Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Solomon in all his glory" - God and the Fates of the World

Tokyo, Japan

God and the Fates of the World

The big difference between the human species and animals is the ability to think about God or spiritual entities including so called gods and spirits.

But what is God to mankind?  He is the source of everything, including men's fates and the nature.  God creates and controls everything, including men's fates and the nature.

But did God decide how everything exists, moves, and changes beforehand?  There are some scientific theories that ultimately we cannot know everything at one time.  Physical phenomena only follow their probabilities of existence, movement, and change.

For example, we cannot even tell where an electron, the most important elemental particle for human science and technology, is in an atom of hydrogen, one of the most important atoms.  We can only tell that an electron is here or there around the proton of the atom at a certain probability.  But, God must know where it is precisely at any moment in the domain with the size of 10 to the minus 10th power meters.

Our cells in the brain or  nerve cells in the head function with existence, movement, and change of electrons around various types of atoms.  That God knows exactly where and how any one electron exists and behaves means that He knows every work of our minds.

And the total work of all the human minds make up this human world.  Therefore, God must know how the human world would change in future.  Or, God can manipulate it perfectly.

But, we assume and believe that we have free will.  We can change our lives by ourselves based on free will.  But, are electrons and atoms in our brains the sources of our free will?

Here, we have to assume the existence of the spiritual world.  And, there also God governs everything.

It means if in the long future mankind obtains ability to perfectly control any electrons and atoms in this universe, like a kind of God, still we are powerless against the spiritual world.

Therefore, we have to obey the God who can control everything including our fates in this world and sources of our free will, our souls and our spirit in the spiritual world.

So, God has made the Englishmen choose leaving the EU beyond expectation of any learnt men in the world just to make human beings more humble.   But for what has God allowed Hillary and Trump to be presidential candidates?  And, why did God allow Hitler take power in Germany before WWII?

To think about God and the fates of the world He set must be the ability that only the human species has in this world different from other living things.

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Mat 6:29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.