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"fasted forty days and forty nights" - The Most Important Role of Religion

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The Most Important Role of Religion

If a man was born in a specific environment, the man would be surely influenced by the environment.

If a man was born in Islamic society, he or she will surely become a Muslim without doubt.  But, if he or she was born in Jewish society, he or she will surely become a Judaist.

But when they grow up, in most cases they will not change their religions.  They may not deny other religions, but they will stick to religions under which they were born.

These religions may call real regions, since they are so real to their followers.

Conversely, basically, there is no absolute religion that would convince people of any real religions that there is more authentic religion, which is the absolute religion, than those they observe.  But, each prevailing real religion has an absolute influence on its followers, convincing them that it is definitely the right religion.

So, there are two conditions for any religion to be judged to be real religion.  First, it should capture the minds of almost all the members in a society where the religion prevails.  Second, it should still convince them, even after they have grown up, that the religion is the best one in the world.

Then, what will satisfy these conditions?  Or by what features, do real regions can meet these conditions?

It is God.  Any real religion must present God as real existence to followers.  As followers see or sense God through their religion, they believe that their religion is real.

Indeed, Judaism is based on the relationship between God and Judaists.  Christianity depends on the faith that Christ Jesus is God.  Islam is based on words of God.

Therefore, the role of real religions is to indicate God to people.  So, after followers see or sense God, these religions can be forgotten.  All people have to do is just directly follow teaching of God.

Put extremely, they don't have to any more follow rules, forms, ways, customs, rituals, or even some teachings of religions they follow that teach the way to God to them.  Because those rules, forms, customs, rituals, and teaching of the religions were introduced to cope with specific conditions and environments and reach the minds of people.  But now that, the religions show God to followers, they should be replaced with direct teaching from God.

In this context, those who identify themselves as Judaists, Christians, or Muslims have not yet fully comprehended God, so that they still stick to individual religions.

It is to prove existence of God that any religions exist.  The most important role of any religions is to tell people that God exists and God is the lord of mankind.  And if followers of any religions understand that God exists and God is the lord of mankind, they should leave the religions for God.

Put simply, Judaists, Christians, and Muslims must take a step forward leaving their religions toward God.

Then to call oneself a Judaist, a Christian, or a Muslim means that he or she does not fully understand God and thus it may be a shame.

If people fully understand and obey God, they must feel ashamed if they happen to call themselves Judaists, Christians, or Muslims.

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Mat 4:2 And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred.