for judgment of good and bad.  So, such successful men are usually Satanic at the cores of their minds and hearts.  It is because to be rich and successful you have to deceive and abuse others without love and compassion to them.  They simply justify their evil acts by their belief that there is nothing above the human world, so that there is no need to be good or righteous.  Their notion that God does not exit above the human world is a major factor of their success and their evilness.    

But the worst are those who become rich and successful while being engaged in religious business.  They sell words of God they don't believe or they can't understand.  I suppose 90% of Christian priests or clergymen belong to this category.

And unbelievably worse, there are some priests or clergymen who believe existence of God but love evil more than good.  I suppose 9% of Christian priests or clergymen belong to this category.

However, there must be millions of people in the world who have still ability to feel God above the human world like the sun above all-out clouds.

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Joh 3:20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.