Friday, July 01, 2016

"Judge not, that ye be not" - Britain, the EU and the Islamic World

A mountain area around Fukushima City, Japan

Britain, the EU and the Islamic World 

The more you are given, the more you are requested from.

Today, everybody knows what is going on in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Gaza, etc. as we have TV sets and Internet-connected devices.  But in older days, people could not see what tragedies were happening in foreign countries.  People living centuries ago were not requested to think about the global peace because they were not given TV sets and Internet-connected devices.  But people living today are given such technological means to see wars, armed conflicts, and other tragedies happening in foreign nations, so that they are responsible for all these situations.

The issue at point is: if we do not fulfill the request, what will happen to us?

According to the teaching of Christ Jesus, if we do not, we will be deprived of what was given to us.

Indeed, Isrealites who lived around Jerusalem in the first century was given the Messiah but did not meet requests posed to them.  So, Jerusalem and their home land were taken away from them.  What was left was Judaists wandering through the territory of the Roman Empire which later became part of Europe.

Truly, the Roman Empire was given the great territory around the Mediterranean and as far as the Great Britain and the Rhine.  Even Christianity was given to the Empire.  So, what was requested of them must have been so great.  But they did not meet the request, so that the Empire collapsed.  And what was left was the Vatican, a pure religious organization dedicated to Christianity.

Today, the EU is going to be deprived of the UK while the UK is going to be deprived of the EU.  Both must have failed to respond to what is requested of them, while they have been given one of the most prosperous economic markets in the world.

So, the British people and the continental Europeans must reflect on what has been given to them and what they have given in return.

One of key factors must be of course the ever increasing number of Islamic refugees coming from Islamic regions to European nations.

In this context, God seems to request Europeans to help those Muslims fleeing from danger in their war-torn countries, since prosperity of Europe has been based on relationships with those Islamic regions.  And, maybe, as their responses have not been enough,  the EU is going to be deprived of the UK while the UK is going to be deprived of the EU.

So, it is not simply a matter between the UK and the EU, but among the UK, the EU, and the Islamic world.

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Mat 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.