Friday, April 01, 2016

"he began again to teach by the sea side" - Christ Jesus was Sent by God

Cherry Blossoms in a Shrine-side Park, around Tokyo 

Christ Jesus was Sent by God

One of the most important statements of Christ Jesus is that He had been sent by God to this world.

First of all, we have to decide to accept this statement or not.  If we don't accept this statement, we may naturally conclude that there is no God and thus Christ Jesus told a lie or the whole Christianity is based on such a lie.

Then, how do we live after denying the statement by Christ Jesus?  There is no God, we naturally think, in this world and universe.  No one is watching us; no one judges us; and no one punishes us no matter how evil things we do.  We, the human beings, must be the highest existence in this universe.  No matter how much we do evil things to make money, ultimately nothing and nobody can judge and punish us.

But we may afraid that if everyone starts to behave so badly and so violently, order will be lost in this world.  To enjoy wealth civilization produces, we have to maintain order in this world.  But if everyone denies God and starts to behave like a gangster, no civilization can be maintained and thus we cannot enjoy products and services civilization produces.

What is worse, if everybody thinks that if he or she kills and harms other, no one can punish him or her, there will be no order, no peace, no safety and no hope in everybody's living.  People try to attack others to rob them of their assets.  At every corner of a village, a town or a city, there will be violent crimes.  And no one will hesitate to tell a lie and dupe others to steal money.

So, rulers in the godless and faithless world would resort to stronger violence and laws and regulations to govern people.  But as the communist countries failed in the 20th century, rule of violence, fear, and man-made ideology cannot last long.

Accordingly, rulers in this godless and faithless world are using religion and any good nature of people to govern them.  But they use them as a means to secure order.  So, no matter how much they say they respect religion, justice, and humanity, they don't love them and believe in them.  For them, even Christianity is a means to control people.

In other word, to give authority to laws and regulations, they need a concept of God.  To encourage people to behave orderly, they pretend to respect ethics rooted in faith in God.

However, their true thought is that they need money to enjoy living.  But to establish and keep society where money economy works, order is needed.  To maintain order, Christianity and other religions are useful.  Anyway, they must think, there is no God in this universe.

But, this abuse of religions cannot last long.  Desire of people is not limited.  But the larger desire gets, the larger false religions must be to secure order and prevent mutual destruction among greedy people.  This balance will be broken someday.  Then, order will not be maintained any more.  People will start to attack one another with bare violence for money or the like.

It tells that we will perish someday if we don't accept the statement of Christ Jesus.  But if we accept it, we will be able to live simply peacefully but humbly.  By accepting the statement, we can survive and evolve eternally.

So, one of the most important statements of Christ Jesus is that He had been sent by God to this world.

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Mar 4:1 And he began again to teach by the sea side: and there was gathered unto him a great multitude, so that he entered into a ship, and sat in the sea; and the whole multitude was by the sea on the land.