Friday, March 18, 2016

"preached he unto the people" - Warm Winter

Around Tokyo

Warm Winter

This winter is very different than usual ones.

Even around Tokyo, we have observed too many cloudy days and rainy days unlike the past winters.  Usually, the pacific side of Japan is dry and sunny in winter, but this winter is different.  It means Siberian high-pressure systems get weak or low-pressure systems on the Pacific Ocean side too often pull in wet and warm air to the Japanese archipelago.  Days of cold temperature do not continue over a week.  Hours of sunshine in Tokyo in this winter look like the shortest since 2006.

And, this looks like a global phenomenon.

2016 Blowing Records Away chart
Last month was far and away the hottest February on record for the planet, by a margin that has surprised even the climate scientists who closely monitor global temperature data. It was also the most anomalously warm month Earth has seen in 135 years of NASA record keeping, continuing an astonishing recent streak that could see 2016 set a new record for hottest year.

The reason of the climate change is directly to the use of excessive energy by mankind rather than the increase of the amount of CO2 in the air.

When coal or oil is burnt for generating energy, it releases heat to the air, thus leading to global warming.  It also produces CO2 that contributes to the global warming.  But the primary cause is the burning of fossil fuel as well as other forms of use of energy by mankind, since consumed energy is turned to heat dissipated to the air.

CO2 is a very ambiguous and indirect expression.  No one would feel CO2.  But use of energy is rather a clear and direct expression.  Everyone feels heat, light, movement of motors, effects of electricity, and power of engines, which are all causes of the global warming.

CO2 is not a sign of warning to the whole material civilization of today.  But the use of energy is a warning to the whole industries, human livings, and other aspects of material civilization.

To have rich lives, you need energy.  And the CO2 propaganda makes you believe that you are OK having rich lives while spending big energy, if you can reduce CO2.  And if you are making some efforts to reduce CO2, you think you can use a huge amount of electricity that generates heat without emission of CO2.  CO2 gives you an excuse for continuing to have rich lives.

The use of any form of energy is the cause of global warming, so that we have to stop this material civilization based on electricity and other energy that eventually turn themselves to heat.

What is posed to human beings is not a need for cosmetic change of reducing CO2 but a total change of material civilization.

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Luk 3:18 And many other things in his exhortation preached he unto the people.